Atelier Cologne Discount Codes Now Available Worldwide!

A quick public service announcement:

Atelier Cologne just let me know that they made the two discount codes – OLFACTORIASAMPLES and OLFACTORIACANDLE, see sidebar – available worldwide.

Now also US readers can benefit!
Just in time for Black Friday! 😉


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14 Responses to Atelier Cologne Discount Codes Now Available Worldwide!

  1. lucasai says:

    How cool is that! Happy Black Friday shopping to those in the USA.
    We don’t have such deals here in Poland.

  2. Mahesh says:

    surprising, I tried OLFACTORIASAMPLES with the 20 euro sample set on, but it does not give any discount. I get the following error message:
    Reward code “OLFACTORIASAMPLES” is not valid.

  3. Kandice says:

    Thanks so much for the update! Time to go shopping:-)

  4. Tiffanie says:

    Many thanks to you for sharing this generous shopping treat. I ordered the 17 sample set. I’m looking forward to trying them all. I hope to find something I love so I can order a new bottle of fragrance for the holidays.

  5. greennote2 says:

    Thanks so much, I’ve been thinking about the complete set for a while and have now splurged thanks to your wonderful enabling.

  6. Polinia says:

    Thank you very much. I’ve been thinking for a while to order their samples and couldn’t resist such temptation with the code. The sample set has arrived and I enjoy their amazing wrapping and scents of course.

  7. Carole says:

    Yessss, it works! 😀 20 euros vs 10 euros is nice difference.

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