Chandler Burr’s S01E02 Revealed And Announcement of S01E03

Chander Burr revealed the second blind sniff perfume S01E02 today and it is Mugler Cologne.

You can see the video with Chandler Burr and Katie Puckrik here: OpenSkyReveal

I feel extremely smug as this is exactly the perfume I thought it would be (as stated here).

As for the new, third scent in the Untitled series for the month of August?

Here is the description:

“Like all great works of olfactory art, S01E03, which is not a commercial scent, confirms scent’s power when shared. It confirms it several ways.
E03 demonstrates, for example, that what can roughly be termed volume is a hugely important design piece to all olfactory works. I don’t mean volume merely in the crude, obvious sense of turning the dial up to 10, or using blinding neon acrylics, or packing a scent with a molecule called Karenal, whose decibel level can make your metaphorical ears bleed. Volume is also tonality and texture—smooth vs. rough, clear vs. opaque, an upper vs. an anxiolytic. E03 is pure tone, like a steel tuning fork held up in the air humming a perfect A to the cochlea. Smooth. Clear. But the odd, beautiful thing is that E03 is simultaneously an upper— it makes you alert like a clarion call — and an anxiolytic— calming, tranquilizing, two virtually weightless fingertips brushing your temples.”

Care to venture a guess? I must say this time I’m stumped, this needs a bit of thinking…

Will you get in on the fun this month?


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24 Responses to Chandler Burr’s S01E02 Revealed And Announcement of S01E03

  1. Congrats! Good guess!

    Yesterday I was comparing S01E02 with Frédéric Malle’s Outrageous. They were obviously not the same scent, but I thought they smelled similarly. I think CB wised up to making the descriptions more opaque. Wondering if I should play again . . .

  2. judith dm says:

    I knew it would be Mugler from the opening line!

  3. laniersmith says:

    bright and pretty and smart!
    I can’t wait to get home and watch the video.

  4. Undina says:

    I do not see the video, I have no idea where it is on OpenSky site – I tried both your and Katie’s links. And tried the Search on the site as well. I see Cologne offered for sale, I see both episodes descriptions and the reveal of the first one but that’s it.

    I was also very pleased: I predicted two months ago a possibility of getting Thierry Mugler’s Cologne as an offer in this game. And a month ago, agreeing with your prediction, I posted in a comment two descriptions by CB – one for S01E02 and one for Cologne.

    I have to say again: I would have recognized this one as well even smelled “in the wild”. But it’s a fun game – and free! – trying to figure out what is the next offering without even smelling it 🙂 Since the third installment isn’t a commercial scent I’m less interested in guessing (and I know that I can usually recognize only perfumes that I know really well) but probably we’re looking at some aroma chemical.

  5. Lady Jane Grey says:

    Cryptic, indeed…

  6. L. says:

    I haven’t viewed the reveal videos but I’ve been let down by Mr. Burr’s choices, particularly Infusion d’Iris. Shows art is fairly subjuctive I suppose. Actually I appreciate Cologne, but it’s not the masterwork this project promises. From his description of #2, I imagined Gucci Envy but since it’s out of production I knew that wouldn’t be the identity.

    This new one, Ambroxan? (ie, Molecule 02, Another 13, Not a Perfume)? Ear-splitting and subliminal.

    • Olfactoria says:

      Art is subjective, I agree. I don’t share Chandler’s taste, but respect his passion and knowledge tremendously.

      As for No3, I also thought in the same direction as you, but the description mentions two perfumes, and those one molecule creations don’t exactly need two people… 😉

      • L. says:

        Yeah, wasn’t sure if the “two fingers” were two accords/two molecules, or a metaphor for the fingers on the temples effect he claims this has. For the record I think Ambroxan is like two fingers poking your eyes, over and over again, for days.

        He also said noncommercial, but that probably means niche.

        Wish one of your readers was picking the mystery scents!

        • Olfactoria says:

          You’re not an Ambroxan fan, huh? 😉
          (Me neither.)
          I’m glad Chandler Burr uses his considerable influence to do something like this at all, every kind of promotion for perfume as an art is good in the end, in my opinion.

  7. Julie says:

    Um, the tuning fork mention made me think of Incense Pure by Sonoma Scent Studio. I don’t have good access to perfume in my area, so just drawing from what I’ve smelled.

  8. masha7 says:

    This project is definitely gaining momentum- the 3rd perfume sold out in less than 24 hours!! It’s for $50 instead of $25 like last time…which will be a bit awkward if it proves to be nothing but a dilution of Ambroxan! 😉

    • Undina says:

      It was just a glitch, the perfume isn’t sold out. But it’s the most expensive offering so far: S01E01 – $50/50ml; S01E02 – $25/30ml; S01E03 – $50/30ml. For the sake of the project I really hope it’s not just another Molecule 0X.

    • Olfactoria says:

      Hahaha, yes! But I think the cost must be linked to the actual cost of the juice, which bodes well that it is a bit more than Ambroxan.

  9. Asali says:

    Hmm, but it also mentions that “Christy Turlington is in the perfume’s ad”, that’s weird isn’t it, for a “non-commercial” perfume?
    And he says “E03’s artists— they are two— are among the most talented and least timid I know” so definitely two perfumers.
    I completely agree with you on this “I don’t share Chandler’s taste, but respect his passion and knowledge tremendously”, Birgit.

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