Starting Small – Hermès Scarf Collection Part 1: Pochettes, Mademoiselle Soie

To start showing (off?) my scarf collection I thought to begin with the smallest formats I own, the silk pocket squares or pochettes, also called gavroches in Hermès-speak.

photo 1 (8)

I like these small scarves (45x45cm) for a pop of colour underneath a roll-neck sweater or as a silky touch next to my skin when wearing a big, warm wollen scarf in the cold to prevent a reaction to the wool.

Let’s take a closer look at the first one I’d like to show you today…

photo 3 (8)

This was my first pochette and among my first Hermès pieces. It was a gift from my mother-in-law who chose extremely well. The colours are vivid but not overpowering (the size helps too, I can’t wear something big that is so colourful) and the design is among my favourite ones. It is called Mademoiselle Soie, created by Pierre Marie, and it depicts existing classical scarf designs from Hermès’s archives. A seamstress sits in the middle, surrounded by scarves and various sewing accoutrements.

This pochette was part of a four scarf story, the other three showing Madame Cuir (leather), Monsieur Montre (watches) and – of course my favourite – Monsieur Parfum. Sadly these are impossible to find. If I ever come across the perfume pochette I shall snap it up right away.

photo 4 (8)

Here you see it tied.

To add a personal story, (even perfume-related, yeah!), I wore this scarf when I met Roja Dove in his Haute Parfumerie in London. I was really nervous before meeting him and actually considered bolting and going for a drink instead, but then he came and right away commented on my scarf and – since he was wearing an Hermès scarf himself – we bonded over our love for silk. I relaxed and really enjoyed my time with M. Dove.


So, this was the first one and, like before meeting Roja, I am nervous now too. But nonetheless, I enjoyed presenting this first scarf and I will make it a point to show you one per week, every Friday is now Hermès silk day!

What do you think?




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46 Responses to Starting Small – Hermès Scarf Collection Part 1: Pochettes, Mademoiselle Soie

  1. marjo56 says:

    Oh, such a wonderful little scarf. It really is impressive to look at, so intricate and such a beautiful composition. Your mother-in-law has impeccable taste😊

  2. Sandra says:

    Wonderful scarf! You wear it so well. I look forward to seeing more. 🙂

  3. Iuliana says:

    Great idea, having silk Fridays – beautiful gavroche! You might want to keep an eye on Vestiaire collective and the likes of it, as you never know what might turn up :-).

  4. Tara says:

    Silk with a story! Great. Lots of fabulous Fridays to come.

    Your first pochette is a stunner and you wear colour so well (especially Hermes orange!), as that photo proves.

    Are there places in Vienna where you can keep an eye out for the vintage scarves you’re seeking?

  5. Karen says:

    Beautiful!! Love the scarf, it is just lovely on you, and am looking forward to your stories!

  6. poodle says:

    I don’t have any silk scarves. Perhaps this new feature will inspire me to change that.
    I love that every scarf has a story to tell it seems. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest. They are quite lovely.

  7. Sabine says:

    Lovely post, Birgit. I want to see the a full picture (and story?) of that pale blue one with the Paris street sketches. And, if I may say so: There was no need to be nervous before meeting RD, as it’s quite clear that YOU know how to wear a scarf. He just murdered his.

  8. Safran says:

    Dear Birgit, you always manage to guide my interests in new directions, other than fragrances. A few days ago, I bought the books from Marie Kondo (love them!), who knows, how long it might take, before I buy my first Hermes scarf! I am looking forward to seeing more scarves and hearing more beautiful stories.

  9. ringthing says:

    Beautiful, such lovely colors! Thanks for sharing your collection, Birgit. Looking forward to seeing more.

  10. I think Hermès should pay you, dear Birgit.
    You look flawless, as usual.


  11. Holly says:

    I’m thrilled to know you’ll be posting about scarves. Yes, please! The best part for me is to see how you’re wearing your pochette. I recently inherited about a dozen gorgeous Liberty silk scarves purchased by my mom in the sixties when we lived in London. I’ve been at a loss to figure out what to do with them, so this is very timely for me. I’m not sure if I can pull off elegance, but this is inspiring me to go for it. 🙂

  12. YAY!! This is so interesting Birgit. How fun that you and Roja were both wearing your Hermes and what a sensible bonding point.
    Jin is so jealous of your collection, I think one day he will start collecting them too.
    Portia xx


    Hermès silk day is the new TGIF! 😉

  14. Ingeborg says:

    I love silk, but am not good at wearing scarves. Basically I do not like too much fabric around my neck (even silk can annoy me at times!). Love the pale blue pattern in the first picture, so looking forward to getting a presentation of that one next week.

  15. Suzanne says:

    Birgit, you in that scarf is so lovely! I think Roja Dove looks good in his, too.

    So, yes please, I’m ready to scarf up more of these Friday posts. 😉

  16. Eva S says:

    This will be great fun, thank you! 🙂 The pattern on this gavroche is really cute and pretty.

  17. Kandice says:

    Oh dear. I’m trying very hard not to be tempted by your scarves. They are quite lovely. I enjoyed all the detail in this one and the story that went with it. Each scarf is such a work of art that I’m sorely tempted by them. Alas, they are out of my budget right now. But I will enjoy them every Friday when you share yours with us. 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      Glad you enjoyed this post, Kandice.
      Often vintage scarves can be found at a good price at antiques stores or the like, that might be an option to find your own silky treasure.

  18. Vanessa says:

    I love the red tones in this scarf and the jaunty way you wear it! Elegant and uplifting – the decluttering lady would approve of you keeping this one – all of them, no doubt!

    I recently discovered a mesmerising video showing 25 ways to tie a scarf – I swear I have watched this about 10 times but still can only remember a couple of the different ways. You can tell I was never in the boy scouts, engaging with woggles and whatnot. 😉

  19. happyface313 says:

    🙂 Oh, yes, I remember this scarf – you mentioned it when I posted my Madame Cuir Pochette . I would prefer your colors on my scarf though! And yes, I will keep in mind that you are looking for the perfume gavroche!
    HAPPY weekend! 🙂

  20. snobbycactus says:

    To continue with my thoughts, started at the 2nd part of Hermes-scarfs-adoration posts. If on this photo with Roja D. you had nothing, just black — you would have looked much more enigmatic than with this scarf. It betrays you fully — what are your values and sadly those values are nothing special beyond the usual values of petite bourgeoisie as french say… (even if it is not true for you personally, it is just the image that it gives). One just get bored.
    Come on there are so many much more deeper creation on the earth than these scarfs that chinese touristes are queueing for in Paris…
    PS: again, just critique of hermès scarfs per se, not you personally!

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