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Sunday, Foodie Sunday – The Humble Brownie No Refined Sugar Version

By Val, the Cookie Queen Greetings to you all! Here is an alterative version to my famous Humble Brownie – no refined sugar, lots of taste! Let’s crack on with it. I am sure we are all too busy for … Continue reading

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Sunday, Foodie Sunday (Yes, On A Tuesday!) – The Humble Brownie

By Val, The Cookie Queen Brownies are named for their rich, dark, chocolatey colour. Although chocolate has been paired with sugar in sweet pastries for about 400 years (it was introduced to Europe from America in the early 16th century) brownies … Continue reading

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Sunday, Foodie Sunday With Val – Humble Homemade Hummus

By Val, the Cookie Queen Having mastered our vegetable cutting skills and had some dessert, let’s move onto some delicious creamy hummus. There are so many pages, both virtual and paper, dedicated to hummus I cannot possibly compete, indeed that is not my … Continue reading

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Sunday, Foodie Sunday With Val – It’s Not Rocket Science

By Val, the Cookie Queen After the chocolate overdose of the last post I thought I would share what we eat at mealtimes, regardless of current dietary disorders. We never have dinner without a plate of chopped fruit and vegetables … Continue reading

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Sunday, Foodie Sunday With Val – Fridge Cake

COOKIE QUEEN’S FRIDGE CAKE – No oven, no scales, no skills necessary! There is always some eating disorder or another going on in my household. You know, high carb, low carb, no carb and so forth. My son is a body … Continue reading

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My Favorite Things – Summer Edition

Quick and to the point, here are my favorite things of the summer season. Skin care: Paula’s Choice Resist line, La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 50 Melt-In Cream For Face. Body: Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, Yves Rocher Noix de Coco body … Continue reading

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Summer In The City – A Very Hot Trip To New York Day 2

The second day of our travels dawned bright and early in Central Valley, NY and with a really, really great breakfast at our hotel (great relative to the fact that it was free and actually included much more than diluted … Continue reading

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Summer In the City – A Very Hot Trip To New York: Day 1

I have returned from a short trip with my husband (no kids, no kids, not even one!) to New York. Before I recount my (mini-)adventures there, I wanted to explain why I didn’t let on about it properly before I … Continue reading

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Monday Question – Which Perfume Goes Best With…?

The last Monday Question about your passions revealed lots of book lovers, but also a good deal of foodies. Perfume and food have lots in common and especially wine connoisseurs share lots of vocabulary with us Perfumistas. It is from them … Continue reading

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Mr O Eats – A New York City Digest

By The Husband A passion for food and fine fragrance seems to be a common combination in a lot of people, be it fumeheads, perfumers, foodies or chefs. I don’t think I can honestly count myself to belong into any … Continue reading

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