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Monday Question – Which Perfumes Feel Like A Walk In The Country?

By Tara What are your favourite “back to nature” fragrances? Which perfumes bring to mind trees, leaves, green stems or grass? Is there a perfume that transports you to a rural idyll? Or have you yet to find a green … Continue reading

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Magnificat Anima Mea – Review: DSH Perfumes Pandora

Pandora, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz’s newest creation, has gotten a lot of attention already. And not only because a new DSH perfume is always interesting, but because it is a GREAT new perfume. Many have already written about it, so what … Continue reading

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Luxury In Black – Review: Aroma M Geisha Noire

Aroma M, an indie line created by perfumer Maria McElroy is inspired by Japanese Geisha culture. Maria lived in Japan for years and her immersion in the culture is deeply ingrained in her interesting and beautiful work. To make it … Continue reading

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Perfume As Medicine – Sleepless Nights, Aches And Pains And More

We all know perfume is powerful and that is why we love it. Perfume is able to conjure memories, to evoke feelings, to influence moods. Perfume is a force to be reckoned with. Nothing works better at making us happy, … Continue reading

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Chance Meeting – Review: Maison Martin Margiela (untitled) l’eau

A big surprise for me this summer was how much I fell in love with a fragrance I didn’t expect much of at all. Untitled L’Eau, the new Eau de Toilette flanker to last year’s Untitled Eau de Parfum by … Continue reading

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Wordless – Review: Aftelier Tango

When I apply Mandy Aftel‘s Tango many things happen at once. The most impressive thing, for somebody like me who loves writing and loves writing about perfume even more, is the fact that it overwhelms me with a multitude of … Continue reading

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Unkempt – Review: Dior La Collection Privée Granville

If you are looking for an unusual summer scent, a cologne type fragrance that is not the onehundredandeleventh rendering of citrus-lavender-musk, look no further. The Positive:  Granville is fresh, green, unusual, well-made, aromatic, spicy and lasts not at all badly … Continue reading

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Garden Angel – Review: Chanel Bel Respiro

Bel Respiro was the name of Gabrielle Chanel’s chic country house outside Paris, also nicknamed Noix de Coco (coconut), in a play on her own nickname. Bel Respiro, the fragrance, is part of the Les Exclusifs Collection. It was actually … Continue reading

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Magic Cloak – Review: Chanel N°19

One of the timeless classics in my perfume closet is N°19. Sadly, it is neglected in favor of many, many others that shout for attention . Annemarie’s story of the importance of N°19 throughout her life on Beauty on the … Continue reading

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Waxing Poetic – Review: Eau d’Italie Jardin Du Poète

It is no secret how I feel about Bertrand Duchaufour. He created my favorite perfume ever, quite a feat considering the size of my collection (and no, I am not getting tired mentioning it any time soon, Frapin 1697, there you are.) So when … Continue reading

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