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A Trip To Spain – Ramon Monegal Mini-Reviews Part II

After a look at the first seven perfumes from the Spanish niche house of Ramón Monegal (see Part I), here are the seven more feminine leaning perfumes. Apart from being available at First in Fragrance, and through their own website … Continue reading

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A Trip To Spain – Ramón Monegal Mini-Reviews Part I

Ramón Monegal is a spanish niche house that only recently came to my attention when I saw their beautiful bottles popping up on First in Fragrance. Luckily not long after, the brand contacted me and kindly sent samples of the … Continue reading

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In The Lap Of Luxury – Review: Xerjoff XJ17/17 Irisss, Elle, Homme and XXY

The most expensive sub-category in the never-cheap Xerjoff Kingdom is the catchingly named XJ17/17 line. (The name refers to a filing shelf, apparently.) 100ml EdP in the stone label bottle (see below) starts at 500€ depending on the perfume, but … Continue reading

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One Man, Three Leathers – Review: Parfumerie Générale Cuir d’Iris, Cuir Venenum And L’Oiseau de Nuit

Parfumerie Générale offers three leather scents in its stable and today I want to take a look at all three of them. Leather has been a note I did not like, let alone seek out for a long time. Mainly … Continue reading

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When The Show Is Finally Over – Review: Histoires de Parfums 1889 Moulin Rouge

I knew of Histoires de Parfums of course, I even liked one of their perfumes very much – 1740 Marquis de Sade – but other than that I did not seek them out. The embarrassing truth, and I know I … Continue reading

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La Femme Idèale Or How Blue Grace Entered My Life – Review: Armani Privé La Femme Bleue

There is a new bottle in my closet. Not just any old bottle, no, one of only a thousand made and sold at exclusive retailers worldwide. My bottle bears the number 489 and hails from London. Sorry, it sounds like … Continue reading

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Rich – Review: Xerjoff Shooting Stars Ibitira

Ibitira is a town in Brazil where a meteorite crashed in 1947. Part of the Shooting Stars collection Ibitira, the perfume, is a classic floral composition that is described as romantic. Ibitira was created by Jacques Flori and includes notes of … Continue reading

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One Out Of Three – Review: Acqua Di Parma Iris Nobile, Magnolia Nobile, Gelsomino Nobile

Acqua di Parma is a house with a beautiful and stylish appearance, whose colognes – the backbone and starting point of the line – I have always admired from afar, without actually smelling them. Since they introduced a sub-section specifically … Continue reading

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Silver Haze – Review: Dior La Collection Privée Bois d’Argent

By Tara I was sniffing my way around the new Dior perfume boutique in Selfridges when the Sales Assistant gave me something sprayed on a card, without telling me what it was. I was bowled over immediately and asked for … Continue reading

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The Shadow Of The Wind – Review: Carner Barcelona D600

Carner Barcelona is new niche house created by Sara Carner. She launched two perfumes last year and is coming out with a third – Cuirs – in the fall. I was lucky to receive samples (the carded samples of the … Continue reading

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