Monday Question – What Exotic Destination Would You Love To Escape To Right Now?

It is Monday again. Ugh.

Instead of giving in and resigning yourself to the daily grind, let us dream a bit today.

If money and commitments were no consideration, where would you fly (or drive or sail) to today?

Where would you go for, let’s say 7 days of absolute freedom?

Where in the world would you love to be right now?


My Answer:

There are many tempting places… I’m very much drawn to Hawaii and its natural phenomena combined with excellent shopping opportunities (hehe). Or Tokyo… or India…?

But if I could fly out today, I would go to Sydney, Australia. I’d let Portia show me a good time, see the sights, soak up the sun, cover myself in sunscreen and be happy.

On the way back I’d add a day in Singapore, which I think must be a fascinating city.

What would you do with your all-expenses-covered week away?


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47 Responses to Monday Question – What Exotic Destination Would You Love To Escape To Right Now?

  1. Sandra says:

    Excellent choices B. I would fly to Tromsø, Norway and celebrate the summer solstice and then extend my vacation for a couple of weeks and then take the Hurtigruten back south.

  2. Lady Jane Grey says:

    Hah, funnily enough, yesterday in the evening X and me were sitting at the pool bar in a hotel in Santorini, watching the magnificent sunset, and he said “now, that will be difficult to top in the future…”. I answered “well, probably Hawai, or The Whitsunday Islands in Australia”… As my urban dream destination I’d take Sydney. So, dearest Portia, we’re coming !!!

    • Olfactoria says:

      Happy vacation, LJG! Enjoy yourself!
      And yes, Portia should get ready… 😉

    • HURRY UP Lady Jane Grey. When we are in Vienna in February we HAVE to meet this time please.
      Of course you must come to Sydney. If you wait a few weeks we’ll have our place ready and it has a spare room. Not close to the city but easy to get there via Public Transport. You may want to do a few nights right in the heart of the action though.
      Portia xx

  3. Ines says:

    I think I’d go to the Caribbean and lie in the sun and get enough sleep. 🙂
    Ok, it doesn’t have to be the Caribbean, any tropical place would do. 😉

  4. Vanessa says:

    With just seven days I wouldn’t go too far, I don’t think. I might well go back to somewhere I have been happy – Seville (solo holiday 20 years ago exactly!) – or Alesund in Norway. Swore I’d stay at the Scandic again with the amazing harbour view, if I ever had the money (I was on expenses the one time I’ve been.) Otherwise a Greek island would do very nicely one of the ones I have yet to visit, such as Folegandros, or Anti-Paxos.

    On a sidenote her to gluten (Hurtigruten c/o Siri!) is one of my favourite words. 😉

  5. cookie queen says:

    Seven days? London or Rome. Luxury hotel. Heaven.

  6. Lynley says:

    Im in Morocco right now, and having a fantastic time! At the coastal town of Essaouira atm, where there are sooo many people in for an African music festival, and today im heading for Marrakech! 🙂

  7. Sabine says:

    Biennale in Venice.

  8. Farouche says:

    Barcelona, after viewing MaiTai’s beautiful pictures on her blog.

  9. Annette says:

    If I was answering this question five years ago, I would say Hawaii, particularly Kauai, as I have always longed to go. Recently, though, I have been longing to visit South Africa, partly to visit my cousins but also to explore the incredible nature, sunsets, panoramas and seascapes that seem like nowhere else on earth. On the other hand, California would be fabulous and I guess a lot safer…not to mention Sydney and Melbourne – I am spoiling myself here, Birgit, I cannot choose just ONE! Okay, then, The Hamptons in New York it is……!!!!

  10. YAY!! I’ve topped your list Birgit!! We would show you the time of your life. I think it would have to be 10 days here in Oz and a 3 day stopover in Singapore to catch your breath on the way home. We would take you up to the Great Barrier Reef Islands for a few days too.
    My choice for 7 days right now would be Darwin, it’s the only state/territory capital of Australia that I haven’t seen. As we head into the cooler months it’s the best time to visit because it’s closer to the equator.
    Portia xx

  11. Michele42 says:

    Normally my answer would be Hawaii, at my auntie’s house. It’s hard to describe just how laid back and lovely the people are, and how truly beautiful the island is. However, Darling Husband has been traveling for work to a Caribbean island and I miss him terribly. So I’d have to say my choice would be with Hubby on that Caribbean island 🙂

  12. We are currently in Nicaragua in the colonial city of Granada. We just finished breakfast and are heading out to a cigar factory. I have no complaints. 🙂

  13. johanob2014 says:

    I would soak up the vibrancy and energy of New York City for a week!Preferably during fashion week or early summer!I want to eat street-food and walk in Central Park,shop on the high street and party in Manhattan!I would pay hommage at Ground Zero to a beloved friend I lost during 9/11 and be greatful for living my already-awesome life!I might need two weeks though.Lol!Happy Week Birgit and friends!xo

  14. Kandice says:

    I’ve been pining for the ocean recently, so anywhere with clear, blue water, white sandy beaches, and a cool breeze would do nicely. I’d love to snorkel some, check out the local haunts, and just relax on the beach staring at the ocean. I’ve never seen the Great Barrier Reef and I’d love to visit Australia so that would be a possibility as well. What a great topic and so fun to see where everyone would go!

  15. anitathepianist says:

    That’s an easy question for me, Birgit, since I long for my former home in Key West all the time. I spent most of my adult life there. It’s quite different from the image that many people have of it, but its true self is paradise…

  16. Nemo says:

    Australia sounds like a great place for a perfumista meet-up! 🙂 It is pretty hot and humid where I am, so I would love a beach with clear skies and water just cooler than body temperature. Margaritas would be nice too.

  17. I’d love to be in Santorini right now! *sighs*
    but two days ago I really wanted to go on a safari adventure! haha!
    wishing you an amazing week!
    Annie | Annie’s Beauty

  18. Alice says:

    Ha! very timely, I’ve just got back from a 3-day (work) trip to Dubai, returning to a grey, rainy and cold London. I’m tempted to go straight back! My fist visit, I had no idea how impressive the Dubai fountain is:


  19. I haven’t had proper holidays for ages!!! I could just visit Hawaii, especially Maui or the Big Island, right now! Had many happy holidays there. Miss it. It’s been crazy hot here, the temperature has hit 50 degrees the other day. I want to escape!

  20. Figuier says:

    This is perfectly timed. It’s now almost a year since my last holiday and I feel desperately in need of one now. The last was a visit to Sicily, which was pretty blissful, so I wouldn’t mind replicating that, in shortened version. I’d spend some time in Palermo, maybe visit friends in Catania, then relax for the final three nights on one of the Aeolian islands.Otherwise a Greek island would be good. So my basic list of ingredients: warm weather & coastal nature & classical civilisations…

  21. You know, I’ve actually be traveling so much and being away from home for so long that the place I want to be right now is back home in Singapore. And if you ever come down to Singapore, drop me an email and I’d be more than happy to show you around! 🙂

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