Checking In – And Checking Out

I wanted to quickly pop in and let you know that this week will be a bit low on posts unfortunately. I have two half-baked reviews in the making that are not quite done yet and this week is spring break. My boys and I are planning to hit Vienna’s museums one after the other and this usually leaves me happy, but exhausted.

easter choclates

I will leave you with a few images from my favorite chocolate shop’s Easter decorations and you’ll definitely hear from me once more this week.

Have a great time, and please take a look through the archives in the meantime.

xoxo, B


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53 Responses to Checking In – And Checking Out

  1. Undina says:

    Enjoy museums! (and chocolates? 😉 )

  2. I would love to visit them with you, and eat chocolate either LOL, have a blessed Easter!

  3. Miss Woolf says:

    Have a wonderful Easter break with your boys Birgit. I hope the sun shines for you. xx

  4. Lady Jane Grey says:

    Oh yes!!! Xocolat is one of the prettiest (and most yummie) shops in Vienna. And dangerous too!

  5. poodle says:

    Have a great week!

  6. brie says:

    Please enjoy those darling boys and have a very Happy Easter, B! And those chocolates-YUM!! (very much remind me of my European heritage 🙂 !)

  7. Tara says:

    Hope you and the boys have a lovely, if exhausting, time over the spring break. Thanks for the yummy pics!

  8. ringthing says:

    Enjoy your week, Birgit. 🙂

  9. Darilyn says:

    Have a “sweet” Holiday!

  10. Farouche says:

    That’s the handsomest (and largest) Easter Bunny I’ve ever seen! Have a wonderful week with your boys.

  11. THAT will be totally fun. Enjoy,
    we will be here when you get back.
    Portia xx

  12. Suzanne says:

    Seeing those chocolate bunnies brings back really good memories. Have a wonderful time with your darling boys, Birgit!

  13. lorraine says:

    Hope you enjoy your week 🙂

  14. Those displays are beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Birgit. I hope you and your family have a wonderful time visiting the museums and enjoying spring break. I’m enjoying my spring break, too. Lots of love.

  15. Lyubov says:

    Easter is earlier with you this year – down here, in BG, we’ll have to wait till 5th May…
    Enjoy your time with the boys and do not worry about the postings! Everyone needs to spend more time with the family nowadays!

  16. Tatiana says:

    Have a good week with your boys. That chocolate looks yummy.

  17. Vanessa says:

    Enjoy the museum trail…! I take it that if the boys are in tow you will be giving the Bestattungsmuseum and the Museum für Verhütung und Schwangerschaftsabbruch a miss? 😉 😉 Though what is the age when it is considered helpful for children to be taught about death? – it’s traditionally through the loss of a pet hamster or goldfish, I believe, which I sense may not be on display in the former, though a hamster coffin would look rather cute!?

  18. Dear Brigit
    The only thing more divine than Viennese chocolate are Viennese museums!
    Have a wonderful break and look forward to having you back refreshed and invigorated!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  19. What beautiful Easter displays! I am a sucker for bunnies! Have a great and well-deserved break, Birgit!

  20. Lila says:

    Have a wonderful time! I can’t wait to visit Austria again. I love it. It’s the home of my favorite composer (Mozart) AND my favorite candy (Mozartkugeln)! I’m able to get a small dose of Austria when I visit the Julius Meinl coffee shop that’s nearby.

  21. happyface313 says:

    Have fun touring the museums and enjoy all the chocolates afterwards 😀

  22. catcardamom says:

    Have an amazing time.

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