Hermès Scarfs In Action And A Current Obsession – Mansur Gavriel

Since the gloomy weather of the past few days here has made my scarf photos come out woefully dark, I took a look at my archive pics of scarfs as I’ve worn them in the past to show you.

La Danse de Cheval Marwari Dip Dye 90

La Danse de Cheval Marwari Dip Dye 90

The first pic is of the 90 dip dye I have already shown you here, La Danse de Cheval Mawari makes for the softest thing one can wear around the neck. I sometimes think the colours washes me out a bit, but here it looks okay, if I say so myself.

Phoenix Mythiques Cotton Pareo

Phoenix Mythiques Cotton Pareo

This is my only cotton scarf from Hermès, the magical Phoenix Mythiques motif in summery colours. The cotton also makes it very hardy and therefore great to travel with. This summer in Tuscany I plan to actually use it as a pareo, you only live once, after all… 🙂

Concours d Etrières Dip Dye 140

Concours d Etrières Dip Dye 140

I wore the smoky blue large size scarf you see above in London for Neil’s Vanilla evening for Perfume Lovers London and despite not actually applying any perfume myself that day, it still smells of vanilla. Love that. Concours d’Etrières en vanille.

Tigre Royal Dip Dye 140

Tigre Royal Dip Dye 140

This photo is of a scarf I owned for exactly two hours before I hotfooted it back to the boutique to exchange it. Lesson learned: the lightning in the Vienna boutique is NOT to be trusted. I wanted the tiger, but the colours were just not me. (I got the smoky blue dip dye instead that day and I never regretted this one.)

Le Songe de la Licorne Cashmere Silk 140

Le Songe de la Licorne Cashmere Silk 140

La Songe de la Licorne – The Unicorn’s Dream. What a name! I don’t quite see why this design bears that particular name, but I love it anyway. This is a chameleon scarf, the colours – salmon, peach, rust and oatmeal – look different in every light.

Mythiques Phoenix 90

Mythiques Phoenix 90

And finally, here is a photo of a 90 scarf (Mythiques Phoenix) half hidden in a cowl-neck sweater. I like this look since it makes a plain sweater more interesting and also keeps my skin away from wool, which makes me itch.

After this selfie assault on your senses, I want to show you a current obsession of mine that is neither very orginal nor very sensible. The Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. I am late to the hype, but I’m there with a vengeance. I dream of this bag at night and fantasize about it during the day. It is stupid to obsess over a piece of leather, but look – isn’t it pretty?

Mansur Gavriel is a young brand, just two years on the market, but they are perpetually sold out worldwide, since the simple and elegant bags seem to have hit a nerve with the fashion crowd. Their much friendlier pricepoint compared to other luxury brand bags helps too.

The bags are made of vegetable tanned leather in three shades (black, brandy, cammello) with coloured interiors. (There are saffiano and tumble leather versions too, all in three styles, bucket, tote and backpack in different sizes.)


The company’s official photos with flowers are too gorgeous. This is the bucket bag in Brandy/Raw.


Large Bucket bag in Black/Flamma.


Large Bucket bag in Cammello/Sun.


And for good measure… the tote (Large Tote in Cammello/Rosa). Sigh.

What do you think of the bags? Have you heard of them?

Have a lovely weekend,

B x

Photo credits: scarf pics my own, bag images by Mansur Gavriel

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55 Responses to Hermès Scarfs In Action And A Current Obsession – Mansur Gavriel

  1. the husband says:

    i guess we are investing in a new bag. i must admit i was just thinking we are running a little low on bags. 🙂

  2. Vanessa says:

    Loved seeing the scarves in action! – my favourites are 1 and 3. So pretty for the warmer weather when it comes. The bucket bags are not a style I usually go for, elegant as they are. I always think the edges might be too rigid, if that makes sense, and that the drawstring thingy would be hard to actually draw through leather. But I may have only seen inferior versions to these where excess rigidity was an issue. Though with bucket bags, I accept that some rigidity is part of the style. 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      Glad you liked this, V.
      As for the buckets, I guess there are more practical styles out there, but that is not quite the point, is it?
      One must suffer for beauty! 😉

  3. WOW! That Phoenix Mythiques, id that the flamingos? It’s one I particularly love and your colourway is ZING! great to see these scarves being worn Birgit.
    The bags? Meh. sorry.
    Portia xx

  4. Scentella says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter :), from one of the formerly Habsburg lands. Love your blog!
    Although the neutrally-coloured scarves are versatile and sensible and such, I prefer the livelier colours, both on you and on me (though all my scarves are of the high street variety). As to the bags, they’re okay, but I may not be fashionista enough to judge competently.

    • Olfactoria says:

      Hi Scentella,
      lovely to hear from you!
      Wearing bright colours takes courage, which I freely admit to lack. 🙂
      I don’t think you need to be a fashionista to judge. 🙂

  5. Sabine says:

    You know , it never occured to me that I could wear a silky scarf under a wool jumper that way, and I will certainly do that next winter. Itching wool has become an issue last year and I was a bit concerned. As for the bucket bag, go for it and report back 🙂

  6. Tara says:

    Pics of you actually wearing the scarves are my favourite. I think the Unicorn’s Dream is particularly striking (plus what a great name) and the Phoenix Mythiques in summery colours will be perfect for Tuscany.

    Panic buy the bags immediately!

  7. Hamamelis says:

    Thank you for another Hermes post! Lovely to see some more of your scarves, and I think they all look wonderful, like perfume it is good to have a scarf for different moods, and some that will always work. I also like your lipgloss/stain/colour very much (I am very fair like you, good lipcolour is not so easy to find I think). I do not know this brand of bags, but like the tote very much. These days my handbag is actually a sort of tote, so I can also use it for job purposes and small shoppings. I carry a foldable shopping bag in it so I never need plastic bags anymore…anything to not add to the horrendous plastic soup…
    BTW I supported ODOU via the Indiego crowdfunding, a great project!

    • Olfactoria says:

      Thank you for your ODOU support, Hamamelis!

      The tote is really pretty, love the soft colours. I use the reusable shopping bags too, so practical and good for my conscience too.

      Regarding the lipstick: it is Fresh Sugar Plum Lip Treatment plus MAC Steel Kiss Lip gloss in most pics, the latter was unfortunately a limited shade. 😦

  8. cookie queen says:

    I love the pictures of you modeling the scarves, it really shows how beautiful they are. Scarf under the sweater is particularly nice. I don´t wear wool sweaters because they itch so much. Actually I do not wear anything that needs to be pulled over my head because it makes unbelievably claustrophobic. Cardigans and hoodies are better. Bag is nice but I am a bit funny with bags. There is such a rip-off bag culture out there. As my grandmother used to say – if the (bag, clothing piece, shoes etc) had a Marks and Spencer label on them, would you like them just as much?
    Bussi. xxxxxx

    • Olfactoria says:

      I would like these bags with a M&S label too (if the leather quality and craftsmanship was the same, which is mostly the problem with cheap things).

      The sweater in the pic is actually a cardigan, so that would work for you too.

  9. hildegunn1 says:

    LOVE the bags. Was seriously considering investing in one, but ended up with a offwhite oversized tote from Cuyana instead.

  10. shellyw says:

    Love your scarf magic. I do envy that your lipstick also looks perfectly done in every photo too. The bag photos are great as I am looking for a bag, good to know they are out so it will save looking. I was interested in a bag you mentioned awhile back from cuyana. As I live near San Francisco where their store is, I went and took a look at their collection. Very nice, glad I followed up on your lead. It may be my present to myself once report cards done.

  11. Suzanne says:

    Birgit, I always look forward to these posts. My favorite scarf in this particular group of photos is the first one, La Danse de Cheval Mawari, followed by the Mythiques Phoenix 90 that you show in the last one, beneath your sweater (which is also gorgeous). I think my selections might also be based on the daintier way in which these scarves are folded: I really like that look on you, so precise and elegant.

    The handbags don’t wow me … except for maybe the one in black. OK, yes, that one is tempting!

  12. spe says:

    You are beautiful in scarves 1 and 3, the soft colourways! I’m glad you returned scarf 4 – too yellow. We have a similar skin tone, but I’m brunette. The bags are likely more impressive in person than in the photos. Have you seen the Reed Krackoff bucket bags? That’s the type of bucket/tote I see you with.

  13. ringthing says:

    The pictures of the scarves being worn are lovely, Birgit! I like the little silk neck scarf under a wool cowl, great look, and the colors in the cotton scarf are very appealing. Perfect for an Italian vacation 😊 I haven’t heard of Mansur Gavriel bags but they are stunning. Which color are you most interested in?

  14. anitathepianist says:

    The scarves are lovely..I wish I knew how to tie them as well as you do. I look at diagrams, but am left-handed and get knots and ties all mixed up..Thanks for the lovely photos. I didn’t know about those bags, but like their clean elegance.

  15. Sandra says:

    Love the modeling pictures of the scarves. Please oh pretty please stop showing me beautiful bags that are impossible to come by.

  16. Undina says:

    Great pictures! Thank you for sharing, Birgit!

    I’m with Portia on both: Mythiques Phoenix was my favorite scarf (not just from this picture, I know the design) and I these bags aren’t my cup of tea: not only they are completely impractical (unless you plan to carry those flowers in them) but they are also not cute enough to suffer through defending your belongings from prying eyes (at best). But it would be too boring if we all liked the same things, wouldn’t it? So as long as both you and the husband agree… 😉

    • Olfactoria says:

      Hehe, yes. But you are totally right (as usual), the practicality and privacy issue is there, but I found a way to neatly circumvent that. (The brand has a cool and elegant backpack – who knew such a combo existed – that is the ideal solution, a fusion of asthetics and functionality).

    • Lavanya says:

      Undina- you remind me so much of my mom (she is Aquarius too! and not just because of this statement). She won’t even look /consider a a bag if she thought it were impractical.

  17. Lavanya says:

    I always look forward to your scarf posts (I LOVE fabric though I have stopped buying silk) and often compose comments in my head that I don’t end up posting. ah well. The Dip Dyes do have a soft muted look that is quite lovely. I don’t usually buy leather but if I did I would probably be drooling over these. Surprisingly the one that I like best is the Camello/Sun (because I usually dont like Tan type colors) with the yellow flowers- I’m loving that color combination with the blue background.I know you like the black the best but this is the one I would I have thought was most you for some reason. The Brandy color is lovely as well. The leather looks very soft and and supple (and not cheap..lol).

    Oh and I must tell you, spurred by your scarf posts and your love for all things Hermes, I finally stepped into my local Hermes Boutique. I asked to see the dip dye scarfs. The sales guy was very nice (even though I said I don’t want to buy but wanted to see one because my friend had told me about it and I was curious)- said he didn’t have any dip dye scarfs but showed me a dip dye tie. I’ll probably go again to see a dip dye scarf in person. I also sniffed a bunch of mostly new to me stuff (because I haven’t really explored Hermes dismissing it as not me) and came away with a sample of Vetiver Tonka..:)

    • Olfactoria says:

      Ah, Lavanya, what a lovely comment!
      I’m glad you went into “the orange” and enjoyed yourself. Vetiver Tonka is a beauty!
      Too bad they didn’t have any dip dyes to show you. 😦

      I do love the cammello bags the most, to be honest (especially cammello/rosa), but I know black would be more practical as it is less delicate (this kind of vegetable tannes leather scratches easily) and can be worn year-round. But who knows? Maybe I get lucky one day and own a cammello bucket… 🙂

      Glad you enjoy the scarf posts and good to hear from you! I hope you and your little ones are very well.

  18. Preska says:

    Mythiques phoenix” looks stunningly elegant. As far as I can see from the picture, the colour is mauve or very dark chocolate brown?

    • Olfactoria says:

      The colours looks black and white (and shades of grey) from a distance, but are actually a very dark green, aubergine and midnight blue. Good eye, Preska!

  19. happyface313 says:

    🙂 Congrats on all the beautiful scarves. You have a penchant for Dip Dye, don’t you?
    I’m totally in love with your cotton Pareo! Wow! The colors – striking! you’ll be wearing that pareo as a dress when you’re on holiday.
    Yes, I’ve heard of the bags, but I have so many bags, I have to really cut down!!! Or sell some, before I buy any new ones 😉
    HAPPY weekend! 🙂

  20. Annette says:

    The Tigre Royal dip dye is fabulous on you. You have a lovely long neck which suits scarves and all of them look great, but one thing caught my eye in the first pic…that cute, little blue chair, which is so sweet – you’ve been photobombed!
    The bags. Yes, they are gorgeous, the buckets are really pretty, especially the cammello sun which is the one I would want, the tote is the most practical and classic, I suppose…You know you are going to GET one, so hurry, before Michael changes his mind….x

  21. pAtricia bunsen says:

    hi, are you interested in selling your Phoenix Cotton scarf? Kind regards Patricia

  22. followmeesh says:

    I love mansur gavriel too! obsessed and finally got my very first bag from them this month. Check it out here : )

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