Last Week In Perfumeland – Weekend Link Love

Sunday again! I am spent! as Austin Powers would say. Too bad my children don´t realize that Sundays are for resting and recuperating from a stressful week, they carry on as if it were any old day, the little rogues, as George W would say. Before I start quoting even worse sources, let us just have a look at some great posts from last week. 🙂

Dee wrote a most beautiful review about Amouage Lyric on Beauty on the Outside last week, she is leading not only herself into temptation!

Dimitri at Sorcery of Scent is to be blamed for many a perfumista´s diminished funds, since he introduced us to an amazing temple of perfume shopping – Place Vendome Haute Parfumerie in Belgium. The staff is delightfully friendly and competent, they ship throughout the EU, best of all – they carry all the exclusive Guerlain perfumes normally only available in Paris. A dangerous place indeed…

There was a very helpful article on Perfume Shrine this week about opaque bottles and how to determine the quantity of perfume left in them. Very practical for swapping or selling.

Bloody Frida hosted a scent party, a get together of friends who are interested in smelling and remembering, she reports back about the all memories that came up, in her post. Isn´t that a lovely idea?

Not a fragrance review, but too delicious to not include in this round up is Victoria´s reveiw of Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub on EauMG.

Have a great Sunday, people! And think of me having to get up at 5am to play with little plastic pirates! 😉

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2 Responses to Last Week In Perfumeland – Weekend Link Love

  1. This week was filled with lots of blogs that had me quite interested! On nights I just want to engage in some good reading, there is nothing better like surfing the scent blogs and interacting.

    Speaking of blogs, I noticed that you have linked to my unused WordPress blog, I actually decided not to go with WordPress and start another Blogger account instead, I guess because I’m familiar Blogger, plus I write for Il Mondo di Odore, and I get to have both blogs on my dashboard, which for some reason, is thrilling to me. 🙂 Anyway, here is the new link: I hope to get to keep this one for a long time! Thank you Birgit!

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