Win One Of Ten Samples Of Puredistance Opardu! – Giveaway

The lovely people of Puredistance offered a wonderful giveaway for you, my dear readers!

Ten (10) sample boxes of their new perfume Opardu, to be released in November of this year, will be given away to ten lucky winners.

To win, please leave a comment on this post. In keeping with the tone of this beautiful perfume, please state what you are missing from the past.

Tweeting or sharing this post on Facebook or other social media sites, wins you an additional entry.

The giveaway is open until Tuesday, September 25, the winners will be announced on the blog on September 27. The samples will be shipped directly from Puredistance in Holland. The contest is open worldwide.

A big thank you to the team at Puredistance for this generous opportunity!


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173 Responses to Win One Of Ten Samples Of Puredistance Opardu! – Giveaway

  1. Joan says:

    What perfume I miss? Vanilia.

    What I miss in general? The ice cream truck.

  2. I am missing talking to my mum while she sits on a hand-embroidered (by her mother) stool at her dressing table, making up her face. The stool is under my legs as I write this, but my mother is no longer here – except in my heart.

  3. Lyubov says:

    What a generous giveway! Thank you, Puredistance! Thanks, B.!
    However, this one made me melancholic and cannot help thinking of my Grandfather and the strolls we took among the ripening cherry-trees. He was a professor agronomist, specialized in cherry-tree selection and when I was little, he used to take me from the kindergarten and I helped him with the scientific work. Can you imagine what kind of work it was – me, running from one tree to another, picking cherries, tasting all kinds of breeds (black, yellow, pink and red, of course). I miss this a lot…

  4. Irina says:

    I think I’m missing most the time pace- things developped slower
    and I’ll always miss my first love

  5. I am missing the carefree days of my youth and the scents I used to wear then.One was Tramp by Lentheric.You cant get it anymore but I have a tiny sample still to reminisce at least.
    Will tweet and share competition on social media

  6. TaffyJ says:

    I am missing my Aunt Mary, who was outgoing and fun and regal in her White Diamonds. She also was the family historian, and I would have loved to pick up the phone and call her today when a cousin asked a specific question about our heritage.

  7. datura5750 says:

    I miss the Michigan strawberries of my youth, only available a few weeks in June, but with an incomparable scent and taste.

  8. Scottie says:

    Wow- this perfume sounds quite amazing- thank you for the opportunity to possibly try it!
    I suppose that sometimes I miss a certain feeling of possibility. But of course I still strive to keep this within me…

  9. Safran says:

    I miss my grandmother a lot. She would be hundred in October and although she passed away 11 years ago, she is still very present. She was a very giving and loving person and at the same time independent and witty in her thinking. Funny enough, the last scent I remember her wearing, was Dior Fahrenheit.
    Of the Pure Distance line I love M the most – one of the rare scents, I fell in love with within the first moments of smelling it!


  10. Thanks for the giveaway Puredistance and B! What I miss from the past, I miss the feeling I had that anything was possible, I had so much time ahead of me and I was going to do so much in my life. Now at 54 I realize that time flies and I have to hurry up if I want to be able to try all the fragrances I just MUST try! As always I share on twitter, facebook and Pinterest.

  11. Simo says:

    Thanks for the draw and I had to chime in: opardu sounds right up my alley.
    There are many people and things I miss form the past, and, like everyone elese, I have my share of questions and maybe regrets… but try not to dwell on these feelings.
    Actually, I like to indulge in a melancholic mood sometimes, but I rather have my “spleen” originate from a contemplative situation – a landscape, the light of day, a music, rather than more dangereous memories!

  12. I miss my cat June and the smell of her soft neck. Bottle that and I’d never use anything else.

  13. lucasai says:

    You meant Tuesday SEPTEMBER 25 not October, right?

    What I miss from the past? A carefree time when school ended around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, not at 7 in the evening as they often end around this hour now at university.
    I also miss those times when summer holiday was more exciting, when going to grandma or to the Polish seaside was a big adventure

  14. Civava says:

    I miss market less crowded with perfume releases. I wish there would be more quality over quantity. And on general i miss life less complicated…and all my dogs of course.

  15. Larimar says:

    Oh wow, nice opportunity! Opardu is under my radar, because of exactly what I am missing (most) from the past (perfume) – it is floral opulence, a natural quality feel I hasten to add, which seems to be more or less a thing of the past due to regulations and cutting cost.

  16. andreawilko says:

    I miss my Grandmother sitting in my armchair rocking my daughter to sleep, my Grandmother took her leave 2 years ago and I miss her every single day, my daughter is now 12 going on 26, I miss my children being little, they grow up shockingly fast.
    Thank you for the competition, puredistance 1 is on my top 10 favourite perfumes, I can’t wait to try the new release.

  17. Dubaiscents says:

    Thanks for doing this on my birthday when I am already thinking of the past and how I am getting older! 🙂 But, what I miss the most from the past is being home with all three of my sisters and playing for endless hours out in the woods or at the lake or just anywhere! We are all spread out now and we only get together a couple of times a year!
    Thanks to you and Puredistance for a wonderful give away!

    • Olfactoria says:

      A very happy Birthday, dear dubaiscents!!!
      It’s sad to see family so seldom. Wow, four girls, that must have been a handful for your parents! 😉

      • nancysg says:

        As the mother of those four girls, my memories are sometimes a fog. It was so busy I missed some of the moments. I do remember the girls all going out to the woods to play. And there was a stream to make it even more fun! Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter!

  18. Asali says:

    I just can’t wait to try this wonderful perfume. As with many others here, I miss my grandmother, we were very close and she had the softest and most beautiful hands. She loved lilacs, I think I inherited that love from her. So, always in search of the perfect lilac:-)
    Thank you for the wonderful draw Puredistance and Birgit

  19. Sassa says:

    “As a teenager you are at the last stage in your life when you will be happy to hear that the phone is for you” – Fran Liebowitz
    That’s what I miss- the feeling that the unexpected will be something great instead of another hurdle to get over.
    I also miss WomensWear by Alexander Julian. My signature scent until it was discontinued..

  20. poodle says:

    I miss lots of things. I miss living closer to my mom. When I got married I had to move over an hour away and my family never drives here to see me. I only see them if I go there it seems but that’s not something I can do as often as I’d like. I do call her every day but it would be nice if she and the rest of my family were closer.
    Thanks for the draw.

  21. Darilyn says:

    Now that I live in Florida, I miss the fall season in New England.
    I dream of the beautiful colors of the turning leaves and their scent as we
    raked them into huge piles. The crisp fall air is so invigorating…
    Thanks for the draw!

  22. anatu13 says:

    I miss baking Christmas cookies with my mom. Spritz, candy cane cookies, Russian teacakes… : )

  23. Nina says:

    Boy, there are so many things I miss. I miss the feeling that sitting and watching my son play in a playground seemed endless. I miss my Dad, whom we called the Lilac Bandit, since he had a pair of pruning shears in his car trunk and when he saw lilacs growing somewhere he’d snag a few for my mother who loved them. I too miss the time when there wasn’t a tsunami of new fragrances and give thanks to you for clearing the fog. I miss my granddaughters who live a far pace from me and I don’t have a car! Thanks.

  24. carole macleod says:

    I miss Je Reviens, in the original parfum. It was her signature scnet, and she wore it well 🙂

    i miss my mom, who lost her long battle with illness in April of this year.

  25. Ursula says:

    Opardu – the name says something like Jeu Pardu – reminiscent of things past. I like a “quiet and reflective perfume” like you say in your review. The modern world is full of energy and haste … I like it quiet. Thanks for entering me into the draw.

  26. Åsa Firth says:

    Oh the past, the past… I have truly re-entered the past with a recent move to Cologne. And I miss so much; I miss my mother, I miss the endless trips on the Rhine with my Oma. I miss the ridiculous ride up Drachenfels on the back of a donkey. I miss the heady scent of hot summer afternoons walking down to the bakery to buy kuchen after our siesta. Bittersweet longings… tears and laughter all in a tangle.

    • Olfactoria says:

      That is exactly the feeling Opardu evokes in me. How lovely that you are reuniting with your childhood memories now.

      • Åsa Firth says:

        That sounds so promising Birgit, and just what I’m looking for right now… I loved the words in your (beautiful) review: “bitter-sweet memories, rueful glances backwards, rain-drenched lilac”. I am still looking for my perfect lilac, for as much as I wanted (so badly) to love En Passant I just didn’t, I couldn’t. After an all too brief splash of gorgeous fresh lilac, my skin turned it into something horrible; mothballs, perspiration.

        • Olfactoria says:

          I hope Puredistance Opardu is what you are looking for, it definitely was for me.
          En Passant is lovely at first,but I couldn’t stand wearing it after the first 15 minutes or so either.

  27. Ann-Sofie says:

    Oh wow – many thanks for this opportunity!
    I miss the slow warm summerdays of youth, playing in the rose bushes, being scratched by their thorns and smelling the mixture of slightly spicy roses, raw damp earth and lush greens. a fragrance ever to be cought in a bottle, forever stuck in memory.

  28. ringthing says:

    What a nice opportunity, thank you so much! I miss the time when my children were young: baking together, arts & crafts projects, the endless questions….

  29. susan says:

    I miss my parents’ farm very badly. It’s still there, I just only get to spend a few weeks a year there now…

  30. Diana Cotter says:

    I miss my Dad and the smell of Autumn apples ripening in the shed, the prickly rasp of his chin when he gathered me in for a hug and his occasional, unguarded giggle when he had just a drop too much sherry at Christmas.

  31. Joaquim says:

    I miss the winter days in Edinburgh, the whole city is a cold, cloudy and magic wonder. 5ºC, rain, an overcoat and Onda in extrait, the perfect moment for a melanchoholic like me.
    Thank you and Puredistance for the draw, Opardu sounds amazing.

  32. Heather says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I miss spending entire days reading on the grass, on the countryside…as a kid I could get so wrapped up in books I had no awareness of time passing, and it was great.

  33. What a great opportunity! Thank you Birgit and Puredistance!

    I miss my parents. They live halfway across the country and talking to them on the phone always makes me cry that I can’t be there whenever I want to be there.

  34. cheesegan says:

    I miss oak moss, my Grandmother, and time when my hometown was not cool and no one wanted to live here.

  35. lissa says:

    I too, am awaiting the release of this o, so promising perfume. I have been searching for it. I miss my mother and her extraordinary rose garden in California, sentimentally educating me with such ~beauty and ~fragility. I have been searching for these delicacies ever since.

  36. Missionista says:

    I miss going swimming every day in the summer.

  37. Starre says:

    I miss the beautiful farmers markets of california. MMMM the best in organic fruits and vegetables. Picked ripe so they smell and taste like a peach, strawberry or tomato

  38. ninazolotow says:

    I miss many of the things that other people have mentioned–loved ones who have died or moved away, my childhood home and neighborhood, etc.—but I try as much as possible to live in the present and to be grateful for what I have now. I always think of this quote from William Blake:

    He who binds to himself a joy. Does the winged life destroy; But he who kisses the joy as it flies. Lives in Eternity’s sunrise.

  39. Magnus says:

    I miss an Opardu in my perfume cabinet

  40. Anna in Edinburgh says:

    It seems a feature of late summer and early autumn to feel nostalgic, and I’m trying to resist it but my son’s birthday tomorrow reminds me how quickly time passes. It’ll soon be the autumnal equinox here. I think I’ll give in to the nostalgia, actually!

  41. Gnosmic says:

    Kickball, firecrackers, innocence, and mousse de chêne!

  42. Glogirl says:

    I miss visiting my grandparents at their farm. They have both passed on now and the farm has been sold (the house in fact was taken down). But I still have special memories of my grandparents which cannot be taken away.

  43. Nona says:

    Best regards from Vilnius! Love to win 🙂 I’m a biggest Puredistance fan in town 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      Hello Nona,
      since Opardu harks back to a sentimental past, is there anything you miss about the past you’d like to share?
      (Not the be a stickler for principle, but that was the rule to enter the draw.) 🙂

      • Nona says:

        Of course, I’d love to share … ))
        Sometimes I miss the days when I traveled a lot, and had more opportunities to try more out of beautiful and adventurous life.
        Missing a lot of Monte Carlo and San-Tropez atmosphere,magical boutiques full of beauty things,beaches,and some friends.

  44. Eva S says:

    The beginning of autumn brings to mind a young patient who wrote and sang such beautiful songs about this season. I miss her.

  45. Ana says:

    I miss falling in love. I miss my teenage years. I miss my friends and my parents. I miss the slow pace of things.I miss sunshine and warm summers.I miss my grandmother. I miss so many things, it’s probably a bad sign.

  46. trickyholly says:

    I have the ability to wax nostalgic about almost anything, but right now, it’s for a time when I lived in NYC and all of my very best friends did, too. Thanks for the draw!

  47. Kaia says:

    Oh, I miss a feeling of wanting to fall asleep as fast as I can, so the next day begins. Now I just want to sleep as long as I can, mother’s weekdays, lol.

  48. Isayah says:

    Nostalgia is a tango tune, a night you never want to end, the first words of your beloved on that morning you cannot forget. It is the smell of roses in a long lost garden, the first words of a poem, all things of beauty, close to the heart, never quite there, never quite lost…

  49. hajusuuri says:

    Thanks for the draw! I miss having dogs and cats, but I don’t miss the cleaning up after them part 🙂

  50. Lynne says:

    What I miss—milk delivered to your door in glass bottles:) Thanks for the draw~!!!!

  51. Undina says:

    There is nothing I can think of in terms “I miss…” off the top of my head so I should probably let sleeping dogs lie 😉

    As much as I like Opardu, no need entering me into the draw since I’ve got my sample already. But I shared it on Twitter and FB.

  52. Georgina Sarna says:

    I miss that very first moment many years ago when, in my teens, ‘Je Reviens’ held me softly and tenderly. That began my love affair with perfumes. Now, many decades and fragrances later, I continue to chase that experience with every new release that I open myself up to. Perhaps I will find it again with Opardu?

    Thank you and Puredistance for a chance at the giveaway.

  53. Michael says:

    I miss that child-like joy, it is so much harder to come by in adulthood. Sometimes I get little bits of that back with really amazing new perfumes though, so I am very greatful for that. I don’t miss the poor choices of colognes made in my teens though! Lol.

  54. Julie says:

    I miss my parents and the slower pace of life. If I knew then what I know now. Thanks to you and Puredistance for this draw.

  55. shylotus says:

    What a generous draw, thanks Puredistance & Birgit!
    I miss my mom. She and my dad retired down to the Outer Banks (in North Carolina) about 25 years ago. Still see her on holidays but not as often as I’d like 🙂

  56. Lindaloo says:

    Thanks, Birgit for hosting this great draw opportunity.
    Something I miss from the past is the large yard of the home I grew up in. We had huge vegetable gardens; pear, plum and cherry trees; strawberries and grapes; yew hedges, juniper bushes and a fir tree; and oh so many flowers — pansies and petunias as borders, marigolds around one entire garden, clematis over the front of the house, over 50 gorgeous rose bushes, and my favourites, lily-of-the valley and lilacs. I’d love to see if I could detect the lilac note in Opardu.

  57. Ariane says:

    Oh,it is so lovely reading people’s comments,I miss so much,in a few months’ time I will return to my Heimat after many years abroad,that should put an end to missing the seasons,the smell of wet leaves on the ground,the first daffodils and lilacs,which I adore but so far has not worked for me in perfume.But then I will still miss the times when I still wrote and received letters,being silly and dancing to the Beatles with my girlfriends,falling in love,record players,glamour,my mum putting a ball gown on to go to the opera!Thank you for this draw and thought provoking question-here’s to the present which we will miss one day!

  58. Anna says:

    I miss summers I spend with my grandmam and pap on our summercottage. All those beautiful moments, rest after a meal, radio listening, strawberries with milk and all the things I did with them. They are both passed away =( Summer cottage is still there, of course, but it doesn’t have the same spirit anymore. Younger people doens’t spend their time at the same way as older people did. They (we) like to spend their time in the city, not in the country where you have to work more…I would like to go there more, but it is not near.

    Thanks for the giveaway! ❤

  59. Ccc says:

    I miss the energy and the innocence of childhood. I miss my granma more than everything. Her steel blue eyes and witty comments.

    Wonderful giveaway. Thank you!

  60. Sorry I’m late but I would love to be in the draw, what I miss from the past is my youth,
    Portia xx

  61. Gabry says:

    I miss the smell of my grandparents bedroom, when I was a little girl in the ’60: the ancient house, the old brown furnishings polished with aromatic oils, springs of lavander under the pillows, the open bottle of my grandpa cologne, and the foggy ground and the grass cut out. Lovely place, long time ago, near a little town in the Padana Plain of the north of Italy…..

  62. Bee says:

    the years go by, experience has become a precious asset, but I do sometimes miss the naïve thrill of novelties. Is that why I’m really looking forward to this new puredistance scent? …all of the previous ones are on my wish list.

  63. dremybluz says:

    I miss Christmas mornings as a child watching my dad open his customary green glass bottle of Royal Lyme aftershave and my mom opening her crystal bottle of Sortilege perfume. He was such a great man.He has been gone 2 years now–my eyes still tear up every time I think of him. Mom says, that whatever Sortilege is out there, just doesn’t smell the same so she refuses to wear it any longer. I still keep a bottle of Sortilege stashed away so I can occasionally take a whiff, and remember all the glorius days of childhood Christmases. Thanks again for your continued generosity through your many giveaways.

  64. Maureen says:

    I miss dancing…I use to go out dancing with my late husband (miss him too), and it seems like the only time I ever dance now is maybe at weddings….must get out more. I would love to find a new scent to give me a thrill like dancing once did. Thanks for the wonderful draw.

  65. erda says:

    These comments are so beautiful and nostalgic for such precious and personal things. The thing I miss the most is of a very different character, more public and less personal: I miss civil discourse. I miss a time when you could offer a different opinion from someone else without inviting a huge mushroom cloud of vituperation in return. I miss the world we had before almost every form of public media (except maybe the perfume blog) became clogged with expressions of anger and hate. Perfume is a wonderful respite from the now.

  66. Benjamin Johnson says:

    I miss the fall time where I grew up at, when the first frosts turned all the fields and trees a rainbow of colors

  67. Judy says:

    I miss being the mother of young children. My three are now 22, 19 and 15. Which I will miss every bit as much.

    Thank you for this opportunity. I’ve enjoyed reading the other posts.

  68. Cybele says:

    I miss real film footage.

  69. Laura says:

    I miss my Grandmothers spirit of art and love for the birds outside her window that would flutter and sing in gratitude of the garden and seed she provided for them. I miss the big apple tree in her yard that I could climb and pick a beautiful green tart fruit. I miss her sweet smelling arms with soft cool skin that I could put my face into for comfort. I would watch her tirelessly making pies or rich brown bread that I could slice and enjoy eating warm with butter sliding over the top. I miss her pretty rose painted tea pot that would wind up on the bottom to play “tea for two”, causing an eruption of giggles from my sister and I while we had tea parties with her. I miss the scent of lilac she seemed to love so much. I miss watching her brush her brown wavy hair in the morning as she prepared to pin it up in the french twist she wore everyday. I miss her quiet serenity. She always smelled nice. A lovely lady of the early 1900’s, I take her unique beauty with me.

  70. sammm says:

    I miss a 50 year old, 12 foot tall false palm tree that I had to leave in my old apartment when I moved to a place with a lower ceiling. I don’t know if I’m ever getting over that, it was like leaving a beloved pet behind.

  71. Lydia says:

    I miss my grandmother almost every day. While I was driving today some other car cut me off suddenly, and as I drove around it I was thisclose to shaking my fist at the driver like she used to do. It’s the little idiosyncrasies that really mark an individual, and she had quite a few.

  72. Gisela says:

    I already miss my two week old grandson I havn’t seen for a week now. And I always used to make fun of grandmas who couldn’t get enough of their grandchildren. 😉

  73. AnnaK says:

    Thanks for the giveaway ! a lot of ice cream and candy)))

  74. Tony says:

    I miss my university days… Those were the fun days..hahah …thanks for the draw!

  75. ancabalut says:

    I was born in Romania, a country renowned for it’s beautiful relief and for it’s fairy villages. I am very happy to see that some of us have solind terms of reference, namely our grandparents. Me too, I miss my grandparents. I miss a lot the smell of the sunny garden that I was visiting just I was arriving to my grandparent’s house, I miss the smell of the vegetables I was picking up with my grandmother, I miss the moments when I was waiting my grandmother to milk the caw and carrying the trug with the milk, the smell of fresh milk that I was drinking, the smell of the fields where I have discovered the little sweet pie, the smell of my grandfather’s carpenter’s shop, where he was creating wheels, and where he was creating or reconditioning different housewares from the people in the village. I also miss the smell of the tile stove, where I was nursing the fire and when my grandmother was ranking out the fire during my winter holidays. It seems that all this have a different smell since they passed away. And last, but not least, I have to mention that my grandmother (my mother’s mom) bought my first ever fragrance when I was seven years old from the handicraft cooperative from the village. Maybe the new Purdistance fragrance will keep me in touch with all this olfactive memories.

    Thank you Birgit and Purdistance for this chance.

  76. ancabalut says:

    I wanted to say sweet peas, not sweet pie 🙂

  77. Colleen says:

    What I miss, hurm, probably vintage L’air du Temps. I’m currently craving a slice of my dad’s pumpkin pie right now as the temperature drops.

  78. Kenny Cologne says:

    I miss the days before IFRA starting banning all the good ingredients. I appreciate Puredistance for bringing the back the glory of real perfumery.

  79. Hope I am not to late to get in on this..Love Puredistance

  80. szappanbubi says:

    I miss gathering friends altogether and playing board or card games, also sleeping outside in a pretty little plastic-smelled house-like tent in our garden !

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