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More Like Me – Review: Sonoma Scent Studio Lieu de Reves

I really like rose-violet scents. Their powdery, ultra-feminine accord, so reminiscent of cosmetics (and God knows I love those as well), is very attractive to me and I find their soft, pinkish aura very comforting and inviting. Lieu de Rêves, … Continue reading

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Lipstick Of Independence – Review: Edition de Parfums Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose

I am quite good at matching people to perfumes, if I may say so myself. But I am astonishingly bad at knowing what I will like and what I will hate. This is a bit embarrassing for someone who spent a fortune … Continue reading

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“Whoever Loves Me Will Follow!” – Review: Guerlain Insolence

I never even bothered with Insolence. Truth be told, I roundly dismissed it as not worthy to be smelled. How snobbish is that? But to my defense, it comes in a highly questionable bottle (by Serge Mansau – he and I will … Continue reading

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The Pink League – L’Artisan Jour de Fete And Drole De Rose

There is a time and a place for pink. Pink, the quintessential girly color speaks to women in a special way. Many of us have worn this color, or been made to wear it, we loved or hated it. I … Continue reading

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Tom Times Three – Review: Tom Ford Santal Blush, Jasmine Rouge And Violet Blonde

Tom Ford generously showers us with three new release this fall. Two in his Private Blend range and one in the wide distribution signature line. Let’s get going then: Tom Ford Private Blend Santal Blush: Don’t you love this image? … Continue reading

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How To Dream – Review: Sonoma Scent Studio To Dream

To Dream is the first Sonoma Scent Studio perfume I am reviewing. I tried a few, but always got distracted, something else came up, it was just not the right timing for me and SSS. But then To Dream arrived (courtesy of … Continue reading

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Pastoral – Review: Guerlain Aprés L’Ondée

Aprés l’Ondée was my very first Guerlain. For a long time I also thought it would be my only one (insert hearty laughter here), because I thought all the others were not my style, I couldn’t imagine myself in something as challenging … Continue reading

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