Stepford Wives – Review: Mousse II by Oliver+Co

Hey Olfactoria’s Travelers, Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies and Perfume Posse finally getting to a lovely set I bought earlier in the year. These guys send beautifully packaged 10ml spritzers, very classy and a great size to really get to know a fragrance. In the pack also come some postcard sized sheets with each fragrances style, notes and a photo of their bottles which look very clean lined and hefty. Has anyone held one?

Mousse II Oliver & Co. FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line: Mysore sandalwood, Madagascar clove bud, Mexican lime peel, Guatemalan cardamom, mint, ambergris, muguet, lavender absolute, aldehydes and musk. Lovely opening rush of mint, clove, lime and aldehydes. Everything else is there at the open but these babies take front and centre stage and are spectacular. Totally and utterly breathtaking. I love the zingy, sparkling, overblown cool swoosh that is a completely over the top modern take on old masculine fragrance. So fun, the cloves and mint sing together in a most unusual pairing at this size. My Mum used to make a salad, it was grated carrot, roughly chopped orange and mint leaves picked fresh from our back yard. Though Mousse II isn’t like it at all the flamboyance of this scent rivals the melding of such different flavours and textures in mum’s famous salad.

Mousse II Oliver & Co. Cloves Dried WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Once the initial buzz calms my skin gives me a herbal freshness, I think the lavender and cardamom (it has a bit of a fresh coriander vibe) move in and the whole frag smells a bit like fresh grated pepper while sitting on a jetty over a lake after a swim in the cool of a spring afternoon while eating bell pepper crudites and drinking juice. Ha Ha Ha! My mind wanders to such random stuff when I’m smelling perfumes.

Mousse II Oliver & Co. robot girl PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

I find there to be something gorgeously inhuman and chilling in Mousse II, like an utterly perfect, created person would smell this way. Like a Stepford Wife or a Femme-bot. The cool wash of manly herbs and spices through the heart are bright and invigorating. When I wear Mousse II it’s a conquer the world, get moving and get things done scent. I also think Mousse II an excellent choice for the cool kids: hard to find, independent, Spanish, artisan, stylish and modern. Also a very easy name to drop, doesn’t sound pretentious or try-hard. I would be so happy to wear this and to tell people what I have on. Far into next morning I am left with the merest whiff of just cleaned and polished cutlery, ready to go back to the drawer. Very interesting fragrance. Further reading: Perfumistan and +Q Perfume Blog Oliver & Co has €83/50ml LuckyScent has $130/50ml & Samples Have you tried anything from the Oliver & Co. crew? What did you think?

Portia xx


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8 Responses to Stepford Wives – Review: Mousse II by Oliver+Co

  1. Ines says:

    I haven’t tried anything from the line but I must say this one sounds rather intriguing. Even though the musks usually scare me I’m not going to like a perfume.

  2. Mahesh says:

    Portia, the notes sound fantastic. Do you know what they have used for sandalwood, i.e. synthetic / australian, etc.? It is almost pointless to hope for mysore sandalwood anymore.

    • Mahesh
      I would be lying if I said I knew. Guessing aromachemical from memory but I could be totally wrong.
      Currently about 4000 miles from my collection in Korea so can’t even go and do some comparing, sorry.
      Portia xxx

  3. Anka says:

    Hi Portia,
    no, I haven’t tried Oliver & Co yet but I love the expression “gorgeously inhuman”!
    A get-moving-fragrance is just what I could need today since we had extreme weather changes here and I am in complete catatonia. The one I usually use for this purpose is Herba Fresca.

  4. Tara says:

    Portia, how amazing that you taking the time to answer comments while on holiday in Korea. You are such a star.

    I haven’t tried anything from this brand and this doesn’t sound like my thing, but you make it sound fascinating. I love the random places your mind goes. If only we were all as imaginative as you.

  5. Laurels says:

    Just went to their site to look around, and if money were no object, I think I’d buy one of everything. Those Nebulae bottles….!

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