Monday Question – You Must Choose! The Swiss Edition: Vero Profumo Vs. Tauer Perfumes

Today we have another special edition Monday Question where we pitch two brands against one another.

The previous matches (Chanel vs. Guerlain, Parfumerie Générale vs. By Kilian and Serge Lutens vs. Frederic Malle) have been so much fun that we want do it again!

This time the two Swiss indie brands Vero Profumo by Vero Kern and Tauer Perfumes by Andy Tauer are up for your decision.

Which line do you prefer? What perfumer gets your vote? Are you a Tauer fan or is life without Vero impossible for you?

One or the other – you must choose!

(Please be aware that this is all in good fun, we love them both and bear no ill will towards any indie brand!)


My Answer:

My answer is easy in that case, but not because I love the one and not the other… let me explain.


I choose Vero Profumo, because I adore the perfumes and the woman behind them. I can’t live without Onda in my perfume closet, I love nothing more than Rubj in summer, Kiki is a lovely and lively choice whenever I want to travel to Paris in my mind and Mito is perfection year-round, no matter where or when, it is always the right choice.


I have been less lucky with Tauer Perfumes, because – woe is me – I am allergic to a good many of them. I love the contemplative stillness of Incense Extreme, the wide vista opening in my mind’s eye that Incense Rosé provides and Une Rose Vermeille is the perfect fruity-floral on the highest level. Unfortunately, I can’t wear them. The strong concentration of naturals seem to be too much for my skin, maybe there is some common ingredient to all of them that is the culprit, I don’t know. I have to admire them from afar.

So what about you? Which Swiss genius gets your vote?


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76 Responses to Monday Question – You Must Choose! The Swiss Edition: Vero Profumo Vs. Tauer Perfumes

  1. Lady Jane Grey says:

    Well, hm, non of them, unfortunately. I tried, I tried, I even forced – but they’re a complete no-go for me. From Vero Kern I can handle Mito – which means I at least don’t run to wash it off. And I haven’t got even that far with Tauer yet.

  2. cookie queen says:

    I am supposed to be making cookie dough, not reading blogs. That is a heavy question so early in the morning. I cannot bring myself to chose right now. Later. 😉

  3. Undina says:

    It’s not a fair choice in my case – Tauer Perfumes.

    Why not fair? Because not only Andy Tauer has much more perfumes in his line in general but I tried most of them and just several work for me (I love Une Rose Vermeille, like Zeta, Lonestar Memories and L’Air du desert marocain) the rest are definitely not my cup of tea. With Vero Kern I tried only two perfumes (Onda and Rubj) in two concentrations and only Rubj extrait is somewhat close to what I can wear (I love it one day and hate another). The other three are absolutely horrible on me. But I suspect that I might have a better luck with Kiki when I try it (love lavender!) and Mito might be also much closer to my comfort zone. But for now…

  4. Sandra says:

    Unfairly I choose Vero Profumo as I have never tried anything from Tauer. Rubj captured my heart with it joyful sunshine.

  5. Ines says:

    I’m going with Vero too.
    I enjoy Mr. Tauer’s perfumes (especially the initial ones) but Vero’s perfumes seem to go straight to my heart and soul, they are dramatic, difficult but full of love and light.
    Actually, I find it hard to describe what they do to me, but they are of the type of perfume that take no prisoners (not that I mind in the least). 😉

  6. florence raab says:

    Andy Tauer gets my vote, withouth any doubt. From Vero Kern, I know Rubj, and think it’s a very beautiful scent but……it’s not me. Don’t know the others. Andy Tauer gets my vote because with L’Air du Désert Marocain and Le Maroc pour elle, I became again “monogame” in perfumes……They are my loves and I barely can wear something else, since the first drops of L’Air du Désert Marocain sprayed on me……of course Absolue pour le Soir, Chambre Noire, Ambre Russe and Musc remain in my life but……….LADDM and LMPE have become my smells.
    I can’t wear Incence Rosé, like Auburn quite well but don’t know really the others.
    So Andy Tauer is the winner for me, even if I’m aware Vero Kern is a great perfumer.
    Have a beautiful spring!

  7. brie says:

    Once again my lack of experience precludes me from participating in this one! But judging from Undina’s response above maybe Vero (if I ever get to sample from either of the two perfumers).

  8. Alexandra says:

    This is a surprisingly easy one for me… while I admire Vero Profumo, I see them in the abstract as stunning pieces of art (art that truly moves me – Onda especially envokes such an emotional reaction) Andy Tauer is for me. He creates truly beautiful intricate perfumes that I can wear with comfort and ease: L’Air du Desert Marocain is an absolute wardrobe staple, I am looking forward to bringing out Orange Star again as the weather improves, Une Rose Chypree is just beautiful… and on I go… oh and can I just add a note for the gorgeous blue glass bottles?!

  9. Marte says:

    Difficult choice, I’m a big fan of both. But I have to choose Vero, because Onda and Rubj extrait are amazing, emotional scents that I never want to be without.

    From Tauer, I love Zeta, Une Rose Chypree, L’Air de Desert Marocain and Miriam. I also like Une Rose Vermeille and Incense Extreme. But the other perfumes in the line don’t work for me at all. So I love more of his scents, but the scents from Vero mean more to me. I could live without Zeta etc, but not without Onda and Rubj.

    • Olfactoria says:

      Marte, I feel the same. Vero just captured me and won’t let me go ever again. I believe people form strong emotional bonds with her perfumes, much more so than with other scents.

  10. Miss Woolf says:

    Vero Kern wins hands down, no questions asked. In fact she may very well claim the top spot of all time. I love them all; Onda (my one true love), Kiki, Rubj and Mito. I love the extraits and I love the EdPs. I love the bottles and I love the quirky drawings and I would love to have Ms Kern to dinner.

  11. Figuier says:

    Hmm, that’s a tough one. Tauer and Kern have very different styles, but both houses produce fantastic, original, high-quality compositions, and both tend to favour challenging, rather than easy-to-wear, scents.

    On balance my vote goes to Kern, because if I had to choose one FB from the full gamut of the two perfumers I’d probably go for the delightful Kiki parfum 🙂 Although the effervescent Rose Vermeille comes close second.

  12. Tara says:

    I admire the immense talent of both of these perfumers so much and they seem like such lovely people too. When it comes to their perfumes, while I am awe of their originality I don’t find them that wearable, but my tastes are pretty pedestrian after all 🙂

    I guess I will go for Tauer because I’d like to own Une Rose Chypree and Incense Extreme. I like Mito a lot but Sous le Vent fills that slot for me.

  13. arline says:

    Once again, I have no business commenting here. I have not tried Tauer perfumes yet, and my experience with Vero was not positive.

    I am willing to try Vero again, but one of them reminded me of heavy BO. I can’t remember which one though.

  14. Ooooh this is a tough one! They’re both incredibly talented perfumers who are very nice people… and I love perfumes from both perfumers. If forced to make a choice, I’d have to go with Vero because her style resonates most with my preferences – they’re all incredibly decadent and plush and full-bodied. I do love my Tauers, though my preference tends towards his earlier creations, and especially L’Air du Desert Morocain.

  15. lucasai says:

    Tauer all the way!

  16. susan says:

    Oh, this is an easy one for me! Andy Tauer all the way. He’s probably my favorite perfumer. Own two bottles of his and have about 5 or 6 more on the wishlist.

    That said, I haven’t even gotten around to trying any of Vero Kern’s perfumes, which I’d absolutely like to do. Still, it’s hard to imagine they’d replace Andy’s in my heart, since he’s pretty much on the pinnacle.

  17. You can’t do this to us, Birgit. It’s no fun at all!
    I adore both Andy and Vero, sweet and charming people both of them.
    If you make me choose, I’ll have to go with Vero, but probably because her selection is smaller. My experience wih all of her fragrances has been successful.
    Since Andy’s collection is bigger, I’ve had hits and I’ve had misses. I am positively crazy about Incense Rosé, Une Rose Vermeille, Une Rose Chypree, Miriam (Tableau de Parfums) and Noontide Petals.


  18. Both of these perfumers are unknown to me. It’s time to order samples! I’ve had L’Air du
    Desert Marocain recommended by several people, so I’ll start with that. Thanks for all the
    tips, Birgit & fans..

  19. Tatiana says:

    Hands down, no contest, didn’t have to think about it more than a second, Vero Profumo is the winner in my collection. As much as I love Andy and his generosity, his incredible customer service and his blog, a lot of his perfumes just don’t work for me. They are beautiful and I love to smell them on my daughter, but not on myself. There is some common ingredient that just does not work on my skin. That said, Mito! Mito! Mito! I admire Vero’s collection greatly and I love that she takes the time and care to release perfumes only when they are completely thought out.

    • Olfactoria says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Vero is completely unfazed by any kind of marketing concerns, she just does her thing. So refreshing, and the results are impeccable!

  20. kal says:

    Hi Olfactoria, I haven’t tried any of Vero Kern’s creations yet (planning to do so soon though) but I’ve tried all of Andy Tauers’; like them all and LOVE most of them, especially Incense Rosé and l’Air du Desert Marocain (got full bottles of tehse two), so my vote would go to Tauer (even if it’s a bit not fair to decide without having tried Vero Kern’s :-))

  21. Vanessa says:

    Easy – Vero Profumo, on account of Rubj, Kiki and Mito after a bit. And maybe Onda in extrait though my memory is hazy.

    With Tauer my strike rate is much more limited, though I love LADDM and Miriam. And Incense Extreme is surprisingly mild!

  22. Dubaiscents says:

    Great showdown, I love how the responses don’t seem to be going heavily in one direction or the other yet (not that I counted). I guess I am going with Tauer because I have two bottles of his line (Une Rose Vermeille and Rose Chypre) which I truly adore for their originality. I also love a few of the others including the very strange tuberose, Loretta. He also gets points for being great at blogging and active on social media and the little notes he includes with each bottle! But, I think Vero also seems like an amazing character whom I would love to meet and, I do love Rubj and Onda and am saving up my pennies so I can eventually own one of her magical creations!

  23. Bee says:

    This is an easy one: Andy Tauer (l’air du desert marocain, rose chyprée, incense rosé, and I still have to try the newest !) Unfortunately the Vero Kern scents are scrubbers on me (but I might give the last one a chance, though)

  24. anatu13 says:

    Vero! Though it is not an easy choice, for sure.

  25. Alice says:

    I’m also disqualified, as I have only tried the Tauer, and only once ages ago. From the comments I would probably prefer the Tauer, but I’m keen to try women perfumers… so obviously lots more testing to be done!

  26. Ellia says:

    My vote goes to Andy 🙂 Even if I cannot wear some of his creations I do like to sniff them now and then (I do own all of them in samples and couple of blue star bottles))).. In my opinion Andy Tauer is a genius, but very modest by nature. My personal favourite is L’Air du Desert Maroccain – cannot live without it in summer and always get lots of compliments and questions what a lovely perfume I wear 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      Wow, you’ve got the whole collection? You are a fan indeed. Good that LdDM works so well for you, it is great.

      • florence raab says:

        LdDM and Le Maroc pour Elle became perfumes I can’t live without…….especially l’Air du Désert Marocain, such a masterpiece which moves my heart so much, don’t know how or why, because it’s not my kind of perfumes but it’s been a”aouch” when we met each other.

      • Ellia says:

        yes, the whole collection – only in official samples 🙂 The full size bottles I own: L’Air du Desert Maroccain and Orange Star. Also, I would like to have a bottle of Une Rose Vermeille on my shelf – so it’s in my plans for future..

  27. dremybluz says:

    Hands down, I am a Tauer junkie. I love their lasting power. Orange Star and Miriam are two of my favorites.

  28. mridula says:

    How can I choose when I haven’t tried anything by Vero? But Andy Tauer’s perfumes are gorgeous. I have a set of samples. One drop goes a long way on me.I look forward to owing fbs of Une Rose Chypree and Une Rose Vermeille. These are my favourites. Where I can’t imagine anyone else beating him out is in the area of the conceptual. He has done a brilliant job of inviting the ordinary consumer into the creative world , of treating his customers as fellow aficionados, of sharing the creative process, and all of this is done in such a unassuming way you might not even notice that what he is doing is quite profound – respecting our presence in the process. As with any sensual art there is the artist and there is the audience (one who appreciates the art) – it takes both to make art. Just wonderful to have that kind of respect. He has my vote.

    • Olfactoria says:

      Andy has such a kind personality indeed. I love the way you describe him and his work.
      But when you get the chance, try Vero Profumo as well, you might be surprised!

  29. Suzanne says:

    Sorry I’m late to vote, but this one is easy for me: Vero! Ines expressed my sentiments about her work perfectly.

  30. I’ve tried quite a few of Andy Tauer’s creations (most of them being his early creations) and only one from Vero Profumo (Rubj). Vero Kern wins hands down for me. Can’t wait to get acquainted with the rest of her line.

  31. Kimberly says:

    While I love my Kiki edp, and would love to get my hands on the parfum concentration, I have to give my vote to Andy Tauer. Only one of his perfumes (that I have tried) work on me, but I cannot imagine being without it–Zeta. Especially in the hottest summer days it never fails to uplift and energize, while being strikingly beautiful. Such a feat!

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