On The Wishlist – Mini-Reviews: Viktoria Minya Hedonist Iris, Hedonist Rose And Eau de Hongrie

By Sandra

Last year Viktoria Minya presented us with her first perfume – Hedonist. The original perfume in all of its honeyed opulence has had me lusting after a bottle since its debut. Now I am truly in trouble. Viktoria Minya has given us three new perfumes from which to choose and they are all covetable.

Hedonist Iris

“A romantic perfume for a graceful woman who cares for sensual luxury. The essence of this pure fragrance is the most expensive natural raw material of all – iris butter. Its cool elegance is laced with tantalizing notes of cocoa and blackcurrant absolute and crowned by a fine blend of musks.”


This is an elegant iris perfume. It opens up with a blast of citrus and blackcurrant which I love. Then the iris slowly moves in and tempers this invigorating start. It a cross between a cool and a warm iris. The blackcurrant is present throughout which makes the perfume have a somewhat juicy quality. It finishes off on a bed of musks which makes it smooth and comforting. Hedonist Iris is an iris that I can also wear in the winter. It is long lasting and comes in a bottle like the original Hedonist perfume but with clear crystals at the bottom of the flacon.

Hedonist Rose

“An audacious perfume for a woman who recognizes the strength and allure of her own femininity, dominated by the most noble natural raw material – rose oil. The voluptuous body of this sensual elixir is tempered with the aroma of white wine and light ambery notes. “


The perfume opens up with a blast of citrus and rose. The sour notes are sweetened and the rose shines. I can see that this can be an idea of a perfectly chilled white wine. The later stages is when I come to love this perfume. It becomes rounder and slightly sweeter with a touch of amber. It is by no means a gourmand though. The drydown is a beautiful musky rose which envelopes me in rays of sunshine. Just wonderful. Longevity is excellent.

Hedonist Rose comes in a bottle like the original Hedonist perfume but this time adorned with pink crystals.

Eau de Hongrie

“This modern version of ’Eau de la Reine de Hongrie’ is inspired by the most noble of Hungarian dessert wines, the world famous Tokaji Essence. Delicate notes of honey and jasmine are crowned by smooth sandalwood to create a rich, enchanting fragrance.”


Eau de Hongrie is inspired by Tokaji wine which if I remember correctly is a lovely sweet white wine which is what I used to like. The perfume opens with sweetened citruses with undertones of honey and a bit of spice. It mesmerizes me from the get go drawing me in for a closer sniff. The jasmine is so delicate and with the honey-citrus-spice combo the perfume gives me a sense of warmth by a fire. I adore the bottle design and love this cozy perfume.

All three perfumes are wonderful additions to the Viktoria Minya line. I am whispering to Santa for any one of the four perfumes.


Have you tried any of these perfumes? Which perfumes have you whispering to Santa or your gift giver?


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22 Responses to On The Wishlist – Mini-Reviews: Viktoria Minya Hedonist Iris, Hedonist Rose And Eau de Hongrie

  1. Tara says:

    Lovely set of mini reviews, Sandra.

    I am one of the very few people for who Hedonist did not work, but I am easily overwhelmed by rich honey/boozy fragrances. All the same, I have to say that Hedonist Iris sounds extremely appealing to me.

    No perfume on the Christmas list for me as I’ve bought too much for myself of late 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    Great to see these reviewed Tara. I’ve been wondering about the new Viktoria Minya fragrances. I was interested in the Iris particularly but you’ve now put Eau de Hongrie on the radar too.

  3. Asali says:

    Ha, I could have written Tara’s reply exactly: no perfumes for me since I’d have to get them myself and I bought too much already. And hedonist was not mine either, too gourmand and too sweet. Your reviews are beautiful and very persuasive for giving these new ones a try though 🙂

    • Sandra says:

      Thanks Asali. I will be whispering loudly! Any one of these would be very welcome in my collection. These are not as sweet as the first one was on me – so hopefully for you too. I look forward to reading what you think of these three.

      • Asali says:

        Thank you Sandra, though I’m not sure when I’ll get to try them, as they are not available here. When hedonist was released and everyone was goshing about it, I bought a sample straight away only to be underwhelmed, so I won’t do that again but will wait and see when I encounnted them 🙂

  4. shellyw says:

    I have tried all of them and own her first one. I love them all, but I like sweet, honey and iris. Really wish for the iris one in a full bottle. This may be my line at least until the ticket gets tallied.

  5. Suzanne says:

    Very nice reviews, Sondra. I’ve tried all three, and my favorite by far is Eau de Hongrie, though I wouldn’t mind owning Hedonist Rose, too. Another blogger,Gaia (The Non-Blonde) sees Eau de Hongrie as the legacy scent to the original Hedonist (can’t remember if those are her exact words, but you get the drift) and that makes sense to me. I love and own the original Hedonist, but I think Eau de Hongrie would be an easier scent to wear for those who found the original Hedonist too sweet or over-the-top. Not that it’s a flanker, as you know, but it does have echoes of the original Hedonist.

    • Sandra says:

      The choice is tough when I have to choose only one. Eau de Hongrie is wonderful because I do love some spice. To make it more challenging for me I need to ask – how is the bottle with the crystals in real life? it looks stunning in the pictures…

  6. Etomidac says:

    I am in a very similar dilemma too!
    But fortunately I think I can “sort of” narrow it down. Although very difficult…
    On the first try, I really enjoyed Rose as on my skin, I could smell the most fresh, juicy and sweet nectarine on a bed of pink rose petals but somehow the magic was very short lived and I was left with a comforting musk, no more.. 😦
    Iris was the complete opposite. I first didn’t like it as I got a pinch of spice (not a fan of peppery notes.) disturbing my elegant iris and precious cocoa. However, once I got out the house, the fragrance just buffered all the chilly winter wind and it was all elegance.
    Original Hedonist is all love. No complaints there.
    Eau de Hongrie is very lovely too but the dry down was a little bit too spicy and woody for me.
    So I guess I really have 2 to choose from? (Except that I am a huge sucker for gorgeous bottles. That very lovely pink Rose. Ugh.)
    Looks like the only choice is to save up… 😛

  7. lila says:

    Hopefully I’ve been a good girl and a bottle of Dhajala will find it’s way to me. If I’ve been a really good girl then I’d also love some Bouquet Ideale or Ubar but those may take another year of good behavior to earn.

  8. Sandra says:

    Excellent choice with Dhajala this year. I hope you also get Bouquet Ideale and Ubar – such beautiful perfumes.

  9. Kandice says:

    I tried Hedonist and thought it was really pretty. Unfortunately my skin ate this scent and within no time it was gone. Because of that I’m a little leary of trying these. Her perfume is rather expensive to not have it last for very long. I did enjoy the reviews though 🙂

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