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Monday Question – Favorite Things Winter 2015 Edition

What are your favorite things right now? What are your current mini-obsessions? What has captured your interest lately? My Answer: Reading: I have been reading three books lately that couldn’t be more different, but all of them are very interesting. … Continue reading

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Monday Question – Have You Read Any Good Perfume Books Lately?

Let’s talk perfume books today: Have you read a perfume book recently? Which perfume books would you recommend for new fumies? What kind of book about perfume would you like to read? Which book would you think is essential reading … Continue reading

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Monday Question – What Are Your Current Favorite Things?

This post is a bit of a combination of MQ and Favorite Things list, but I am curious about your current mini-obsessions and eager to share mine. So: What do you love at the moment? What are you obsessing over? … Continue reading

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Monday Question – What Is The Book Or Story You Cannot Forget?

I have a non-perfume related question for you today. I know my readers love books as much as I do, so please share with me: Is there a book, novel, short story, etc. that haunts you since you have read … Continue reading

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My Favorite Things – Summer 2014 Edition

I haven’t done a Favorite Things post for a while, so today I want to compile a list of things that I do, see, crave, use or love at the moment and hope you will share yours in the comments. … Continue reading

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Monday Question – Your Top Five Part I: Books

Today is the first Monday question in a series of five where we share our Top Five lists for several things. First up are books. (Advance warning: perfume will be last, so we have some time to pick our five … Continue reading

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Monday Question – Perfume Aside, What Are You Passionate About?

I’d love to get to know you all a bit better today. We all bonded over perfume, but we have other interests and hobbies too. What is yours? What is your second favorite thing in the world (assuming perfume is … Continue reading

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My Favorite Things – End Of 2012 Edition

It’s been a while since I have posted about my favorite things, the end of the year lends itself perfectly to such endeavors, and don’t we all love lists? The year 2012 has been an interesting one. I mostly stuck … Continue reading

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