Monday Question – What Is Your Favorite Cosy Stay-In Perfume?

Nights are getting colder and longer and cocooning at home in front of a fire with a good book and a cashmere blanket seems incredibly attractive and preferable to braving wind and rain outside.

Which perfumes are your best companions for stay-at-home cosiness?

What perfume completes this scenario for you?


My Answer:

I love cuddling up with a soft blanket, a book, a cup of tea (yes, and chocolate) and a warming perfume.
My favorites this time of the year are Nabucco Amytis, JHAG Calamity Jane, Guerlain Tonka Imperiale and Mon Precieux Nectar and of course my beloved L’Ambre des Merveilles.

What can you recommend as the ideal cosy perfume?


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59 Responses to Monday Question – What Is Your Favorite Cosy Stay-In Perfume?

  1. annemariec says:

    L’Ambre, definitely. Or a few dabs of Chanel No. 5 parfum, circa 1945. Not kidding, I know it’s provenance. Smells divine. Stay warm! Summer is nearly here where I live.


    I have that new The 7 Virtues juice, Patchouli of Rwanda which is the most beautiful, radiant patchouli scent I’ve ever had or heard.
    But if I want to really have the whole home cosy and warm, nothing beats the smell of delish food from the oven or, when lunch or dinner time is over, the scent of my Japanese insense sticks invading the crisp air of a thoroughly vented house – those sticks have notes of rosewood and cherry blossoms, so heavenly.

  3. Profumina says:

    As it is not yet totally and awfully cold I enjoy Shalimar Initial l’Eau, I confess… The moment it will get towards zero, I think I will make the switch to Lolita Lempicka au Masculin, Teint de Neige, Parfum d’Hermes or Bois des Iles

  4. Marjo says:

    Good morning! Ah, even if it is a bit early, I really like the idea of a quiet afternoon on the couch with a book and a cup of tea. My favorites are: Plum Japonais – Tom Ford, Fiore d’Ambra Profumum Roma and Bois D’ Encens – Armani Privè (the latter with a bit of Bach on the background😊). I really like it that you mention Calamity Jane. My husband gave it to me on my birthday a couple of years ago. I was a really moved, because he doesn’t think much of my hobby, but also a bit dissapointed because I really wanted Midnight Oud. Calamity Jane grew on me though (to show my appreciation, I have worn it regularly). Have a nice Monday!

  5. lnhb says:

    L’eau d’Hiver or Santal Majuscule or Bois Farine

  6. Tara says:

    Great question, B. I love cosying up with my Kindle, a cuppa and yes, definitely chocolate!

    My perfect perfume for this would probably be Tea for Two but I’d also add Bois de Iles parfum.

    Perfumes with a carmelised note like PG’s Aomassai and the sample I’m wearing today, El Born by Carner Barcelona, are great for chilly evenings in too.

    Looking forward to reading everyone else’s faves.

  7. snobbycactus says:

    Great question indeed! For me it would be Parfumerie Générale Musc Maori and Asrar of Amouage (attar oil). The former for its incarnation of Chai Latte in the best possible way and the latter for a very warming up saffron… Well and for a rainy and melancholic day under the blanket — l’heure bleue, what else.. 😉

  8. Sandra says:

    Great question! I dread the cold months. I have been wearing a lot of Bois des Iles Extrait, Cuir de Lancome, Amouage Fate and Feminite du Bois. As soon as the temperature drops further I will bring out Cuir Beluga, Tihota and my new love La Danza della Libelulla. Winter will be filled with cozy perfumes, rooibos chai latte and my sketchbook or my iPad which is full of books. xo

  9. Vanessa says:

    More an acrylic or bog standard wool blanket in this house, hehe, but I do like to snuggle on the sofa. Or on the floor next to the sofa, to be exact, as I am still keeping my sofa ‘for best’, two years on! I wore Cuir de Lancome the other night as it happens, and am starting to reach for vanilla-centric, smoky or woody perfumes even though the weather hasn’t quite made up its mind what it is doing here. It was quite balmy for October these last few days and I gather that in Steiermark, where ex-Mr Bonkers was gigging yesterday, the temperature reached 25 degrees!

    I second Tara’s picks of Aomassai and Bois des Iles, though I recently drained my sample of the former. Am wearing Parfum Initial today, on a mission to drain that one too, though I have a new bottle in the wings. It is also time for Volutes and Eau Duelle, though I wait till there is frost on the ground for the likes of DSH Cimabue or Poivre 23.

  10. Figuier says:

    I’d like to second Vanessa with Volutes, which is great in cooler weather. Also, DH just gifted me with By Killian’s Rose Oud, in the 50ml refill, and although it’s lovely in the mild weather we’ve been having, I know from past sampling that it’ll be equally beautiful in the cold. The far drydown has this wonderful warm blend of candied roses, saffron and vanilla.

  11. Lynley says:

    Organza Indecence is my favourite, also L’ambre des Merveilles, MdO Vanille, Tom Ford Tabacco Vanille, EldO Divin Enfant, and I’d like some Tihota too..

  12. IsabelleMi says:

    I’m wearing Tonka Imperiale today and it really feels cosy and delicious. I just needed to buy again a bottle of L’Ambre des Merveilles – who could live without it 😉 I think Coromandel is cosy, too, and often at home I wear Shalimar Ode a la Vanille for the same reason – and Bois des Iles, Cuir Beluga, Angelique Noire… Aren’t we happy to have such lovely perfums available! What about Cuir de Lancome – should I blind buy it? I have Cuir de Russie and Cuir d’Ange – waiting for your review, dear Birgit – but isn’t it quite different? Cosy, too, is it, I don’t know… yet! But you are so right, Birgit, calling Tonka Imperiale the ultimate security blanket 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      Yes, I think Cuir de Lancome is very different to Cuir d’Ange. But if you ask me, I’d blind buy the Lancome, it ks fabulous and if you really don’t like it, I bet there are plenty of Perfumistas wanting to buy it from you, as it has become so rare.

      You smell great today! 🙂

  13. shellyw says:

    It is much to warm here still. I am longing to pull out the sweaters and the winter scents. Volutes, Heodonist, cuir de russie all go well with our mild winters, should they come.

  14. Darilyn says:

    My perfect cozy indulgence is a bath in San Francisco Minera Dead Sea salts, while burning Shoyeido Baiki-Ju (plum Blossoms) incense. My perfume of choice is my new love and HG vanilla scent, Dame Perfumery – Black Flower Mexican Vanilla!! Heaven…

  15. Zivile says:

    My ultimate scent for cuddling up is Tolu by Ormonde Jayne, discovered through your amazing blog.

  16. Cybele says:

    Homage Amouage, Youth Dew Amber Nude, Petit Robe Noir Extrait
    Now I have to try Calamity J again! is it not really patchouli heavy?

  17. Lady Jane Grey says:

    I’d vote for Nabucco Amytis – but in fact, I most probably would go with a nice scented candle instead of a parfume : my newest favorite is Cire Troudon.

  18. Tatiana says:

    Every time I think we are headed toward autumn we get another run of really warm days. I keep hoping for cooler weather and plenty of rain. My go to cozy scents are Bois des Iles, Portrait of A Lady and L’Ambre des Merveilles. I really love the L’Ambre des Merveilles and am really happy that it’s affordable. While I hoard my Bois des Iles, I find myself reaching quite often for the L’AdM.

  19. Suzanne says:

    Chanel Coromandel, L’Artisan Tea for Two, Arquiste Anima Dulcis are the tree that pop into my head at the moment. But your question has me turning thoughts in my head about buying a bottle of Serge Lutens Five O’clock au Gingembre, as that one is just the perfect representation of cozy to me. Stay warm, Birgit. 🙂

  20. Eva S says:

    Guerlain Gourmand Coquin, Arquiste Anima Dulcis and Amouage Fate Woman are some of my favorite cosy perfumes, and my new favorite SHL 777 Oumma. I need some cosyness, we already have snow!

  21. nemo says:

    Oddly enough, I have found 10 Corso Como quite comforting this chilly fall (prior to obtaining my new-ish bottle, I thought of it more as a cool summer perfume). Of course, Tauer LdDM and vintage Shalimar are on my list too 🙂

  22. laniersmith says:

    My cozy perfumes are Frank No.2, Coromandel, Mitzah and Shalimar. Volutes is lovely too!

  23. The one I pretty much use lately, also when I have that stay-in kind of day is from a brand called Wild Olive and the perfume is Plantifolia Lignosa. It’s a vanillary scent mixed with subtle woody notes. Simply imagine a fireplace, a blanket, a hot cocoa and a good book and you can smell it! 😉 xx

  24. Michael says:

    I’m almost always testing fragrances but occasionally there’s a stay-in opportunity to wear oud oils. Some oils are just too stinky to wear in public.

  25. ladywinther says:

    Parfumerie Generale Indochine, Jul et Mad Amour de Palazzo, Profumum Ambra Aurea, Mona di Orio Vanille and Indult Tihota are mye favourites for cozying up. Usually I hate the colder seasons, but just thinking of these scents make me almost long for frosty days and nights.

  26. LeSputnik says:

    Vanilla, amber and patchouli are my all time favourites, so even though I dislike being cold, I welcome the opportunity to enjoy wearing them even more! As always, Sultane de Saba, Shalimar, Spiritueuse Double Vanille, Ambre Sultan, Patchouli Intense Molinard and Mona di Orio Vanille are in order. With a hot coca. By the fire place (or oil stove as it turns out). After taking a long hot bath as we are at it! Under a nice blanket…. With a good book. And a loved and patient one to stroke my back!

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