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From Brazil To Amalfi, Around The World With Indult – Mini Reviews

By Sandra I have already introduced you to a new great perfume love of mine – Tihota by Indult. In all honesty, I was weary about trying the other perfumes simply because I was not sure if they could live … Continue reading

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A Little Slice of Heaven – Review: Indult Tihota

By Sandra Since diving head first into this bottomless pit of perfume addiction, I have been searching for the “perfect” vanilla. I have come close with a few vanilla-centric perfumes, but something was always lacking. Perhaps this obsession was somehow related … Continue reading

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The Candy Perfume Boy’s Summer Special – Perfume Lovers London, The Cavendish Club, London on Thursday 18th July 2013

By Tara After the wettest summer on record in 2012, we are now in the midst of a heatwave here in the UK. On the day of the event, the temperature had topped 30 degrees for five days running. What better … Continue reading

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An Evening with Francis Kurkdjian at Perfume Lovers London, 20th June 2013

By Tara I was very curious to witness what perfumer Francis Kurkdjian was like in person, particularly because of how outspoken he has been in the past. He has little time for perfume criticism, professed to hate the way perfumistas … Continue reading

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I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty – Review: Parfums MDCI Rose de Siwa

Sometimes all you need is prettiness. Sometimes all the deep and dark and complicated perfumes are just not right and all you want for now is to be found in something, well, pink. If you want the smell and feel … Continue reading

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Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On – Review: Guerlain Rose Barbare

Rose Barbare is part of the L’Art et la Matière line, but it stands out, together with Cruel Gardènia as the only floral in the line. My favorites (Angelique Noire, Cuir Beluga and Tonka Imperiale are traditional Guerlainesque gourmand-orientals. Not … Continue reading

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Hope For The Future – Review: Parfums MDCI Enlèvement Au Serail

Spurred on by the success of Promesse de l’Aube, I continued my exploration of both Kurkdjian creations and the Parfums MCDI line. I chose Enlèvement au Serail also for its name – Die Entführung aus dem Serail (Abduction from the … Continue reading

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A Lovely Facade – Review And Giveaway: Elie Saab Le Parfum

Elie Saab Le Parfum is the new, hot thing on fragrance counters everywhere, as well as on blogs everywhere. It is not often that a mainstream release gets that much attention, but when Francis Kurkdjian is commissioned to do it, … Continue reading

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How To Entice Small Children And Indulge Your Hobby At The Same Time

The title says it all. If you ever need an opportunity to stay in your children’s good books and smell something lovely, just turn to Francis Kurkdjian’s bubbles. Les Bulles d’Agathe are named after the perfumers’s niece and are available … Continue reading

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Monday Question: What Is Your Perfume Nemesis?

Is there a fragrance you are afraid of? Do you struggle with one particular scent? Is there one perfume you  love to hate? My Answer: A few days ago my answer would still have been Ambre Fétiche, although due to … Continue reading

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