Absolute Aphrodisiac – Review: Introducing Initio Parfums Privés

By Sandra

Taking a stroll through the city the other day I stopped in a perfume store and asked if they had anything new. Spring is thankfully fast approaching and I love sniffing the new releases for spring as they start rolling in.



The SA guided me towards a beautiful row of black bottles with an intricate logo in filigree which looks like intricate lace. Some of the bottles had a red filigree logo and others had a silver logo. The SA explained that the perfumes were so new, had just arrived in the store, and apologized as she was unable to walk me through them thoroughly. So, we had a cursory sniff together and I chose one to sample on skin.

Now, before I get to the perfume, I will say that I came home and looked up Initio Parfums Privés and learned more about them. So, let me introduce you to the brand using their words from their website.

What if your instincts were guided by your sense of smell,
leading you towards new adventures?
INITIO takes fragrances to new heights, with enhanced powers that defy the imagination.
Wild nature and the science of pheromones fuse deeply together within the formulas, working their magic imperceptibly.
The Absolutes and The Magnetic Blend, invisible forces to be worn alone or blended together, INITIO fragrances stir your instincts.
This is where it all begins…

There are two lines to this brand. The Absolutes and The Magnetic Blend. They can be layered or not and are meant to evoke powerful images, adventures, emotions you name it.

The one perfume I decided to spray is called Absolute Aphrodisiac and the website lists vanilla, white flower and castoreum as the main accord.

Oh my goodness is this the most voluptuous sensual vanilla opening tinged with light florals. It is divine. It goes on almost thick and leaves my skin with a subtle shimmer – just for a little bit but it is so beautiful and smooth.

As the perfume dries down it warms with my skin and becomes smoldering. There is an animalic side to this that is beckoning me to bury my nose to my wrist. It is as if I have tendrils of vanilla hovering over my skin – teasing me with a grin.

The perfume is ever so delicate and not overpowering at all, but it does last all day on my skin leaving me wanting a full bottle and wanting to test it with others in the line. Needless to say I love this perfume.


Now that I know I can blend and mix and match the perfumes I can’t wait to go back to the perfume shop and test out the Absolute Aphrodisiac with one or more of the Magnetic Blends. The one that is calling to me the most is Magnetic Blend 1 which is ambergris. I look forward to smelling them all individually and blended.

I hope you can all try them when they come to your area. Have fun testing and blending.

It is going to be a new way for me to experience perfume and to have a sensual blend of my own.


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17 Responses to Absolute Aphrodisiac – Review: Introducing Initio Parfums Privés

  1. Tara says:

    Sounds like you are going to have fun with this line Sandra! I wonder if I will ever find a vanilla to suit me but the smoldering, animalic drydown of AA does appeal.

    I hope you come back and tell us about the ambergris one when you are able.

    • Sandra says:

      I will Tara. Thankfully they are nice enough in the store and they let me test so that I can feel better about a purchase. I hope you find a vanilla that you will love one day.

  2. WOW Sandra,
    Sounds fantastic. Does it smell like any other vanilla already on the market?
    Portia xx

  3. poodle says:

    Some days there is nothing better than a really good vanilla perfume.

  4. magmat412 says:

    Sounds wonderful!! Where can the Initio line be purchased?!

  5. lucasai says:

    Just jumped to their website and now I want to try all of them, really. Hope they are available in Poland or that they will come to Esxence in March

  6. Sun Mi says:

    Wow this sounds really intriguing – I hope that I’ll be able to try a bit of this line in the future too. I’ll have to save up some money for some samples…

  7. Undina says:

    I’ll leave on their conscience pheromones and aphrodisiacs but I have to say that at that price I do not want to be mixing or matching anything, I expect perfume to be perfect “as is.”
    But if you love it, it’s all that matters – right?

  8. Lady Jane Grey says:

    You are so brave to tuck in in a completely new and unknown brand – there are so many new scent out there nowadays that I mostly try the familiar ones, which is stupid of course. It’s nice your bravery was awarded with a lovely new find 😀

    • Sandra says:

      Bravery is surely not part of the equation here LJG. I loved the bottles first and then the perfume. I also tend to stick to familiar brands. Thank you for the smiles this morning.

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