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Vanilla Perfumes: The Best of The Best Presented by Neil Chapman, Perfume Lovers London, New Cavendish Club, Thursday 27th March 2014

By Tara Neil Chapman is a British perfume obsessive living in Japan. His blog The Black Narcissus is a great read but be warned, you may turn green with envy at the regularity with which he picks up vintage gems … Continue reading

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Flowers In Space – Review: Hermessence Vanille Galante

Vanille Galante has a misleading name. It is many things, but a vanilla fragrance it is not. Which, frankly, put me off it for a long time. I may be too literal a person, but my expectations and the perfume … Continue reading

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The Kitten And The Lion – Review: Guerlain Shalimar Ode Á La Vanille

I was lucky enough to buy the allegedly last bottle of Guerlain’s limited 2010 release Ode A La Vanille that was to be had in Vienna (there were probably five in all ;)) I am so glad I did! As a Shalimar … Continue reading

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Meow! – Review: Parfumerie Generale N° 21 Felanilla

I was a little tired after the weekend and feeling a bit uninspired, when I happened upon a sample of Felanilla that I had forgotten in the depths of my sample box. Thank Goodness I found it! Felanilla quickly got me … Continue reading

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A Votre Santé! – Review: Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille

This is the second gorgeous Vanilla from Guerlain for me this fall. The first one is Shalimar Ode a la Vanille, my review of which is coming but still needs a little time to stew… My sister-in-law brought Spiritueuse Double … Continue reading

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Queen of Queens – Guerlain Shalimar: Not A Review

I wouldn’t dare to attempt a review of such a classic. Even if I would, I couldn’t, since the classic in its original form does not exist anymore. What is sold today under the name of Shalimar is the only … Continue reading

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When Doubts Turn Into Love – Annick Goutal Vanille Exquise Revisited

Remember this post? I was on the fence whether I liked this perfume or not. Times change, so it is time to re-evaluate my earlier opinion (which primarily consisted of not quite having one ;)) and now, what can I say? … Continue reading

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Home, sweet Home…How I scent my surroundings

Do you scent your home as well as yourself? In the times before I grew into appreciating fragrance I always had a scented candle at home (mostly vanilla scented ones from Ikea, that admission is a little like a wine connoisseur stating … Continue reading

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