People In Perfumeland – Georg Wuchsa Of Aus Liebe Zum Duft (First In Fragrance)

Today I am happy to welcome Georg Wuchsa, the man behind Europe’s biggest online niche perfume store Aus Liebe zum Duft, called First in Fragrance in English.

Aus Liebe zum Duft literally means for the love of scent, and that is the reason right there, why Georg started his business. A raging fumehead just like we are, he made his passion into a career that not only fulfills him, but also brings joy to so many.

Where would I be without Aus Liebe zum Duft?

Now let’s get to know the man behind the thousands of bottles of perfume…

georg close hand

A good day starts with… enough time to enjoy the morning silence and the smell of my freshly-brewed double espresso.

I’d never leave the house without… applying a small dash of patchouly fragrance to make me feel complete.

I always feel good when… I can take care of the day’s work in peace and without being pressed for time.

My favorite thing in the world is… my real home on the North Sea.

The next thing I want to buy is… a ride-on lawnmower.

The place I always come back to is… my Company and the people who have built up Aus Liebe zum Duft with me.

My personal style is… casual with jeans and a shirt.

My favorite perfume… there isn’t enough space here to name all my favourite perfumes.

When I travel, I… have two suitcases: one for clothes and one for the perfumes I take with me.

To relax I need… the wide open plains of northern Germany and the smell of the sea.

I like to gift people with… my passion for perfume.

When I have a bad day, I… should have learned to realize that it is only a moment in time and not something that affects the rest of my life.

I find my inspiration… by dreaming about the impossible.

Something I would never want to miss… are my dogs and the people around me who enrich my life.

My last mistake was… buying the new small Mercedes A Class.

In my fridge there is always… sparkling wine and butter milk and in the vegetable draw is my secret perfume reserve.

On my nightstand I keep… a photo of my home on the North Sea.

The perfect weekend starts with… the sun rising and my garden coming to life with the sound of animals.

My role model is… to strive to be a role model for others.

Something I always want to be asked in questionnaires like this is… questions that I can simply and truthfully answer that mirror my opinions and feelings because so many interviews are based on questions which require answers that people wish to hear or read.

A fridge and a suitcase full of perfume, Georg sure is a man after my own heart.

Disclaimer: Before somebody complains that this is hidden advertising, it is not. I contacted Mr Wuchsa of my own accord and was not and will not be compensated for mentioning First in Fragrance in any way.

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Monday Question – Do You Have A Favourite Skin Scent?

By Tara

Do you have a fragrance that smells like “your skin but better”?

Is there a cosy, close-wearing perfume you turn to when you want something subtle?

What do you think makes a good skin scent?

Or are you of the opinion that when it comes to perfume, the louder the better?


My Answer:

I have been looking for the perfect skin scent but have yet to hit the jackpot.

One perfume that I had high hopes for recently was Dries Van Noten by Frederic Malle. It has a core of sandalwood and I feel this particular note helps to make a great skin scent because it’s usually warm, creamy and relatively quiet. Although undoubtedly lovely, it didn’t quite work for me on first try, probably because it’s quite nutty to start with.

Another Malle fragrance, Dans Tes Bras, is supposed to mimic the smell of warm skin, but instead of this I get salty violets which put my teeth on edge. It must be said however, that this perfume is notorious for smelling different from person to person and it is worth testing if you haven’t already – like everything in the Editions de Parfums range, really.

At the moment, the two perfumes I turn to for something subtle that stays close to the skin are Equistrius by Parfums d’ Empire and Dior’s Bois d’ Argent. However, neither of these have the sensuous yet soothing smell of skin I’m looking for.

So I’d be very grateful if you would share your favourite skin scents in the comments.

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In Seach Of Hidden Beauty – Wordless Wednesday

It’s the heat, it’s the boys, it’s work…

It’s lack of discipline, it’s lack of motivation, it’s lack of sleep…

It’s sad, it’s too bad, it’s true nonetheless…

It’s writer’s block.

photo (29)

Posts will be fewer in the coming weeks. I’m sorry.

It’ll pass…

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People In Perfumeland – Victoria Frolova Of Bois De Jasmin

Today I am delighted to showcase the first blogger in the People In Perfumeland series.

Victoria’s blog, Bois de Jasmin, was among the first to emerge out of MakeUp Alley’s fragrance boards and she blazed a trail for all of us.

Victoria has a way of writing about scent that is not only highly knowledgeable, but also beautifully lyrical. She has led me into temptation more often than I’d like to admit, and it is her reviews I turn to most often when I want to know more about a perfume.

Her encouragement meant a lot to me when I started blogging and I treasure her friendship.

Thank you, Victoria, for agreeing to fill in my questionnaire.

jasmin victoria

A good day starts with… a cup of tea, preferably drunk leisurely out of my favorite red cup.

I’d never leave the house without… an umbrella. In Brussels, it would be a mistake to forget it.

I always feel good when… I receive an email or a letter from a friend. For my wedding gift, my best friend gave me copies of all the letters I wrote her since we were children. In turn, for her wedding, I made a book of her letters and my responses, arranged chronologically.

My favorite thing in the world is… it would be a tie between my camera and laptop. The latter because it’s my implement for writing, for connecting with friends and family. And my camera–because it gives me such a new perspective on the world around me that I gladly lug the heavy bag almost every day (good for arm toning too!)

The next thing I want to buy is… a pair of comfortable but stylish shoes. Does such a thing even exist?!

The place I always come back to is… Ukraine. I can sometimes stay away for years, but there is such a strong pull that I can never stay away for long.

My personal style is… simple and low-maintenance.

My favorite perfume… is the one that makes me feel butterflies in my stomach and gives me an immediate boost.

When I travel, I… write. I keep a pen and a notebook in my purse all the time. Airports make me wistful, probably because of the mixture of anxious anticipation and the general sense of transience. I love reading the flights off the departure boards and imagining what it would be like to visit places I haven’t been to or even heard of. I also love people watching and noticing what perfumes they buy at the duty-free stores.

To relax I need… to have zero internet access.

I like to gift people with… homemade jams. I love making preserves, jellies, marmalade, etc., and in the summer on most weekends I’m in the kitchen stirring sugar into fruit and sterilizing jars.

When I have a bad day, I… hug my husband or call my mom or watch Bollywood movies. It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when the lovers are separated by evil villains, strict parents, society rules and even the gods themselves; when everyone, including the dashing hero, cries a river; when beautiful women jump from behind the trees and break out into a song on the spur of a moment; when the colors are so vivid that you feel dazzled. The best escapist fun!

I find my inspiration… everywhere. It sounds facile, but even the most inauspicious circumstances can give me a jolt to be creative. Traveling, reading, meeting new people (via blogs or in real life) are all at the top of the list.

Something I would never want to miss… is my train. And yet I don’t have such a good track record!

My last mistake was… not buying a replacement for my almost depleted bottle of Cacharel Noa while Planet Parfum had a terrific 20 euro deal. Nothing major, but I’m sure I can think of other real blunders.

In my fridge there is always… fruit. I could live on fruit and cheese. But as my husband would point out, there is always something in our fridge he can’t identify. Men!

On my nightstand I keep… a jar of hand cream, a volume of Nikolai Gogol’s stories and a glass of water.

The perfect weekend starts with… no sound from my alarm clock. I love waking up early on my own and enjoying the sunrise as I sip my tea. This happens rarely, since I usually work late and stay up well past midnight.

My role model is… my grandmother. She is the one who instilled in me the love for reading, jam making and the ability to find beauty in the simplest things.

Something I always want to be asked in questionnaires like this is… what book are you currently reading? (I love talking books! I’m currently reading The Little Man from Archangel by Georges Simenon, a terrific suspense story from the Belgian master of the detective genre. Highly recommended!)

victoria1 (1)

Bollywood films as effective anti-depressants, that fantastic gift of letters, exotic cheeses in the fridge and endlessly talking about books – I would love to spend some time with Victoria.

All of us who read her blog, know what a delightful and multi-talented woman Victoria is, so I fear the fact that this interview is lovely, is not particularly surprising. 🙂

Image source: photos courtesy of V. Frolova
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Monday Question – Is There A Note In Perfume You Are Obsessed With?

Is there a particular note you seek out in every perfume you smell?

Do you crave some notes more than others?

Do you obsess over one note?


My Answer:

I go from one mini-obsession to next, but there are some notes I crave with a passion. The funny thing is that these obsessions wax and wane, mostly associated with the seasons. Every year in summer, faithfully and like clock-work an obsession with one note in particular surfaces. It is a note I almost despise during the rest of the year, and if despise is too strong a word, I certainly don’t seek it out in the colder seasons: coconut!

In summer I invariably start craving coconut as soon as the temperatures start to soar. My ideal coconut scent is Honoré des Pres Love Coconut, but to be honest, the cheap as chips Noix de Coco by Yves Rocher (even available in a mini-obsession friendly 20ml bottle for 3€) is just as satisfying. My coconut is not thick, sweet and creamy, but more milky-fresh, reminiscent of my favorite drink in the world – fresh coconut juice.

I also love coconut in tropical alignment with tiaré, jasmine or tuberose, I love the sun-screen scents, I love coconut with vanilla. Summer time is coconut time and I am not ashamed to admit it!

Iris is another note I go through obsessive phases with and some iris-heavy perfumes are among my all-time favorites (Armani Privé La Femme Bleue, Prada Infusion d’Iris, Malle Iris Poudre, Guerlain Iris Ganache, Parfum d’Empire Equistrius and By Kilian Prelude to Love). My collection without an iris scent is unimaginable to me. The obsession with iris peaks during the moderate seasons (spring and fall).

In winter nothing beats a good amber (here is an interesting one). Rich resins, thick, treacly, dark, that is the smell of cold winter nights… but you knew that about me, didn’t you?

What are your notes of obsession?

Any coconutty recommendations for me?

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Perfume And Personality – An Interview with Matt Lukjanenko

Guest Post by Jordan River

Tonight The Scented Salon is in Sydney. With us we have Matt Lukjanenko, an Australian student writing a thesis on Olfaction and Personality. Olfaction is the science of smell.

Sydney. Photo: Matt Lukjanenko

Sydney. Photo: Matt Lukjanenko

You can assist his research, if it suits you, by filling out the survey on the link below:

Personality and Expertise

The study will provide useful information regarding the differences in how thoughts and emotions are processed and expressed between those with a keen interest in fragrances and those without.

The study takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Further details about the survey are after the interview with Matt.

Now let’s find out more about Matt.

G’Day Matt, welcome to The Scented Salon. Thank you for joining us. I know some people may like to know more about you before they fill in your research survey.

Matt Lukjanenko

Matt Lukjanenko

Thank you for your kind welcome.
A little bit about me – I was born in Sydney as were both my parents but both families are from Ukraine and Belarus. My parent’s first languages were Ukrainian and Russian and there was definitely an eastern European influence on my life growing up.

What was your first fragrance?

The first fragrance I bought for myself was Acqua di Gio by Armani. I liked the citrus and saltwater scents and its softness.

What did you waft in the 80′s and 90′s?

I am the youngest of 3 boys so whatever I wore was usually passed down from my brothers.

Do you buy for yourself?

I do buy for myself but I remember a while ago my partner at the time left for the UK. He gave me a bottle of what he used to wear as a parting gift which was Calvin Klein Crave. Whenever I wore it it would remind me of him. I thought that was a very smart and sweet gesture.

Or possibly completely debilitating. What are your perfume preferences or notes that you like?

Frangipani, Sandalwood and Lavender. I also love anything citrus or marine and natural.


My favourite at the moment is the Bulvgari Aqva – anything to remind me of the ocean when I’m not near it.

Matt's shelf

Perfume Collection – there is some Bulgari, Paul Smith, Boss, Burberry and Natio which is a natural Australian brand.

What are you studying?

I am currently in my honours year of a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Macquarie University.

Which career will this lead to?

Following this year, I hope to get into a Masters program in Clinical Forensic Psychology either in Canada or here in Australia. I went on an exchange semester to Canada as part of my undergraduate degree and would love to spend some more time there. After Masters I hope to work for a government agency in correctional services or some other forensic setting.

What is your current research about?

The current study is about olfaction and personality. It builds on previous research looking into the effect that expertise in a particular field has on the brain. Expert musicians, athletes and even taxi drivers have shown functional and structural changes in the way their brains are organised when compared with novices and we are interested in how expertise in olfaction elicits similar changes in the brain and how this then relates to certain personality characteristics.

What about a fragrant experience?

Travelling is my absolute passion. I’ve been fortunate to rake up a number of stamps in my passport and the scents from each of the countries I have visited have always stayed with me long after I’ve left.

One of the most memorable pieces of information I learnt during my degree was that the pathway for the olfactory system has quicker connections with our memory when compared to any of the other senses. I experience that when I pass a person walking in the street who smells like someone else I know or somewhere I’ve been and all those memories come flooding back.

Just two of the highlights for me on my travels have been the smell of burning cigars in a Havana street in Cuba – it was exactly as how I had imagined it and it is one of my favourite cities. The decaying grand buildings, old cars and joyous people. We were fortunate to stay in a homestay with a great host and the lady upstairs would cook our meals and bring down roasted meats, rice and beans, cakes and fresh fruit. You would be intoxicated by the smells alone. But I remember the cigars most vividly.


Cuban flag draped from a building in Havana. Photo: Matt Lukjanenko

Also the smell of freshly baked bread from a Parisian boulangerie as you walk home from a club in the early hours of the morning and knock on the back door to buy a baguette fresh out of the oven and eat it on the way home. Simple things like that bring me a lot of joy.

Machu Picchu - I had always dreamt of visiting Peru and in particular Machu Picchu. We also climbed Huayna Picchu which is a bigger mountain next to Machu Picchu and it was probably the most physically challenging thing I had done. A steep vertical climb for almost an hour hugging onto the side of the mountain with a sheer drop if you put a foot wrong.

Machu Picchu – I had always dreamt of visiting Peru and in particular Machu Picchu. We also climbed Huayna Picchu which is a bigger mountain next to Machu Picchu and it was probably the most physically challenging thing I had done. A steep vertical climb for almost an hour hugging onto the side of the mountain with a sheer drop if you put a foot wrong.

What suits you for work?

I work alone most of the time so I could come in smelling like anything really and no one would notice but for everyday wear I prefer natural fragrant oils. Just taking a twig of lavender from a neighbour’s garden and rolling it between my fingers and dabbing it on my neck and wrists.

What do men smell like in Sydney?

Sydney is a summer city, it comes alive during summer and people, men and women in my area usually smell of the beach: saltwater, sunscreen and coconut oil. Having said that it does changes from season to season; in spring it’s more floral and in winter more cedar and spices.

Besides study and travel what occupies your time?

Surfing - at Bondi Beach near my home in Sydney. This photo was taken by the instructor on my first lesson. I've since had a few more and am keeping it up.

Surfing – at Bondi Beach near my home in Sydney. This photo was taken by the instructor on my first lesson. I’ve since had a few more and am keeping it up.

Aside from travelling, I love swimming, in the ocean or pool and going to the cinema. I go a few times a week and will watch pretty much anything; particularly films from Almodovar or Francois Ozon.

Matt snorkeling in Cartagena, Colombia.

Here I am snorkeling in Cartagena. I met many great people in Colombia and one who is very special. I have Colombian friends all over the world. They seem to travel as much as Australians.

The Gaining of Knowledge

my brother and I went to hear the Dalai Lama talk recently in Sydney and I like reading about his history and that of Tibetans and Buddhists. There's also a lot of travel guides and a few adult comics.

My brother and I went to hear the Dalai Lama talk recently in Sydney and I liked reading about his history and that of Tibetans and Buddhists. There’s also a lot of travel guides and a few adult comics.

Where and how did you gain perfume knowledge?

Online mostly, from blogs like this one and yours, Jordan, as well as from meeting people who then pass their knowledge onto me. I’m still very much a novice but I am enjoying the learning experience.

Do you think perfumery is art, artisanal, design and manufacturing, molecular architecture or something else?

All of the above, as someone you interviewed earlier noted it is both a science and an art but has different interpretations for different people.

What is the purpose of perfume?
Simply, to elicit an emotion in a person, whether it is arousal, calm, joy or sometimes disgust, haha.

Vivid - Sydney has a lot of great festivals one being Vivid which is a light festival in May/June. There are installations and projections onto iconic sites like the Opera House (see top photo) and Harbour Bridge in this photo. Photo: Matt Lukjanenko

Vivid – Sydney has a lot of great festivals one being Vivid which is a light festival in May/June. There are installations and projections onto iconic sites like the Opera House (see top photo) and Harbour Bridge in this photo. Photo: Matt Lukjanenko

Thank you Matt. All the very best with your research and studies.

Further Information
Research Survey

The study takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. It can be accessed from any computer using any browser, doesn’t require a download and can be accessed through some smartphones and tablets (it’s trial and error – the website says yes to iPhones, iPads etc., but maybe not to some Android phones).

The study is conducted by Matthew Lukjanenko, a Psychology Honours student under the supervision of Dr Mem Mahmut at Macquarie University in Sydney ( completing his thesis on Olfaction and Personality.

He is interested in whether people who have a keen sense of smell, by profession or through interest, have differing scores of certain personality traits when compared with the general public. This is an online study and can be completed anonymously. The study should take no longer than 10-15 minutes and will involve completing online questionnaires. If you complete the study you can elect to enter into a draw to win one of three $20 iTunes cards which will be drawn in late October 2013.

Below is the link to the study again

Personality And Expertise

Please feel free to share the link with anyone you might think suitable to participate.

The study will provide useful information regarding the differences in how thoughts and emotions are processed and expressed between those with an interest in fragrances and those without.

If you choose to participate, please do so by Monday 22 July 2013.

Any questions please email: matthew dot lukjanenko at students dot mq dot edu dot au

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Perfumer Sandrine Videault Has Died

I just heard that perfumer Sandrine Videault, creator of the wonderful Les Nez Manoumalia, has passed away yesterday.

sandrine videault

She recently worked on a perfume called Magnolia Grandiflora for the floral artisan company Grandiflora in Sydney, Australia. Luckily a sample of this is on its way to me. I’m shocked and saddened that its creator had to go so soon.

My heart goes out to her family and friends.


The perfume world has lost a great member.

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Happy Fourth Of July!

To all my American friends and readers I wish a very happy Independence Day.

Eat a lot and have a relaxing day among loved ones!

july 4 kitten

So tell me, what is your SotD on the 4th aside from BBQ smells? (Mine is L’Artisan Parfumeur Premier Figuier Extreme, because it is cooling and I love the creamy coconut aspect.)

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Flying the Flag – Union Perfumes Mini-Reviews

By Tara

Perfume brand Union launched with four fragrances in 2012. Their concept is to produce fragrances using raw materials from across the British Isles. For example, there is violet leaf from Devon, England, wild thyme from Snowdonia, Wales, bracken from the Scottish Borders and moss from Ireland. The collection is meant to be “an olfactory celebration of the British countryside”. Apparently a lot of time and effort went into sourcing the necessary ingredients.

On trying the first four perfumes, it’s clear that perfumer Anastasia Brozler has created a small collection of modern, distinctive and well crafted fragrances. While they do contain a significant amount of naturals, they also include some synthetics in order to give them “lift”. They are labelled as EDTs but the lasting power is extremely good.

Holy Thistle – The Spiky Green

Notes: Thistle, heather, bay, bracken and pine resin.

union 1

Holy Thistle is an aromatic green fragrance with a zingy facet. It’s like a denser, and darker version of Trefle Pur by Atelier Cologne. Unlike some green fragrances, it’s not too bitter, soapy or reminiscent of pine air freshener. I find it the least interesting of the four, but it really does reflect the unkempt landscape of the Scottish Highlands. It’s definitely the prickly greenery of thistles and bracken rather than the lush greenery of grass and leaves. Worth checking out if you’re a dedicated Green Fiend.

Celtic Fire – The Smoky Leather

Notes: Pine needles, fir balsam, Marmite, birch tar, peat and bog myrtle.

union 2

This one really packs a punch. It succeeds well at replicating the aroma of a peat fire on a misty autumn morning. Putting Marmite in the notes list was a clever idea. This polarising savoury spread is one of those foodstuffs that ex-pats miss when they emigrate. I can’t pick it out of the mix except for a noticeable saltiness. Smoky and earthy, it’s a must for fans of hefty birch tar leathers such as Patchouli 24 by Le Labo or smouldering fragrances such as CB I Hate Perfumes, Burning Leaves.

Gothic Bluebell – The Dappled Floral

Notes: Bluebell, narcissus, hyacinth, violet leaf, ground ivy, willow bark, oak bark, oakmoss and musk.

union 3

This is a clever one. Far from being a wan floral, it has surprising depth. One sniff of the deep amber liquid brings a whole bluebell wood to life. It’s the scent of delicate spring flowers growing in the shadow of tall trees. It has the same tension between light and shade as Perle de Mousse by Ann Gerard. This makes Gothic Bluebell the most intriguing of the four. It’s the perfect perfume to wear while reading Emily Brontë’s darkly romantic novel Wuthering Heights.

Quince, Mint & Moss – The Invigorating Cologne

Notes: Quince, juniper berries, garden mint, thyme, sage, watercress, lime leaves, rhubarb leaf, moss, mountain ash and oak bark.


I’m not very familiar with quince but apparently it’s a rather sour fruit that is best cooked before being eaten. I know it from the wonderful children’s poem, The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear:

“They dined on mince and slices of quince. Which they ate with a runcible spoon…”

It’s good to come across a perfume with a unique starring note.

Quince, Mint & Moss opens quite strong and tart, giving it a bracing edge. It makes for a pleasantly refreshing wake-up call. I’m not much of a fan of mint in perfume but along with the other green notes, it provides a nice herbaceous backdrop to the bright, zesty, quince. It’s the sort of thing that probably wouldn’t feel out of place in the new Jo Loves fragrance line.

Newest Release: Gunpowder Rose

Notes: Rose, charcoal, sulphur, lovage, meadowsweet, blackcurrant, violet leaf, oakmoss and oak bark.

I haven’t had the opportunity to try this one but it sounds good. Here’s an extract from the blurb on the Henri Bendel website:

“Rose oils and extracts from Lincolnshire and the Stour Valley distil the scented velvet-softness of the petals and zesty-green stems of this romantic and exalted bloom. In a dramatic twist, the delicate flowers dance over spicy embers of charcoal and the piquant fizz of sulfur – the thunderstorm notes of gunpowder!”

Union perfumes are available at Selfridges in London and Henri Bendel in New York, currently priced at £125/$185 for a 100ml EDT. Henri Bendel also offer a Roller Ball Miniature Set of the original four fragrances for $75.

union set

What do you think of the Union concept? Do any of them appeal to you?

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People In Perfumeland – Dawn Spencer Hurwitz of DSH Perfumes

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz is as much known in Perfumeland for her broad collection of beautiful creations as she is for her warm personality.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, she is a prolific creator. Her numerous scents are have found fans all across the globe.

Aside from the success of her excellent perfumes, it is the fact that Dawn has such a warm and approachable personality that has undoubtedly contributed to her being among the most beloved and important indie perfumers today.

Let’s see more of Dawn’s personal side today in the questionnaire…


A good day starts with… a smile and a snuggle from my boy.

I’d never leave the house without… a notebook and a pen.

I always feel good when… I have expressed myself through an art form.

My favorite thing in the world is… chocolate and maybe coffee… and maybe wine, too.

The next thing I want to buy is… an easel for Xander.

The place I always come back to is… Venice.

My personal style is… eclectic.

My favorite perfume… there is no favorite perfume that is bottled but my favorite smell is Edwin.

When I travel, I… crave as much comfort as possible.

To relax I need… softness.

I like to gift people with… sensuous fragrance.

When I have a bad day, I… eat chocolate.

I find my inspiration… everywhere.

Something I would never want to miss… Xander’s birthday.

My last mistake was… staying up too late. Again.

In my fridge there is always… Christmas ale.

On my nightstand I keep… sognare venezia.

The perfect weekend starts with… pancakes and coffee.

My role model is… Edmond Roudnitska.

Something I always want to be asked in questionnaires like this is… what is my measure of success?

It might sound kind of strange, but to me the greatest worldly success would be to have a private driver. On a more spiritual note, success is to me is to have made an impact on the art form. I strive to create great perfumes; to truly make works of art. If in the end my work has spoken to others (impacted the audience) and to have even expanded the art form, I will feel as though I have succeeded.

dsh perfumes

I can totally relate to Dawns answers, comfort, chocolate and baby boys – those things dominate my life too.

Here are my DSH reviews: Mata Hari :: Virdian and Celadon :: Italian Splendor Collection I :: Italian Splendor Collection II :: Italian Splendor Collection III :: Mini Reviews :: Pandora

The line is huge and diverse: so have you explored it yet? What is your favorite?

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