A Holiday Surprise From Atelier Cologne And Other Announcements

Hello all,

instead of a Monday Question this week, I wanted to make a few announcements.

atelier cologne set

1) First of all, and with a lovely timing for the Holidays, I teamed up with Atelier Cologne who kindly created two discount codes redeemable in their online boutiques (Atelier Cologne France and Atelier Cologne Europe) for Olfactoria’s Travels readers. (Note: I do not receive compensation in any form for this!)

The first one is OLFACTORIASAMPLES : This code allows you to have the Atelier Cologne Collection Sample Set for 10€ instead of 20€.

The second one is OLFACTORIACANDLE : Atelier Cologne offer an Orange Sanguine Candle for every purchase of a Cologne Absolue 100ml, 200ml, or for any Gift Boxes.

You just need to apply the code at checkout and it works.

For now they only work on the European sites, but I am working on it to make this possible also for my American readers.


2) The second thing I wanted to announce is that I am lucky enough to go to NYC soon. The Husband and I will spend the Thanksgiving weekend there. You may already have seen Portia’s announcements on Perfume Posse and Australian Perfume Junkies. S/he let it slip that I am at Osswald on Saturday, Nov 29 at 2pm as well. I hope to see some of the New Yorkers among you there.

I will definitely leave the stage to Portia though, as spending time in a small room with lots of people and plenty of fumes quite literally takes my breath away these days…

…which brings me to my third announcement of the day.


3) You will have noticed that I do not review perfume these days, that I stick to my MQ and am happy to have the blog’s more fragrant part in the competent hands of dear Tara, Portia, Sandra and Michael. (A huge thank you to the four of you at this point, I don’t know what I would do without you and I am so grateful and happy that you write for OT!)

So why is that?

I developed Asthma, the reason for which is not yet known, but what is certain is that perfume makes it worse, a lot worse. Over the past months I have stuck with dabbed microdoses of Hermès perfume and not more and it looks like that will be what I have to do for a while yet.

This is not easy for a fumie as you all can imagine and it makes me sad and even more angry. The Asthma is really bad and fighting for air, coughing to the point of breaking a rib is not fun at all. For the past two weeks I have had great new medication which makes me feel a lot better and more optimistic, so I finally decided to share this with you, my loyal readers.

I was strangely ashamed for the longest time, feeling like my body let me down, not only me but my entire readership. I felt like a fraud, a Perfumista without perfume, a smeller who cannot bear even a whiff of scent.

But that is how it is for now and I can only hope it will change again.

So that was enough whining for today, now go forth and treat yourself or your loved ones to some nice Atelier samples or bottles. I know I will, even if I shall stick to buying them for others this year.

B xx



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90 Responses to A Holiday Surprise From Atelier Cologne And Other Announcements

  1. cookie queen says:

    Like so many challenges in life “This too shall pass”. Be patient. Have a blast in the US. Bussis from my cookie lab. xxx

  2. Sandra says:

    I am so sorry about the asthma diagnosis. Thank you for sharing this with us. May this new medicine and plan bring you the relief you need. Thank you for the wonderful ideas for Christmas! Xoxo

  3. Anka says:

    Oh, I am sorry for you having asthma at the moment and keep my fingers crossed that it’ll disappear soon (this happened with my husband, nobody can tell how and why, sometimes asthma is only asthma…).
    Thanks for still conducting Olfactoria’s Travels, I like your fabulous Quartett of Tara, Portia, Sandra and Michael a lot!
    (Btw, thanks to your tip, I ordered some Paula’s Choice products and am very happy with them!).
    Have a good time in New York!!!

  4. annemariec says:

    Oh that is so tough, my very best wishes to you. I hope the diagnosis is a relief in a way, because I know you have been feeling unwell for a while. Microdoses of Hermes are beauty in miniature. I hope those scarves bring you joy!

  5. Marjo says:

    I’m so sorry about the asthma problem you struggle with. I wish you courage and hope that the medication will keep you healthy. Your health is important, even more important than perfume:). Enjoy your weekend in the US. It must be very nice to be there for Thanksgiving. (I too must thank you for your tip regarding Paula’s Choice. I ordered her rosacea products and my skin has never been better!! Honestly, I never expected such a spectacular result. It is wonderful, thank you!). Have a nice Monday, and stay healthy!😃

  6. Sabine says:

    I am very sorry to hear about your Asthma, and hope that new medication, optimism and lots of love from family and friends will help. Have a splendid time in NY, and many thanks for the AC code, I will definitely use it.

  7. shylotus says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the asthma. It sounds as though it’s under control now, though. I hope you can gradually return to scenting more. Enjoy Thanksgiving in NY – my husband and I go every year and it’s always fun. Travel safe!

  8. Vanessa says:

    Hi B, joining the others in saying how sorry I am that you have been suffering from asthma – I guess it is reassuring that you now know it is a physical condition rather than a vague malaise that picked perfume as its target. Hope the medication gets it under control and do have a fabulous time in NYC! Well, that’s a given, really!

  9. Birgit – so sorry to hear about your asthma. I hope the medication works it’s magic for you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving in NYC. It sounds like you’ll have a fantastic time!

  10. poodle says:

    Take care of yourself. I was hoping to see you on that Saturday but it’s not looking promising because travel on the holiday weekend is difficult and expensive. I haven’t given up hope yet and I keep watching the fares. We’ll see what happens I guess.

  11. Dear Birgit, I am very sorry to hear about your health problems… Asthma for a Perfumista is like deafness for a composer… But, you know, Beethoven surpassed his problem. And I am sure you will surpass yours, too. You are an optimistic and structurally positive person, so I trust that you soon will be cured. And I wish you all the health and wealth !
    Have a good journey and happy celebration, wonderful holidays in NY !

  12. Dear Birgit, very sorry about the asthma and hoping that it will go away soon and for good!
    Hang in there in the meantime…
    Have a blast in the NYC.

  13. ringthing says:

    Health problems that crop up in life without warning are a truly distressing part of the human experience. My best friend suffers from asthma and can’t tolerate perfume, and I’m so sorry to hear that you are suffering from the same difficulty. Medications do seem to be improving so I am sure you will find a combination that works for you. Have a wonderful vacation 🙂

  14. Dear Birgit, Thank you for the holiday surprise from Atelier. And I’m glad you have the trip to New York for Thanksgiving to look forward to. Sorry to hear that you have had breathing problems. My mom and I can identify with that. Here’s hoping they get better before too long. Love, Jim

  15. Darilyn says:

    Wishing you the best of health and happiness! Safe travels!

  16. Farouche says:

    I hope that the new medication improves your asthma. Best wishes and have a wonderful trip to NYC!

  17. anon says:

    Sorry to hear about your health issues 😦
    I am wondering how your body would react to natural essential oils which could be dabbed on (and not sprayed). I have been living in essential oil blends that I make myself these days and, for the first time, my severe allergy prone beloved has not been complaining about my “perfume wearing”.

    Enjoy NYC! And give a big hug to Portia!

  18. shellyw says:

    I love your reviews and the language you use to explain them. That something takes away that gracefulness is sad. I am glad it is something you can get help for, may the medication give you an easy breath. Nothing is worse than struggling for the most basic of things, air. Best wishes. If you and the husband ever make it as far as San Francisco, let me know.

  19. Zivile says:

    As plenty of your inspiring blog readers, I am sorry to hear about the asthma diagnosis. Sending you best wishes from France and hope that the trip to NYC will uplift your mood! Feel well!

  20. Szanne says:

    Aww, Birgit. I feel for you, as I once got the adult version of Whooping Cough, which when it hits you as an adult, is not about coughing but instead leaves you in an asthmatic state that requires an inhaler. It was scary. I hope your medicine works wonders for you, and I hope your trip to New York is happy in every way. ❤

  21. Laurels says:

    It is very frustrating when our bodies let us down for no reason, but things sometimes improve just as mysteriously. Fingers crossed that a combination of effective medication and good luck will work for you! Have fun in NYC.

  22. Missionista says:

    So sorry to hear about the asthma. I hope you find a solution that works for you.
    If you do a meetup in NYC, let me know. I live there, although will be in Philadelphia for at least part of the holiday weekend.

  23. sylviavirginia says:

    sorry to hear of asthma interfering with your perfumista life; however take note I too had servere asthma many, many years ago, but medications and the body’s own ability to kick back finally dissolve this affliction into a mere nothing. Life will resume for you so just hang in there Octavia
    and I am praying you heal rapidly. best wishes for now, sylvia

  24. Kandice says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your health challenge. It is very hard when we feel like our bodies have let us down. I hope you have a wonderful time in NYC and get a break for awhile. I can’t wait to get the perfume info for the US. These would make wonderful gifts for others or maybe even me 🙂

  25. Safran says:

    Dear Birgit, sorry to hear, that you suffer from asthma. I hope, it will continuously get better and that you’ll have a most wonderful time in New York.
    All the best

  26. Asthma, that is a nasty one Birgit. Do take care, I have a nephew with this condition and it bears watching. Fresh air is the best fragrance and I hope you can get this under control.

  27. Cybele says:

    Hi Birgit, sorry to hear about your Asthma. I have it too but perfume doesn’t bother me with few exceptions. There might also be another source that causes your condition such as pets, dust or pollen and and perfume could worsen it. Or you might have overexposed yourself to scents and your system needs a break. What I am trying to say is don’t be all pessimistic, you might be able to recover and enjoy perfume again.
    All the best!

  28. Tatiana says:

    Dear Birgit, I am so sorry to hear about your Asthma. I hope your new medication continues to help to make it easier to breathe. I hope you are able to wear 24 Faubourg in the extrait form dabbed on. It happens to be my favorite way of wearing that scent. I find it richer and wears closer to the skin when dabbed.
    Please do not feel you’ve let us down. Take care of yourself and your health. You have two beautiful boys who need your love and care.
    I will be sending you positive healing vibes from California. Wishing you, your husband and your boys a wonderful holiday season.

  29. empliau says:

    Dear Birgit, I’m sorry about the asthma. I hope that it comes under control and doesn’t have too much effect on your life. In the meantime, keep cherishing those precious tiny dabs of fragrance! And do let me know when you come to New England – I’d love to meet you and the Husband. Have a wonderful time in NY!

  30. Anna in Edinburgh says:

    I’m so sorry that you are suffering with asthma – good luck with the new medicines and all the best for your trip to NYC.
    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh;-)

  31. Lady Jane Grey says:

    I hope the new medication will help to cure your Asthma. Have a lovely time in NYC !

  32. arline says:

    Hi Bridget! Have you tried aromatherapy for your asthma? It seems that Lavender is very helpful as an anti inflammatory effect, and it strengthens the immune system.
    It also reats other respiratory problems such as bronchitis, sinus congestion, laryngitis, tonsillitis, etc.

    These may help too…
    Tea tree
    Clary sage

    You could make a blend, and rub it on your chest or just inhale.

    Acupuncture may help too 🙂

    I hope it subsides. You are meant to enjoy fragrance!!!!

  33. Nemo says:

    I hope you and your husband have a wonderful time in NYC. Your health is the most important, so do take care of yourself and I hope your asthma gets better!

  34. Ines says:

    Dear Birgit, I am so sorry to hear about your asthma. I can imagine feeling let down by your body (I tend to go that way too when I’m sick) but I know that is not the case. You and your body will beat this. Together.
    Hope you have a wonderful time in NYC and take a lot of pictures of the perfumistas in attendance so we can see them as well.
    In the meantime, sending lots of positive (healing) energy your way.
    Perfume (and your readers) will always be here. 🙂

    P.S. You really shouldn’t be ashamed in front of us. 😉

  35. Lyubov says:

    Dear Birgit,
    I am really sorry you are facing this kind of health issues. I know what it is all about, my mum is an asthma specialist pediatrician. But there is a cure, and a lot more options for healing the condition. Most probably you have read all about it, and tried, and learned…I keep my fingers crossed that it will fly away in the course of time, and you will be back with your scent passion! Miss you here!
    Love, L

  36. Lavanya says:

    Oh no,B! Sorry to hear that- hopefully the medicines work and you are permanently rid of this soon! Meanwhile hang in there. Sending lots of positive vibes and hugs to you.

  37. Undina says:

    Dear Birgit,
    While I’m extremely sorry to hear about your asthma, I’m hopeful it’s something you’ll manage to manage over time and will be able to use your favorite perfumes again – even if dabbed, not sprayed.

    I wish you the best time in NY! I’m not sure if you’ll be able to find a good turdacken there but you get to be in the U.S. right around one of the best holidays. I hope you’ll be able to enjoy some good food.

  38. I really feel for you with asthma. One of my brother’s friends had this when he was a child and he really suffered although as an adult he has it under control but I know there were many very scary situations for him and his parents. I do hope it gets better for you too over time and I’m sure it will. Thanks for keeping us up to date on what was happening with you. I knew you had lost your mojo for perfume a bit but I didn’t realise that you were also sick. All the best for NYC and thanks for the codes!

  39. trickyholly says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about this diagnosis, but I hope that you find something that gives you the same feeling of joy as perfume. The tactile pleasures of Hermes scarves, perhaps? Enjoy NYC!

  40. Kimberly says:

    So sorry to hear about the asthma! Some members of my family really suffer with it , and yes, it’s scary. Years ago, I worked with a woman who told me that she used to have dangerously bad asthma almost every day, until she took a combination of quercitin and bromelain for 2 months (this was years ago, I’m not sure how long she had to take it for, but think that is how long she said).

    Anyway, it’s been too expensive for anyone know to try to do that much for that long, but thought you may want to research it. She said that it had been 6 (?) years since the original treatment, and she never had asthma again. I don’t think she would make that up, since I was telling her a true story that I don’t want to repeat here, it’s that bad.

    Anyway, I myself have tried bromelain for wound healing and inflammation, and was very impressed. Never needed to try the quercitin, though, and she specifically said they had to go together for treating asthma.

    Anyway, I’m sorry for your frustration. And just remember, you’re not a fraud, your still an amazing writer and person with a genuine love of perfume! !! It totally shows!

  41. Hayley says:

    Thank you so much for the code my discovery set has come today I can’t wait to start testing! I am sorry to hear about the asthma. I hope the medication gets it under control, I developed it when I was younger and then it went away, I hope this happens for you, best wishes

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