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People In Perfumeland – Asali Of The Sound Of Scent

Asali, the blogger behind the new perfume blog The Sound of Scent, is an old hand in Perfumeland. She wrote guest post for several blogs and is known for her insightful comments. Asali is based in Copenhagen, she is an opera-singer … Continue reading

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Philippe Starck In a Bottle – Review: Strange Invisible Perfumes Black Rosette

Hello you lovely Olfactoria’s Travelers, Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies and Perfume Posse here, with a fragrance I have written about before elsewhere. Since then I have had considerable time to wear quite often and fall madly in love with this beautiful, … Continue reading

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Monday Question – What Perfume Do You Like To Wear In A Heatwave?

What perfume is ideal in great heat? Do you wear perfume when it is hot or do you prefer to go without? What is your favorite “cooling” scent? My Answer: It is hot here! We are having over 30 degrees … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Desert Rose – Review: Parfumerie Générale Isparta

By Tara After trying Isparta briefly on paper and having perfume pals remark on its likeness to Frederic Malle’s showstopper Portrait of a Lady, I was keen to test it properly and see if the two really are that similar. … Continue reading

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People In Perfumeland – Lady Jane Grey, Long-Time Perfumista And Style Icon

I’m very happy to introduce you all today to my good friend M. She is known from her comments in the blogosphere as Lady Jane Grey. M is a dedicated perfume lover who I got to know through the blog … Continue reading

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A Norwegian In Dubai – Review: Ramon Monegal Dubai Next To Me EdP

By Sandra With all due respect I understand if you want to turn off your computer now. This is another city exclusive and it is available only at Bloomingdale’s in Dubai. I hear you! I wanted to throw my arms … Continue reading

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Monday Question – Do You Wear Perfume When Working Out?

Do you always wear perfume when you are physically very active? What is your favorite work out fragrance? Are you afraid to bother others? Or do you prefer to go au naturel for certain activities? My Answer: When I go … Continue reading

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