Last Week In Perfume Land – Weekend Link Love

The past week I made some very nice discoveries in my sample box. I am rather chuffed at the fact that I have now a very comprehensive collection. When I need something, chances are not bad it is in there somewhere, if only a few tiny drops for reference. (Of course I realize there are still huge gaps, but I don’t need to have everything. I don’t delude myself thinking I am a museum.)

The scope of my sample box being as it is, is mostly due to my lovely friends out there all over the world, Perfumistas are such a generous and caring bunch!

I love to discover perfumes anew that I thought wouldn’t work at all, and those discoveries range from hot-pink (Malle Lipstick Rose) to dark green (Ormonde Jayne Woman) and many shades in between.

This past week also held discoveries in the blogosphere, here are a few lovely posts you should not miss:

Tarleisio of Scent Less Sensibilities is transported to a Moroccan souk and takes us all with her on that journey into the past courtesy of M. Lutens’s Arabie.

Olenska of parfümieren writes beautifully about a, or rather THE classic – Shalimar.

Ines of All I Am – A Redhead smells fall in the air…

Persolaise reviews the new Annick Goutal perfume, Mon Parfum Chèrie par Camille. I am hugely unhappy that I am not able to enjoy this, as I completely agree with Persolaise that this kind of old-fashioned chypre is a must-try.

The Candy Perfume Boy is in his element – Mugler and candy, that seems to be a collection just made for him.

Lucy of Indie Perfumes has started a very interesting project – perfume and writing based on a story, Clarimonde. There is a giveaway too…

Abigail on I Smell Therefore I Am wrote about Tom Fords Violet Blonde. (Here is my take.)

A fun piece came from PereDePierre this week – Disasterpieces! Take a look.

This week here on Olfactoria’s Travels, Onda by Vero Profumo was a popular post, this is an incredible perfume for sure. So in case you missed it… 🙂

What were your new discoveries this week? Anything interesting you have tried?

Enjoy your Sunday!

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20 Responses to Last Week In Perfume Land – Weekend Link Love

  1. vanessa says:

    “I don’t delude myself thinking I am a museum” – this made me smile! (“Olfactosmothèque” doesn’t have quite the same ring, I agree… : – ))

    My two discoveries this week – and new loves – were Bottega Veneta and TF Violet Blonde, spurred on by your and Candy PB’s reviews. That is pretty good going for one week, and I have yet to try a couple of those foody Muglers he sent me!

  2. As always, thanks very much indeed for the link… and if I manage to get a sample of MPC for you during my travels, I’ll let you know 😉

  3. Ines says:

    Thank you for the link – and I somehow missed Tarleisio’s review, so I went and read it. I now need to find my Arabie sample pronto! 🙂

    Violet Blonde seems to be getting a lot of love. And I learned just yesterday that there is a place here that sells Tom Ford! Yeey! So I can now go and try everything I missed so far.

  4. judithl says:

    This week I have been sampling arabian oils. My favorite so far is Bakhoor Zahra.

  5. Suzanne says:

    This weekend I’ve been having fun wearing The Different Company’s Jasmin de Nuit, a sample of which was sent to me by Natalie of Another Perfume Blog. (You’re right…perfume lovers are sooo generous!) I was thinking this would be a thick, indolic jasmine, because of the name, and to my surprise it smells like a delicious cream soda! A delightful surprise.

    Hope your Sunday has been great, Birgit! Hearing you’ve come ’round to Ormonde Jayne Woman makes me happy. 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      I had a nice Sunday, although it is a bit marred by the fact that I am not feeling very well. A head cold… 😦 When I get sick it is bad enough, but when it keeps me from smelling, I get cranky!

      I never heard of a jasmine scent by The Different Company, hmm, getting old probably. 😉

  6. Thank you for the link love Birgit, I hope you’re having a great weekend!

    Thanks, also for sharing the other posts, I found the disasterpieces post very intriguing 😀

    • Olfactoria says:

      Lol, the Disasterpieces are fun, and I guess opinions differ a great deal here. But I find it refreshing to read really bad reviews from time to time. 🙂

      I hope you had a great weekend too!

  7. Eva S says:

    This week I tried Fleur de Male after reading Candy Pb’s review, and afterwards bought a full bottle (well it was on sale!). Wearing Portrait of a Lady today, for the second time ever. Like it but don’t think I’ll go for a FB, rather save my money for a full bottle of Puredistance I (yersterdays scent). Both make me feel really ladylike although they’re quite diffferent otherwise. Just now drinking tea and reading a new swedish book- “Evil chemistry”. There’s a lot of facts about scent (musks, fermonones, indoles etc) but also on poisons, body decomposition, mind-altering drugs…Great fun!

  8. anotherperfumeblog says:

    I also have found many correspondences between my “want to try” list and what I already own, since I better organized my samples. 🙂 It’s a nice coincidence. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. lady jane grey says:

    Your review of a vetiver scent reminded me my love for L’artisan’s C Vetiver Sacre from last winter – so I packed it out again (unfortunately, weather was cold enough in Vienna…). It seems to be a long lasting perfume love – my comforting, warm cashmere jumper.

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