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Win An Olfactory Trip To India! – Neela Vermeire Creations Giveaway

Neela Vermeire, the creatrice of one of the best niche line launched in the recent past, is not only a talented and incredibly nice woman, she is also a generous one. I regularly wear the intricate perfumes Bertrand Duchaufour created, … Continue reading

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Undeserving – Review: Nabucco Amytis Parfum Fin

There are perfumes I’d love to own, if only I wasn’t a fumie. What I mean is that some perfumes deserve to become part of a person, deserve to stand alone, be admired and most importantly, be used day after … Continue reading

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Monday Question – What Do You Wish You Had Known At The Beginning Of Your Perfume Hobby?

Remember when you where all new and excited about discovering this new world? A world full of perfume and full of people just as obsessed as yourself? When you look back, what do you wish you had known from the … Continue reading

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London Calling – Meet Me At Les Senteurs!

I will be in London for a few days at the end of October and would love to meet London-based readers (and fellow bloggers)! I will be at Les Senteurs at 2, Seymore Place on Friday, 26th from 4-6pm. I … Continue reading

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Memories – Review: Comme de Garcons Series 3 Incense, Avignon

I used to go to church every Sunday as a child, and on high holidays like Christmas or Easter I went for up to five days in a row. (Easter sure is a busy time for Catholics.) There were times … Continue reading

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Out Of The Box – Mainstream Mini-Reviews Part 4

Here comes Part 4 of the fondly received Mainstream series. (Read up on Parts 1, 2 and 3 here.) My sample box has been replenished somewhat in the past months, somehow I never have trouble at all procuring the latest … Continue reading

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And The Winner Is – Malle Giveaway Winner Announced

I think the participation to win a Carnal Flower decant is testament to the special position this perfume has among connoisseurs. We all know it, most of us love it and many went for the chance to win some. Not to forget … Continue reading

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The Scent Of Innocence – Review: Jo Malone Blackberry And Bay Cologne

Am I a great Jo Malone fan? No. Honestly, while I always loved the visuals of the brand, I used to look down on the perfumes from my undeserved, little Perfumista pedestal as cute, but uninspired. My, how arrogant can … Continue reading

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Monday Question – What Is The Best Perfume To Make A Good First Impression?

Which perfume would you wear for a job interview? Which one for a first date? What perfumes are projecting an ideal version of you? How would you like to be seen by others and which perfume smells like that? My … Continue reading

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Curves – Review: Guerlain Shalimar Ode A La Vanille Sur La Route De Madagascar

Guerlain’s ten-word-long flanker to its classic oriental Shalimar, just recently came out as a limited edition. Shalimar is a perfume I like it almost all its many incarnations, and I also own the first Ode a la Vanille, that came … Continue reading

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