New Fragrance, New Idea – Parfums D’Orsay Tilleul Pour La Nuit Eau de Soin

Parfums d’Orsay is a small niche line that has some lovely perfumes. I’ve been seduced by L’Intrigante, Etiquette Bleue and La Dandy so far.

Now they are launching a new scent with a new concept. Tilleul has been available as an Eau de Toilette for years, now it gets a sister. Tilleul pour la Nuit, is an alcohol-free hydrating perfume.

Tilleul pour la Nuit includes notes of blue camomille, petitgrain, lindenflower, thyme, blackwood and beeswax.

A someone who often suffers from dry skin, a condition which is exacerbated by conventional alcohol-based perfume use, this is good news.

Also linden blossom is one of the prettiest scents and not found very often. I’m looking forward to trying this.

Here is a video that demonstrates the application (I guess we would have cottoned on ourselves, but it doesn’t hurt).


What do you think? Is an alcohol-free perfume interesting for you?


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28 Responses to New Fragrance, New Idea – Parfums D’Orsay Tilleul Pour La Nuit Eau de Soin

  1. andrea says:

    Interesting idea and concept and in theory one which I am board with, I just know that I would forget to put it on at night. Luckily my Keihls body cream keeps my skin from being dry so I think I will stick to this (unfragranced too which is another advantage)

    • Olfactoria says:

      It’s probably not something that could replace your body cream, but be used in addition. I doubt that it would be that moisturizing, but at least it is not as drying as regular alcohol-based perfume. I wonder about the lasting power…

  2. lucasai says:

    Interesting. I love linden in Zeta

  3. Suzanne says:

    Although they do a great job in this video of making this seem like a sensual way to apply perfume, I wouldn’t really buy something like this. I can’t imagine that a non-alcoholic perfume like this one would hydrate very well, but maybe I’m wrong. You’ll have to let us know when you try it, Birgit!

    (I do like scented creams, though, and what Frederic Malle does with its shea butter creams is amazing … richly scented and extremely emollient. Priced accordingly.) 😀

  4. Joe says:

    The concept of alcohol-free doesn’t bother me at all — I don’t tend to like perfume *oils* though, as they make my skin too greasy. I usually moisturize with lotion or a light body oil before applying my scent anyway. D’Orsay Tilleul is a nice scent, and I have a large decant… I just never seem to want to wear it.

    • Olfactoria says:

      We all have a few of those nice, but I never get around to wear them perfumes.
      Oils are nice in winter, if I lived in California though, I’d probably avoid them too. 🙂

  5. I like the idea of non-alcohol scents, especially for winter. It is so dry here in the South that dry skin is a problem for everybody. Clinque’s Body Butter is a very nice cream. Almond oil from Vermont Country Store is also very helpful. The body lotion for Sensuous is also nice to use along with an unscented body butter. I look forward to trying D’Orsay’s Tilleul.

  6. susan says:

    I truly love linden and I like the original D’Orsay Tilleul by Olivia Gacobietti. I have been going back and forth if I would rather have a full bottle of that or of Andy Tauer’s Zeta, actually.

    As far as formulations, I have sampled a lot of perfume oils over the years because I am interested in a lot of indie/artisanal perfume lines that deal in primarily oils. But I don’t enjoy the runniness and messiness that perfume oils can sometimes generate. I have often though, wouldn’t be nice to a have sprayable oil or just an oil that isn’t as runny. Some lines have experimented with this, for example various special edition Chanel formulations. There was a No. 5 Sensuel Elixir a few years ago that was divine. So this is intriguing to me both from a scent perspective and from a formula perspective.

  7. Yes, a non~alcoholic fragrance is great news from a health perspective…the less chemicals in our skin and body products, the better. Natural chemical constituents from plants, flowers, trees, spices, etc affect our moods and emotional balance. Any synthetic chemicals are also inhaled and absorbed through the skin so keeping proucts purer is safer for us and the Planet.

  8. Undina says:

    Ok, here I come – all negative (but it should be OK, since I’m commenting in the end): I hate almost everything about this product. Pipette for the applicator?! Really? And where will I store it in between the applications so that it won’t get dirty and don’t transfer the “perfume” to everything it touches? Was it really necessary to show for a minute how to apply a body product? Well, if you do it at that speed, I guess. As mentioned above by several people, it’s not something new: perfume scented body creams and lotions are widely available.
    I like lindon blossom and wouldn’t mind trying this product but I wouldn’t consider it a perfume.

  9. annemariec says:

    I wonder how long lasting this would be and would the perfume project adequately? Those are always my first questions when I see perfume in a new form, as I seem to have moderately scent-eating skin. I hope you can give this a go, and report back! Like Undina, I’m skeptical about the pipette.

    Unscented lotion may help with scent-eating skin, but as Victoria of Bois de Jas. pointed out once, unscented lotions tend to have things in them that mask scent. So you get no advantage. Hmmm …

  10. I don’t know how I feel about alcohol-free scents. The only experience I have with them is the CB I Hate Perfume Line and as gorgeous as some are, those water perfumes wear strangely on the skin.

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