The Lady Is a Tramp – Review: Tramp by Lenthéric (now by Mayfair)

Hello delicious Olfactoria’s Travelers,

Portia coming to you all the way from Australian Perfume Junkies and Perfume Posse and today I’d like to introduce you to something a very dear frag buddy of mine in Australia gave me a sample of. Scott is his name and he is fast becoming one of the best sniffed vintage frag lover in town.

Every so often he will come to trivia or my place with an out of the blue gift of an astounding, fabulous, lost, rediscovered gem. On a few occasions he has walked in and given me a small atomiser and he is so damn proud of himself that he is almost sniggering. Recently he walked in, handed me the vial and said quite loudly then name of the frag….

Tramp Mayfair  FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Tramp was ceated in 1975 by Lentheric.

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Floral notes, citrus notes, oriental notes

Well, they forgot to mention aldehydes, this is a zingy, sparkling full throated glamour girl roar. What a fun, fruity opening and this was probably very reasonable priced when released. To me it is a wonderful perfumy fragrance in the old school of lavish over application and shoulder pads, a scent that had to drown out the mousse, hairspray, fabric softener, Casablanca lilies, powder, lipstick, gloss, cigarettes and every other full on fragrant piece that made up the puzzle in the 1970s.

Tramp Mayfair _magnetaria DeviantArtPhoto Stolen DeviantArt

Though Tramp is not a huge 1980s scent it definitely points in the direction of such monsters (that I love) as Giorgio, Poison and Opium. Harking back to the 1950’s Youth Dew but brighter, more insistent and let’s face it, sluttier. YAY! The dawning of the age of free love. I reckon the women wearing Tramp were probably happy to be associated with it’s fabulous name. When I wear it I am THRILLED when somebody asks me what my fragrance is, it’s definitely slightly snigger worthy.

I wish I was better at picking out notes for you but sadly I am pretty rubbish at it. At a bad guess I would saycarnation, rose, (I think there might be the sharp sweetness of marigold and a little bit of slightly green white flower), some spices, resins but really I have no clue which ones. Later through the development I get a scent memory of a bathroom deodoriser that one of my Aunties had that I always thought was the height of elegance, and something that could be almond meal?

Tramp Mayfair stevienicks11 ilovecatparty

Photo Stolen ilovecatparty

Have you ever tried this remarkable gem? I have a very generous few ml but now I’m on the hunt for a bottle. So freaking good, and that name… TRAMP!! Not just a TRAMP but a SuperTramp!

Portia xx


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14 Responses to The Lady Is a Tramp – Review: Tramp by Lenthéric (now by Mayfair)

  1. Tara says:

    I remember Tramp from the late 70s/80s when it was sold very cheaply at the drugstore/chemist with things like Charlie. I don’t remember the scent though as my mother never wore it (Rive Gauche and No.19 for her!).

    I haven’t forgotten the name though and still muse at what a funny choice it was. It wasn’t like Lentheric were the Etat Libre d’Orange of their day or anything!

    Fun memories, Portia. TRAMP!

  2. dgambas says:

    Ha, I remember Tramp from late 70’s or very early 80’s. It was so popular here and I liked it. Thanks for this reminder.

  3. Somehow I knew that a perfume called Tramp wasn’t being reviewed by the alabaster lady known as Olfactoria.

  4. Leah Dove says:

    I wore it for years when I was a teenager, can someone tell me how I can get some in Australia, I have been looking for it for years.

    • Hi there Leah,
      The only ones I have seen are on EBAY. It’s not a popular oldie so when you do see it you can be pretty sure it’s the real deal and it’s not very expensive either. The shipping is often more than the frag.
      Portia xx

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