Monday Question – Which Scent Would You Love To See As A Perfume?

Is there an everyday scent – food, flower, skincare product, whatever else strikes your fancy – that you would love to have in perfume form?

Which scent do you think deserves to be made into a perfume?


My Answer:

I always loved the scent of Nivea cream and I recently was so lucky to find an Eau de Toilette by the company who makes it, called Nivea Original. Strangely enough, Beiersdorf only sells this as part of a set in their own online shop and the company stores (Nivea Haus) there is no other way to get it and it is most likely a limited edition.

nivea set

I think that is a big mistake, many people have fond memories of this iconic scent and I’m sure I would not be the only one who would buy it.

And it really does smell like the original cream.

Would you buy it?

What is the scent you’d like to see bottled?


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38 Responses to Monday Question – Which Scent Would You Love To See As A Perfume?

  1. Undina says:

    I use Nivea hand cream at night and I often think how great it smells. Maybe not as a stand-alone perfume but like a base to perfume. And on more then one occasion I think it enhanced remains of whatever perfume I tested before going to bed. So I would definitely try Nivea’s perfume.

  2. Anka says:

    Ah, I love the smell of Nivea – but Florena is even better, do you know it?
    To my nose Lalique’s Encre Noir pour Elle smells very much like Nivea, so I have to compare it with the Eau de Toilette you mentioned, I think there is a Nivea house here in Berlin.
    I like the smell of raw fennel and was lucky to discover Une Nuit à Doha recently which captures the aroma very well.
    And I would really want to have a scent featuring the smell of yellow-orange-brown autumn leaves with their nearly burnt, tangy aroma.
    Have a nice Monday!

  3. annemariec says:

    I love Crabtree & Evelyn’s Vetiver and Juniperberry soap and would happily wear it as a fragrance. I usually find prominent vetiver too strident, but this is gentle and relaxing.

    But the problem may be that scented body products would lack development if they are translated into fragrance. Does that bother you with the Nivea?

  4. Lady Jane Grey says:

    I seem to be one of the very few who don’t like Nivea creme (no good memories here, I’ve always got pimples from Nivea…)
    Anyway, I’d like to have the scent of a deep deep cold climate forest, with all the Greens and Woods (and no, OJ Woman doesn’t do it for me 😦 )

  5. cookie queen says:

    I cannot bear Nivea. Never used it because of the whale fat it used to contain. (My mother wouldn’t have it in the house.) There isn’t anything I can think of that I would have as a fragrance. I do love the smell of the Honey I Washed the Kids soap though! I have Nivea in the house as my husband uses it. Plus I think the iconic blue tin is great. 😉

  6. florence raab says:

    Love the scent of Chanei skincare products in the line “hydra…”, white and black, the product is green and it smells wonderful.

  7. Marjo says:

    I agree with Lady Jane Grey: the scent of a deep green cold forest. A bit like like Coven by Andrea Maack, but without the whiskey and spice. And with more pine:). Have a nice Monday!

  8. Jackie b says:

    I have often thought about a scent like L’Occitane Shea butter cream…I do like Nivea too.
    You can find a dupe fragrance oil of Honey I Washed…I use it in hand made soap, it’s nice.

  9. anon says:

    Aubrey Organics GPB Classic Scent shampoo and conditioner…an all natural botanical blend of gorgeous essential oils…makes my hair smell divine!

  10. Sabine says:

    That’s an easy one for me. Clarins Blue Orchid oil. No idea why they don’t do it a s a fragrance or even a body lotion/bath oil. It smells wonderful.

  11. Zenimue says:

    I’m crazy about the smell of Shea Moisture Three Butters Body Wash. To my nose it’s a perfect blend of frankincense and myrrh plus some other other oils that would make a perfect unisex fragrance.

  12. ladyjicky says:

    The tar that they use on streets plus –

    I would love to see Cire Trudon’s Ernesto candle in a perfume for the body! yum.

  13. Vanessa says:

    Funny you should say Nivea – before I read on to your answer, I was going to say Astral! I am in love with Astral. I don’t give a toss what may or may not be in it, it is creamy and it smells divine. It’s a visceral, comforting feeling I have never had before to quite such a degree with a beauty product. Beyond that, I would say Liz Earle’s tonic that you splash on after using the hot cloth polish. It has calendula and all sorts and would make a fab scent.

  14. Linda says:

    Is anyone familiar and/or remember Sea and Ski suntan lotion from the 60’s? I have so many good childhood memories of this scent. I would love to have it again in a body scent form and I also love the scent of Bain de Soliel. I would wear that one too. I always liked Nivea lotion scent as well

  15. Figuier says:

    Seconding l’Occitane – they did a limited edition date blossom version of their hand cream a few years ago, it was a gorgeous heady yet temperate floral that I’d love to try as a perfume. Liz Earle face oil is another product that would be lovely in a perfume, I think.

    Natural smells that I’d love in a perfume & haven’t found yet? Swedish forests at midsummer, damp & mossy with a hint of pine; ripe plums.

  16. Walter Proetzel says:

    I would like an innovation with hops aroma. The citrussy aroma are very fne and original. Nice varieties aroma for this could be: Saaz, Hallertau Tradition, Galena, Willamette.

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