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Mona di Orio Discovery Box

Just a quick note to let you know that First in Fragrance offers a discovery box of Mona di Orio’s Les Nombres d’Or line, including the new Rose Etoile d’Hollande. That is a great thing if I ever saw one! … Continue reading

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Mona’s Legacy – Mona Di Orio Les Nombres d’Or Rose Etoile de Hollande

Mona do Orio’s take on rose is eagerly anticipated by everyone who knows and loves her work. Rose Etoile de Hollande was created by Mona herself, before her untimely and tragic death last December. Her business partner Jeroen Oude Songtoen thankfully … Continue reading

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Jack Bauer And Trinity – Review: Mona di Orio Cuir

Of all the Mona di Orio perfumes in the Les Nombres d’Or line, Cuir is probably the most difficult one to wear, even to come to terms with. Not one to be put off by an initial olfactory shock, I … Continue reading

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Sway With Me – Review: Mona di Orio Les Nombres d’Or Tubéreuse

Never, never ever discount a note. Experience, trial and error have shown me time and again that there is an interpretation you are going to like, of every note imaginable. Don’t like jasmine? Try By Kilian Love and Tears or … Continue reading

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