Monday Question – What Was/Is /Will Be Your First Perfume Of 2015?

With January almost over, I dare ask you today;

Did you already buy your first bottle of the new year?

Are you planning your first purchase?

Which perfume is first on your list for 2015?


My Answer:

I did pull the trigger for my first new bottle of the year (and in quite a while actually) on Saturday. I ordered a bottle of Hermès Cuir d’Ange, the twelfth Hermessence by Jean-Claude Ellena. (Michael will give us his point of view on this perfume in his review coming up on Wednesday).

I fell for this one very slowly, after initially rejecting it. But in my experience my greatest lasting perfume loves almost always started this way. I need my time to really get to know a perfume to finally fall for it. The immediate crushes and quick infatuations rarely turned into lasting love, but much more often into dust-collecting albatrosses.

I’m excited about this fragrance and look very much forward to putting this new and gorgeous bottle on my mirrored tray next to its sisters Rose Ikebana, Santal Massoia and Vetiver Tonka.

Cuir d’Ange is my fourth full bottle of the Hermessence line. Chances are good it won’t be my last… 😉

What is or will be your first bottle of the year 2015?


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91 Responses to Monday Question – What Was/Is /Will Be Your First Perfume Of 2015?

  1. pollytechnic says:

    Mine was a bottle of vintage parfum de toilette Ma Griffe. It’s gorgeous once you get past the aldehydes of the opening!

  2. Sandra says:

    Good that you asked about perfume and not scarves because for the first time ever – I have nothing planned. I am however seriously hoping to love Amouage Sunshine when I get to smell it.

  3. Lady Jane Grey says:

    A good candid question 😉
    For me it will be the one I kept mentioning for a while already, Russian Tea by Masque Fragranze Milano (after several used up samples I succumbed …). But last week I was positively surprised by Dyptique’s new one too, Plurielle (I might not be entirely objective though : I smelled it on the wrist of an extremely charming Japanese gentleman 😉 ), it’s unfortunately sold in a bottle of 200ml…

  4. furriner says:

    I ordered it last year, but my bottle of 10 Corso Como arrived after the new year, so I guess that counts.

    I’m currently in Japan, and will fly home to the US on Wednesday. I am thinking of gettring one of the Hermessences at the airport (they are cheaper than at home and the dollar is stronger than it’s been) but I haven’t decided which one. Maybe Rose Ikebana. Cuir d’Ange sounds good though, if they have it.

  5. Tara says:

    Fab question! We can all fess up and feel better, ha ha.

    So happy about your first purchase in a while. Great news. Of course it had to be Hermes. Funnily enough, my first purchase since the new year is by the orange sellers too – Hiris. I got it in the old opaque blue bottle in case it’s been changed. I love it.

  6. Aha! Birgit you seem to be on a similar timeline to me. TODAY! I bought my first for 2015. A backup of my backup of Trouble by Boucheron. I think even if I wore it every day for the rest of my life I would have leftovers.
    This does not count the couple of bottles I bought online in the sales that are yet to arrive.
    Portia xx

  7. Vanessa says:

    It must be a good feeling to find another perfume that ‘plays nicely’ with your asthma. Hermes is the house that really seems to deliver in that way, so let’s hope they keep scents like that coming! Me, I have bought a used bottle of Chergui already this year, but it was a bargain, and I plan to give some away. 🙂

  8. the husband says:

    My first purchase of the year was a meat slicer and 4lb of prosciutto. Smells delicious!

    • Olfactoria says:

      It does! And what a good buy it was! 🙂

    • SallyM says:

      Hahaha! So now I feel I can join in – my first purchase was a small scroll saw and some various wood stains and polishes. There’s one polish that has a particularly pungent (but in a good way) orange scent that smells even better after a couple of hours of being absorbed into the newly cut wood 🙂

      • johanob2014 says:

        That sounds amazing!My father did antique teakwood furniture restoration as a hobby.The smell of the turpentine and various strippers,the varnishes,polishes and stains,will always be special to me!I actually found a perfume that came close to one of those scented memories:ELdO’s Fils de Dieu!

      • Olfactoria says:

        Ha, yes we also cover cutting implements of all kinds! 😉

  9. dgambas says:

    At the end of 2014, I purchased 3 x 7 ml mini bottles of discontinued Givenchy Insensé because I love it and scored good prize, but technically I will pay them this month. The same is with PK Perfumes Red Leather and Gold Leather and Encre Noire. I don’t have the particular plan with the names of perfumes for 2015, but I would like to have enough quantity of En Voyage New York Man. It is my newest favorite. Generally I will continue to explore American, mostly artisan perfumery. There is always a question of almost empty bottles of some classics I love and wear frequently. I will have to buy a new bottle of Habit Rouge, but it is not big investment as it is available online with discount. All other wishes depend on money. I’m very disciplined. 🙂

  10. annemariec says:

    Congratulations on the new addition to the Hermes team at your place!

    I’ve SOLD about 10 bottles since Christmas, so I felt fine about purchasing just one – Chanel No. 19 EDT. I was all set to buy it new when a fellow perfumista offered to sell me her unloved bottle. I ve been wearing No 19 for over 25 years, and the last time I bought a bottle was about 16 years ago. Dear me how time flies when you are wearing beautiful perfume!

    • Olfactoria says:

      Thanks and congratulations on No19! A great perfume! Do you find the difference between your new and your 16year old bottle very marked?

      • annemariec says:

        My 16 yo bottle was the EDP, so I can’t compare it to vintage or modern EDT. The difference between the vintage and modern EDT seems to me that my older bottle (late 80s) has a sharper bite at the beginning compared to the sample I bought from STC a month ago. So perhaps the modern version has been de-fanged a bit? Still heavenly though. 🙂

  11. ringthing says:

    I’m glad you found another scent to love that doesn’t stir up your asthma too much. I am finally going to purchase my beloved En Voyage perfumes Zelda in March, it will be my spring signature this year.

  12. profumina says:

    Why do you use the words “already” and “first”?……. I think I may have worked on my albatrosses as soon as January 1st… Oh well.

  13. Preskal says:

    What a wonderful coincidence- my first perfume for 2015 is also Cuir d’Ange! Bought it from Hermes boutique in Vienna ( no doubt a familiar place to you:) as I was heading actually for 24 Faubourg Eau Delicate. As an admirer of the leather fragrances I can say that this is the most elegant and wearable suede in my collection.

  14. Dubaiscents says:

    My first purchase for 2015 was ELdO’s, Divine ‘Enfant – a long time love of mine for the strange marshmallow and tobacco combo. I got it as a present to myself for finally get my new residency visa done! 🙂

  15. My first bottles were Oriza L. Legrand Heliotrope Blanc (I’m sure you would love it) and Horizon.
    First on my purchase list is Rozy voile d’extrait.
    I’m not surprised at all to hear your first purchase was an Hermès 😉
    Hope you enjoy it!



  16. rosestrang says:

    I bought a mini of Yves Rocher’s Rose Absolue, I just felt in an almost gourmand mood 9I don’t usually go for gourmands) and I’ve heard this one is quite rose jam-like. I’ve yet to try Hermès Cuir d’Ange and would like to hear your description of it. Mind you I feel I have all the leather-related pefumes I like, so I’m curious to know what the ‘take’ is on this one. I wasn’t so keen on Kelly Caleche – something to do with that Elena-style grapefruit which I find a bit sour.

    Hope your 2015 is going great!

  17. Alexandra says:

    Well following my new year resolution to de-lurk again after a busy 2014 I first wanted to say how sorry I was to hear about your asthma and I how glad I am that Hermes has been there for you x

    I have two perfumes on my to buy list: a new bottle of PG’s Cadjmere as I am almost finished and a bottle of Frapin’s Nevermore which I sought out after Tara’s wonderful review and I am now hoarding the last of my sample.

    • Olfactoria says:

      Hi Alex, welcome back! So nice to hear from you!
      Hermès is there for me – very well put! 😉

      Cadjmeré is lovely and glad that Tara inspires you, she does the same to me. 🙂

  18. Colleen says:

    I believe I’ll try a bottle of Chanel 5 Eau Premiere–perhaps not as adventurous as some of the others but my first go with No. 5 since my 25-year-old original No. 5. I’ve tried a sample of it and loved this lighter version, I hope the love affair doesn’t wane.

  19. ladywinther says:

    First bottle of the year is EnVoyage Fiore di Bellagio. Absolutely perfect,love it so much. Will be enjoying a weekend in Berlin in March, so no more buying for me until then. Does anyone know of any good perfume shops there? And I’m quite sure the proscuttio smells yummy. At first I read “prosecco”…😎

  20. johanob2014 says:

    Oh my…I wonder if I should REALLLLLY answer this question.Lol.But OK.I was very well behaved during ’14,and bought very little between August and December,with the promise(to myself!),of a mini-perfume-spree during the latter half of Dec going onto early Jan ’15.Luckily I don’t have to confess THAT part…lol.But first bottle of 2015,was Serge Lutens Fleurs d’Oranger.It’s been on my MAYBE list for ages,and the SUPERHOT summers’ day that was January 2nd,was the catalyst for buying this lovely summery fragrance!LOVE it.No regrets!And then there was the 70% off sale at a local perfumery…on Mona di Orio…and Parfums d’Empire….lol.

  21. The Big nose says:

    My First perfume 2015 was Amber Chocolate from la Via del Profumo and some miniatures of Maya, Cuba Express, Milano Café, frutti paradisi, Fiori di Lago, Tasneem and Tawaf. I tried Maya, Milano Café and Amber Chocolate and yet I am Not that convinced. I expected more gourmand and sweetness. And they dont Last very Long on my skin or maybe I Need to spray more. My next buy will be Moon Bloom of Hiram Green and maybe One of the Bogue Perfumes. I havent tested them yet.

  22. Wathirel says:

    Hi Birgit, let me get out of my lurking position and tell you my answer on your Monday Qoustion. I haven’t realy a specific perfume I would like to buy right now. There are so many scents I don’t know yet and realy would like to get to learn. Therefore I decided to spend my money on samples and if possible decants. For example the line of Andy Tauer, Neela Vermeille, Hermessence and Chanel exclusives.Last summer I received a 4ml sample of Rose Ikebana and realy love it. So maybe when the weather changes and the sun starts shining I will have a hard time to resist buying a bottle.

  23. Figuier says:

    Ooh, nice question. And the two Cuir d’Ange purchases make me even keener to try it out asap.

    My next purchase probably won’t be for a good few months, as I was gifted a long-term top-of-the-wishlist bottle in November and have also been purchasing quite a few samples. So I’m kind of in ‘explore’ mode at present.

    However, I like to think that my future contains a decant or FB of Bigarade Concentree…even though it seems crazily dear for a cologne. Unfortunately so far nothing I’ve tried beats that citrus-spice punch. Also, I’ve got worryingly attached to the 0.25ml remaining in my sample of Mona di Orio Violette Fumee 😉

  24. Eva S says:

    I think my first bottle this year will be FM Une Fleur de Cassie ( just in case it might be discontinued…)And then I need more of Mitsouko extrait.
    I own a travel bottle of Cuir D’Ange and might need a FB in future 🙂

  25. eleebelle says:

    I don’t buy bottles often but I surprised myself a little and frantically bought a bottle of Phi – Une Rose de Kandahar because I was afraid this batch would run out. Last year, I didn’t buy anything until June, so I’m not sure how this bodes for the year. 🙂

  26. Undina says:

    Nothing yet for me so far but will probably buy En Voyage Captured in Amber extrait soon (isn’t it interesting that I’m the forth person to mention this brand: for a tiny indie brand it’s a statistical abnormality! 🙂 ).

  27. Ines says:

    I have no plans yet to buy anything but if I am going to buy something, it would probably be Violette Fumee. 🙂 I finally got to try it some time ago and loved it! That hasn’t happened in quite a while for me…

  28. Alice says:

    Nothing so far (in fact for quite a while) but I’m tempted by FMK cologne pour le soir. This year I really want to pare down my collection and establish a more consistent style (clothes as well!) – I’ve always loved soft woody orientals, and this is gentle enough for most occasions.
    I’m glad your asthma is not preventing you exploring new perfumes!

    • Olfactoria says:

      I feel the same about paring down, Alice. Hope you get to enjoy MFK Cologne pls soon!

      • Alice says:

        Actually I’m not going to buy it soon… Last year I decided I’d really like to home in on a personal style that runs through clothes, perfumes, etc, and to be less inclined to be entranced by things that new/different. So i’m going to take my time revisiting and contemplating past favourites. By the summer I’ll have been doing this for a year, and hopefully will have reached some sort of a conclusion. I tackled clothes first, and am very much enjoying my more modern, simple, minimalist garments, so we will see where I end up with perfume. I will report back!

  29. Etomidac says:

    I am also one to join the Hermes fragrance train! My first purchase of this year is a bottle of 24 Faubourg in Parfum. I feel enveloped in an elegant cloud of bliss and joy whenever I wear it. To be honest, I am quite addicted. I even use it at night after shower…and I usually don’t like to be scented then!
    I think if spring is around the corner, I am going to go for Jour D’Hermes Parfum too. 😀

    • Olfactoria says:

      Oh you smell so beautiful! 24 Faubourg is golden sunshine made elegant.
      I’m sure you’ll love Jour just as much, such a great scent for springtime!

      • Etomidac says:

        Elegant, golden sunshine is the perfect description! It’s been raining and miserably cold these two days and 24 helped me stay cheerful 🙂
        On a side note, have you had to chance to sniff L’eau de Phaedon yet? Maybe that non-allergenic scent can be an option for you for Spring!

        • Olfactoria says:

          Despite being allergic, the idea of a supposedly “non-allergenic” perfume raises my hackles. Thankfully I’m doing well with my Hermessences right now, so I’m happy. Thanks for your kind concern though!

          • Etomidac says:

            I am so glad to hear that you can still enjoy a variety of fragrances! We are all here for you 🙂
            (I still need to try Rose Amazone! – Adding to to-do list for the weekend)

  30. Polinia says:

    What a nice question. I just happened to buy a FB on Sunday. It was on my wish list – Cedrat by Atelier Cologne. Thank you, Birgit, for that great offer from AC house. I’ve got all their samples and liked Cedrat the most.
    Anticipated to try new Hermes (I am going through my “leather scent” period), just don’t know when I’ll be near their boutique.

  31. Hayley says:

    Hi I bought 4160 tuesdays urura’s tokyo cafe in the sale ready for spring. I plan to buy en passant as I have been wanting this forever and they are now selling 10ml travel sprays so it is affordable for me now, I am on a very tight budget!

  32. Connie says:

    Well, coming late to this- but I seem to be on a bit of a skank kick. Picked up a vintage bottle of Bal a Versailles EDC from ebay (not sure if that was end of last year or beginning of this year) and a 5 mL oil of Werewolf Lumberjack Reclining on a Bearskin Rug by an Open Fire in the Middle of Winter by Smell Bent. Such a wonderful name. I love Brent’s musk scents.

  33. Dearest
    A bottle of vintage Palais Jamais, a memory from my youth when I stayed at the hotel of the same name at Fez. It’s Moroccan chambres stocked to the hilt with Etro’s delicious, mysterious scent. It remains elusive and haughtily seductive in the original formula, though the new version is a little more friendly.
    Miller Harris Feuilles de Tabac. Tobacco and leather are The Dandy’s fetish, and Lynn Harris’ herbal perspective on Caron’s 3ieme Homme is delicious, and as appropriate on women as was that earlier male classic.
    Caron Fleurs de Rocailles vintage Eau de Cologne. Though still in cellophane the hulking art deco bottle contained a liquid about a third diminished by evaporation, the scent, though obviously not what intended by the parfumeur, is spectacular.
    And various others, January is such a good month for perfume shopping as the family have supplied one with the readies and so many people seem to be selling their old wares.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • Olfactoria says:

      Hello Dandy,
      lovely to hear from you.
      It seems like you had a very good start to the new year with all those glorious perfumes. Congratulations on finding good deals on such classics.

  34. Michael says:

    Well it sounds like we’ve both had similar slow starts with Cuir d’Ange. I’m rapidly approaching the need for a big bottle with half of my travel bottle gone in a week.
    My first for 2015 was unexpectedly Comme Des Garçons Standard. It’s clean papery incense and woods are underpinned by hints of musky cumin, like a crisp clean white shirt over warn skin. A hidden gem.

    • Olfactoria says:

      I am very glad I purchased a big bottle (I love the leather caps on them, such a great marriage of my two loves! 😉 ), so I understand your wish for one very well.

      Congrats on the Comme de Garçons!

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