Chainlinks And A View From The Top – Hermès Scarf Collection Part 2: Pochettes Circuit 24 And Un Jardin Sur Le Toit

Welcome to the second part of my scarf collection posts. Today I have two more small sized scarfs to show you.

The first pochette (45x45cm) is called Circuit 24 Faubourg. It mentions the address of Hermès’ Paris flagship store of course, but the circuit part refers to a racetrack. The motives used are the famous Chain d’Ancre (anchor chain) that Hermès uses again and again in jewellery, porcellain designs, clothing and, of course, scarves. On this pretty little silk square the chainlinks are arranged to form a racing track of sorts.

MaiTai has done a cute video about this scarf (although hers is a 90 in a different colourway) making this particular point clear.

photo 1 (9)

I bought this scarf at the Hermès boutique in Vienna, it was not a planned purchase, but this design is one that really speaks to me. I already have another circuit scarf in a bigger size and different colours, so when the SA showed me this cute little version of it, I just had to take it home. The colours are beautifully neutral and work perfectly with navy, burgundy, black and, well, anything really. 🙂

Here you see it tied. The small format also makes it ideal to use around the wrist as a bracelet, either covering a bangle or on its own.

photo 2 (11)

The second one today is a very special scarf in that it neatly ties (yes, bad pun!) in with my other love – perfume.

It is named exactly like the Ellena creation Un Jardin Sur le Toit which is part of Hermès’ Jardin series. The scarf was initially released in tandem with the perfume and relaunched last year, where I snapped it up in Paris.

photo 2 (10)

You can see the lovely drawing on the scarf and the one on the box of Un Jardin sur le Toit are almost the same. I love how just the garden on the roof is coloured, thereby underscoring its escape from the city aspect beautifully.


photo 5 (7)

The story of this scarf is funny too. The Husband and I had a bit of a Hermès marathon behind us when we visited Paris last summer. At the airport, my lovely and indefatigable husband said he would go to the restrooms, when it truth he decided to check out the Hermès boutique at the terminal as a kind of last hurrah. He wanted to purchase a pochette, any pochette, to surprise me, then go back with me to exchange it to the one I selected for myself. How romantic (and wise!), isn’t he?

Only the problem was that the unimaginative SA in the shop would not let him do it. She insisted that she could not let me exchange the scarf later (which would have been only 5 minutes later!). What a cow!

His surprise ruined, M came back moping a bit, but not defeated. This is Paris after all, and Paris has not one, not two, but three Hermès concessions at Charles de Gaulle airport. So on we traipsed to the next terminal where a lovely and friendly SA showed me Un Jardin Sur Le Toit in a few colourways.

The light blue one was love at first sight. Happy End.

Next week we’ll take a peek at the next size up, the vintage 70 silk. Stay tuned!

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56 Responses to Chainlinks And A View From The Top – Hermès Scarf Collection Part 2: Pochettes Circuit 24 And Un Jardin Sur Le Toit

  1. I love the rooftop scarf because that might just be my favorite perfume! I can’t wait for this long winter to end so I can wear it again. 🙂

  2. the husband says:

    I did visit the restrooms (so I didn’t lie) and I may even have had a snack (which I forgot to mention). ..

  3. annemariec says:

    Hmmm … I’m interested is the difference between a scarf laid flat and when it’s tied. Circuit 24 Faubourg does not appeal to me at all when flat. The design looks clumsy, almost ugly. But tied, I can see exactly how elegant and versatile it is. I would wear it in a heartbeat. A bit like the difference between perfume on paper and perfume on skin. It’s all in the wearing! 🙂

  4. Tara says:

    annemariec is so right. It’s really helpful to see pics of the scarves tied. That’s how you wear them afterall. It makes such a difference. Do you tie them and try them on in the store before purchasing?

    I really like the circuit scarf and can well imagine how versatile it is, while the Jardin scarf will always have that special perfume connection for you. Fab.

    The Husband covers himself in glory again, despite his attempt at mitigation!

    • Olfactoria says:

      Yes, I try them on in the store, you never know how the colours suit you before you really see it on. Also some scarves have such different aspects depending on how you fold them. There is a science to H scarves. 😉

  5. Sabine says:

    I agree, the circuit scarf didn’t appeal to me when flat but folded it’s lovely. And with the jardin it’s a little bit the other way around. Being such a monochrome girl I probably would have preferred it without the colourful garden. I’m a philistine, forgive me.

  6. Preskal says:

    Hermes scarves are my deep passion (along with perfumes, I’ve always loved scarves) and your posts does not help my credit card at all! Do you have any impressions from purchasing Hermes scarves on e-bay? I got two and I’m nervously waiting for them to arrive, not quite sure what exactly I will get:)

  7. ringthing says:

    I like the way the circuit scarf appears to have a three dimensional effect when open; it is so lovely! Really enjoying this series, Birgit 🙂

  8. Sandra says:

    I have always loved the way you wear your pochettes. These are beautiful.

  9. WOW again. Love the scarves but the stories are even better. That husband of yours is amazing.
    Portia xx

  10. Kandice says:

    I also liked the rooftop scarf best. The thing I like about Hermes scarves is that many could be framed and hung on the wall. They are like little works of art. I also like that the garden is in color while the rest isn’t.

    Have you done a piece on how to tie the scarves? I’d love to see how the tying for Hermes differs from regular scarves. Thanks again for sharing your treasures with us 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      Kandice, sometimesthere is a scarf that I seriously contemplate hanging on a wall, they are indeed works of art.
      I’m thinking if showing different ways of tying in the course of these H posts.

  11. spe says:

    With your extensive scarf experience, would you be willing to post on your opinions regarding scarf colors and what is complementary with what skin tones and hair color? Also, scarf designs as they relate to body type? I would find that very useful. Thank you for considering this request!

    • Olfactoria says:

      I don’t know if my experience and especially expertise is so great. My passion definitely is though! 😉
      It is hard to give general guidelines, as this is – just like perfume – a highly individual thing. That said I am willing (and hopefully able) to give case by case advice, should that be requested. If you have a specific question you can also email me if you want to.

  12. marjo56 says:

    I love both scarfs, but le jardin really speaks to me. It is beautiful. Also, I agree with Spe. It would be great to have some advice regarding scarf colors and how to wear them. For instance, what is the best way to tie them.
    Your husband is the best: funny and caring, a great combination😊

    • Olfactoria says:

      From now I will include a few shots of different ways of tying with each scarf I present, so you get an idea what it looks like.
      The Husband wants you to know that he thinks you are an extremely perceptive, astute and generally brilliant person. 😉

  13. Suzanne says:

    For some reason the Circuit 24, Faubourg scarf speaks to me the most (open or folded). The other one is quite lovely too, of course, with its Paris view and the tie-in to the perfume, but I think that chain print is stunning and reminds me of a good piece of heavy yet elegant jewelry, like a chain cuff bracelet. Thanks for sharing, Birgit – will look forward to the next edition!

  14. happyface313 says:

    🙂 I like the chain d’ancre, but I never liked the circuit when laid out flat. It looks completely different when tied. That’s the thing with all Hermès scarves. What looks laid out flat beautifully, might not appeal when worn around the neck. So it’s essential to try it on and fold it in many different ways when purchasing.
    Looking forward to more of your scarf collection!
    HAPPY weekend 🙂

  15. Nemo says:

    I love the scarves, and I especially love that they have stories behind them. It is indeed interesting, as happyface313 remarked above, how different the scarves look depending on how they are tied!

  16. Ingeborg says:

    Both scarves are just so nice. I find the Cicuit one looks most versatile, and I guess I would have bought a rather monochrome scarf had my budget allowed a purchase at this time. Today I am enjoying one of the cheaper items from the same house: L’ambre des merveilles, such a good perfume on a cold and windy day. I need 3-4 sprays to get the warm feeling, so luckily I opted for a large bottle of this. Not too happy with the bottle design, it is too large to fit my hands.

  17. Annette says:

    Love the elegance of the scarves, but the Jardin scarf is so beautiful with the splash of colours and the whimsical lines of the cars and pedestrians etc. Also, what a gorgeous shade of blue! The husbs sounds great by the way – a keeper!!

  18. Vanessa says:

    I love the happy ending of the rooftop garden scarf story – did you identify what kind of SA each one was on the Husband’s infographic? 😉 Of the two, I am particularly drawn to the bolder link design. I think you should add a photo of you wearing each scarf as a routine feature of this series. 😉 (I am still struggling to remember how to tie the blinking things!)

  19. Vanessa says:

    Your Un Jardin Sur Le Toit colourway is truly a Highlight. Congrats on that beauty,

  20. Eva S says:

    I actually own the Circuit one in the same color! Blue is a favorite color, the Jardin looks very pretty as well.

  21. snobbycactus says:

    Hum. With all my respect to you as a perfumista, I cannot get this passion for Hermes scarfs. I adore silk per se. But Hermes scarfs with their riducuous mini sizing, even if 90×90, looks to me so a superficial object. For some, maybe very personal and highly idiosyncratic reasons, I associate those scarfs with women who judge others according to their appearence, the next worse thing to this would be the kelly hermes bag (or louis vuitton stuff). The statement is: I am (a little bit) the money ((c) Casino Royale).
    But it is just an opinion of someone wearing at most 2 colours at time (mostly rick owens).
    But to contribute to the discussion — if chosing between “circuit” and “jardin sur le toît”, I prefer the latter — less oldish, even if it ends up looking like an advertising scarf given for free for buying the fragrance.
    PS: really don’t take it personally, I just cannot stand hermes scarfs.

    • Olfactoria says:

      Wow, that is a topic that must really irk you. My solution would be to ignore these posts instead of leaving hurtful comments on them, since it saves us both the emotional upheaval. Also adding “it’s not personal” to a scathing opinion does not make it less so.
      But I’d still like to end this in peace, superficial show-off that I may be, I value my blog as a friendly place for all. Have a good day!

      • snobbycactus says:

        Oups, sorry I really did not mean to hurt you personally or to be unfriendly. I apologize if I did. It was just my opinion about Hermes scarfs. I could have written a cheesy something but that is not what I think. It is not about you or Hermès (for perfumes I adore their elixir des merveilles and for many years as a student I was wearing only jardin sur le nil, my naive young years… I appreciate their clothes in general, especially silk dresses, which one can say are an extension of their scarfs after all — but dresses have completely different meaning..)
        Imagine if I have written here a negaive post about a perfume that I cannot stand (e.g. coco chanel, or for a more extreme example lady million paco rabanne) — that would have been tolerated? But it is just my same opinion as my opinion about a hermes scarf… Hugs!

        • Olfactoria says:

          Your comment WAS tolerated, or it wouldn’t be here. 🙂
          It is kind of hard to not take that personally though, since it was me you called a boring petite bourgousie show-off. But as far as I’m concerned it is water down the bridge, life is too short to fret about it.
          Thank you for your apology.

  22. marjo56 says:

    Snobbycactus, with all my respect to you as an opnionated person, I think that your critisism is totally uncalled-for. (Sorry Birgit, but people like snobbycactus always bring out the worst in me: I just had ti react)😅

  23. rickyrebarco says:

    I am enjoying the scarves since I know little about Hermes scarves. Do you have any of the larger ones, the big square ones with the big picture designs? Those look really interesting and I’d like to know how they are made. Please post pics of those if you like. You may not want to now, but I’d love to see them. I love a silk scarf, and I have a few, along with linen and super lightweight wool scarves. My faves are the Eileen Fisher scarves- if you spill something on one of those it’s not the end of the world. :-))

    • Olfactoria says:

      I will post the larger ones too, I’m going upwards size-wise. 🙂
      I’m glad you are enjoying these posts, rickyrebarco.
      Will take a look at Eileen Fisher scarves now…

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