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Hot Town, Summer in the City – The Candy Perfume Boy Summer Special at Perfume Lovers London

By Tara One of the very brightest and best new perfume blogs to pop-up in Perfumeland over the last year is The Candy Perfume Boy. With a mix of razor-sharp wit and insightful reviews, the posts are as entertaining as … Continue reading

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Séville à l’aube Launch – Bertrand Duchaufour and Denyse Beaulieu at L’Artisan Parfumeur, London

By Tara What a wonderful man Bertrand Duchaufour is… If he doesn’t have a fan club already I’ll consider starting one. But before I start gushing let’s set the scene… You will probably have heard of the new L’Artisan Parfumeur … Continue reading

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A Trip To Spain – Ramon Monegal Mini-Reviews Part II

After a look at the first seven perfumes from the Spanish niche house of Ramón Monegal (see Part I), here are the seven more feminine leaning perfumes. Apart from being available at First in Fragrance, and through their own website … Continue reading

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Scents Of Destination – Where To Wear What! A Blogging Project

Where are you going on vacation this summer? Any exotic locales? Maybe an exciting city trip? A mountain retreat? A sandy beach? To your office? Wherever you plan to go, even if you stay on your own balcony, there is … Continue reading

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My Preciousss – Review: Guerlain Mon Precieux Nectar

Mon Precieux Nectar has a very luxurious past. Once released in a limited edition of only 35 bottles (albeit one litre extrait fountains made of baccarat crystal) it has been the coveted object of collectors everywhere, but only a few … Continue reading

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Watch Out, Here I Come! – Review: L’Artisan Parfumeur Seville à l’Aube

The Perfume Lover, a book by Denyse Beaulieu (Grain de Musc) is on everybody’s reading list these days. It was also on mine. I did read and enjoy it, but I’m not sure yet whether I should review it or … Continue reading

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To Eat Or Be Eaten – Review: Reminiscence Les Notes Gourmandes Do Ré And Mi Fà

Gourmands can be tricky. No one wants to smell like dessert. (Those who do, can skip this paragraph and go directly to the review). Marla of PST once told me that a goat bit her wrist, where she had applied Mandorlo … Continue reading

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Two Women – Review: Sonoma Scent Studio Jour Ensoleillé

I am glad this beautiful perfume comes along at a time in my Perfumista career, when I can really appreciate it. Half indolic white floral, half oakmossy chypre, Jour Ensoleillé sounds scary and would have sent me running not too … Continue reading

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The Gleam In A Mother’s Eye – Review: Aftelier Secret Garden Eau de Parfum

Usually wearing an Aftelier creation, is quite a ride. When I apply Tango or Cepes&Tuberose, many feelings are stirred up, emotions abound and I am preoccupied and enthralled, as well as challenged and moved. It is not that Secret Garden … Continue reading

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Vero Profumo – Review: The Eaux de Parfums And Conclusions

Vero Profumo offers three extraits, Onda, Rubj and Kiki that I have reviewed in the past weeks, in addition, in 2010, perfumer Vero Kern released three Eau de Parfum versions of the perfumes. They are not just lower concentrations, but completely reworked … Continue reading

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