La Primavera – Review: Vero Profumo Mito Voile d’Extrait

By Sandra

Vero Kern is a woman I would love to meet in person. I admire everything I have read about her. She is obviously extremely intelligent and talented and it would seem that she is also a very gracious and kind woman. It seems that she has a plan and she sticks to it. I am a huge fan and always eagerly await her next launch.

mito voile

Having said that, I personally feel that Ms Kern has reached perfection in her perfumes. Perfection is such a difficult thing to achieve – in all aspects of life. But I think I may have found perfection in her newly released Mito Voile d’Extrait a green chypre. To be honest here, I am not usually one to wear anything chypre. There are a few – but only a small handful.

Coming to the end of February has me longing for long languid nights after a scorching day in the sun under a large green tree. Even though this winter has been kind to us over here in Austria – apologies to all of you in the States, I know how bad it is – I am at the end of my tolerance level.

Back in 2013 when I first tried Mito Eau de Parfum I enjoyed it and wore out my sample, but I did not love it. It was a bit sharp at the beginning for my liking. So imagine my curiosity when I read that Vero Kern was coming out with the new formulation Voiles d’Extrait for all her four perfumes! As far as I understand the Voiles d’Extrait line, this was going to be like the Extrait, which I have not tried, but in Eau de Parfum strength.

Mito was inspired by the gardens at the Villa d’Este in Tivoli, Italy. There is something about Italy that reaches deep into my soul and makes me feel at home. Perhaps it has to do with the fond memories of living in Rome, I don’t know.

When I first spray Mito Voile d’Extrait I get a rush of green and citrus. It is ever so slightly bitter with quite a bit of lemon. Here the lemon is teasing me again. (Can you tell how much I love lemon?)

After about 20 minutes I get swirls of tuberose which enchants my senses. I adore tuberose and will wear tuberose perfumes throughout summer. This is a bit different from my regular buttery tuberoses. Mito Voile d’Extrait has a slight fruity aspect to it which could be peach intertwining with the tuberose. Then the perfume moves into a classic feeling with modern undertones. This creates a veil of perfume around me which gives me strength, courage and most importantly a feeling of elegance.

Mito Voile has outstanding longevity, lasting a good 10-12 hours on my skin.

CookieQueen from Australian Perfume Junkies said the following about Vero Profumo: “I can’t keep away. I wear other perfumes, I am a perfume junkie, but I come back to Vero’s creations every time.” I could not have said it better.


Wearing Mito Voile d’Extrait places me right in Sandro Botticelli’s La Primavera – eagerly awaiting spring and all the beauty that comes with it.


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33 Responses to La Primavera – Review: Vero Profumo Mito Voile d’Extrait

  1. Lean S says:

    Sounds beautiful, and from what I have read about her, Vero seems to be an amazing talent. I liked reading about her in Olfactoria’s People in Perfumeland Interviews. La Primavera is definitely appealing, especially since I too love both lemon and tuberose.

  2. cookie queen says:

    This is truly the most beautiful fragrance in the world. To me.

  3. Lady Jane Grey says:

    I think Vero Kern is an extremely nice and interesting person, everything I heard and read about her is absolutely and utterly admirable – but her scents just don’t work for me. And Mito Extrait won’t work either. I’m all for green scent nowadays, and the start sounds nice – but tuberose, oh tuberose, that’s headache and nausea for me… Sigh.

  4. Tara says:

    Why oh why did I not get a sample of this while I was at Bloom??? What an idiot.

    I will get a full bottle of Mito but don’t know which concentration as yet. Lovely review Sandra.

    • Sandra says:

      Tara I am sure this smells divine on you. Wonderful to hear that you will buy a bottle. At least you can find it in London. I too will add Mito Voiles to my FB stash.

  5. Sandra,
    If you asked me to pick something for you blindly I would go for something like this. I can almost imagine you wearing it. MMMM
    Everything I’ve heard about Vero has her as an intelligent, fun loving, free spirit on a mission.
    Portia x

    • Sandra says:

      Portia, thank you for that. You made me smile. Vero is certainly on a mission – to make me and many others smile and enjoy life a little bit more. xo

  6. Darilyn says:

    Sandra, I love everything with Italian inspiration! I have traveled there several times and am always overwhelmed with emotion! I too, feel like I am home, even though it could not be
    more different than the places I have called “home”…I would like to find a tuberose scent that does not suffocate me. I want to love it, but it does not seem to like me! Luckyscent does not offer samples of this line, so I will enjoy it through your lovely review!

    • Sandra says:

      Darilyn, it makes me happy to know that you feel the same way. Surrender to Chance has sample packs of the line. I am sure there is a tuberose for you. Have you tried Flor y Canto by Arquiste?

  7. Suzanne says:

    Sandra – glorious! Your feelings about sun, languid warmth, Italy and Vero Profumo Mito are quite similar to my own. Haven’t tried Mito in this concentration, but loved the edp, and you make this sound even better.

    • Sandra says:

      Suzanne, the next time you go to Italy I will fly down for a day to meet you. I have read your lovely write up about Rome and just know that we feel much the same. Overall i am truly impressed with this concentration. I tend to horde extraits and not wear them and the voiles are wonderful.

      • Suzanne says:

        Oh, I’d love that, Sandra! (Bring Birgit with you when you come!) I’ll definitely make plans to return to Italy based on that promise. 🙂

        • Sandra says:

          I know I am answering for Birgit here – but I will bring her along for sure! We would have a great time. So, yes please, plan your next trip soon! xo

  8. Connie says:

    I would love to know some of your favorite tuberoses!

    • Sandra says:

      Oh dear – long list. Here are a few of my loves: Malle’s Carnal Flower, Luten’s Tubereuse Criminelle, Arquiste Flor y Canto, Vero Profumo Mito and Rubj, Mona di Orio Tubereuse and on it goes… 😉

  9. carmou46 says:

    Beautifully written critique! I love your style. Thanks to you I wear my forever perfume everyday and get so many compliments on it. Although I am not a Chypre fan and tuberose can be a little strong, I have a feeling this may be a good one to try for spring.
    I live in southern Louisiana and we have had an extremely cold winter…this has been a rough year for the states. Spring is right around the corner though. ☺️

    • Sandra says:

      Thank you for your kind words. Mito would be perfect for spring. You live in a wonderful part of the States! We thoroughly enjoyed our trips to NOLA and its surroundings. Keep warm.

      • carmou46 says:

        Thank you. I ordered a sample decant of Mito and it is wonderful! Louisiana is a great state. I love Nola as well, especially the food, lol! Have a wonderful day!

  10. Darilyn says:

    I found the Mito Voile d’Extrait and Flor y Canto at The Perfumed Court and ordered samples!
    I have tried Mona di Orio’s Tubereuse and liked it quite a bit, but I guess I’m looking for love!!!

    • Sandra says:

      Darilyn, please try to get a sample of Vero’s Rubj – Extrait or Voile d’Extrait as well. I hope you enjoy Mito and Flor y Canto (isn’t that such a gorgeous name?). xo

  11. Azar says:

    Thank you for this very helpful review. On my skin the EDP seems to have a split personality disorder. The top notes waft around like a lemon scented dish washer detergent. Even though the dry down is elegant and assuring (it reminds me in a good way of a great aunt of mine) I have a hard time getting past the heavy duty lemon on top. Perhaps the Voile d’Extrait (in all four fragrances) would be more suited to my body chemistry.

    • Sandra says:

      Try the Voile d’Extraits – they are different to the EdP and in my mind perfection. I am in trouble because I want two at least!

  12. Vanessa says:

    I tried this in London courtesy of Val the Cookie Queen who was modelling it at the time – I prefer it to original Mito, which I find a bit astringent in a Sous Le Vent kind of way. Will definitely try this again at the next opportunity and thanks for reviewing it!

    • Sandra says:

      Astringent is a good word. If I like the Voile this much I am curious what I will think of the extrait. Hope you get to try some soon.

  13. fruwinther says:

    I just bought this one.Blind. I LIKE the edp.,but don’t LOVE, and I have a strong gut feeling this might be the miracle I think it is.

  14. Eva S says:

    I’ve orded samples of this and Rubj Voile d’E, they sound lso lovely! Also I like spraying better than dabbing so I think these might suit me better.

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