Beautiful Perfume Advertisements – Chanel Coco Movie

The advertisement for Chanel Coco with Vanessa Paradis and a beautiful cat from 1993 is famous.

I don’t see Coco advertised at all anymore, which is sad.

I adore this commercial! It is so well made, very original and that lovely cat!

What do you think about the perfume?

I once called Coco dated, but I’m obviously not to be trusted, since I have re-acquainted myself with it recently and think it is gorgeous. What is your opinion?


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16 Responses to Beautiful Perfume Advertisements – Chanel Coco Movie

  1. annemariec says:

    The outstanding thing is that Vanessa Paradis really did have to learn swing on that trapeze thingy. These days I suppose you could CGI it. But I have never really understood the relationship between the girl-bird in the cage, and the Coco Chanel figure, and the perfume. Odd, but fun. Still, I prefer the Ines de la Fressange ads, to be honest.

    I went through an intense Coco phase a few years ago, but hardly wear it now. I had better remedy that. I find it friendly and comforting, but also smart. Of course for a lot of people Coco brings back the 1980s, in a bad way.

  2. Siren says:

    The cage with bird figure is inspired by the little cage found in Coco Chanel’s apartment.. The perfume Coco was a reflection of Coco Chanel’s personal environment, full of symbols like frogs, turtles and oriental-style furniture in contrary to her sleek and masculin designs. They picked that cage as the inspiration piece and worked with it for the advertisement.

  3. Nina says:

    Love Coco like crazy, always have. Yes, Ms. Sanchez and Mr. Turin call it dated, but their opinions are just that. Love the ads too. Sadly, I worry that the formula has changed. Anyone else think so?

    • Olfactoria says:

      I recently “got together” with Coco again and I am starting to love her.
      I can’t comment on the reformulation issue here unfortunately. 😦

    • Gabriele Hussmann says:

      I recently compared a drop of vintage Coco EdP from the early 90s on my left wrist with a sample from a recent bottle in a perfume store. The shop assistant told me in al earnest that nothing had changed. I let her smell. The new version is barely recognizable. Sad!

  4. Suzanne says:

    Coco is on my Top Twenty list. I don’t own a bottle but have a decant of the gorgeous eau de parfum thanks to the gracious and lovely Undina.

    To me, that ad is perfect for Coco, as the fragrance is more playful than most Chanel perfumes. Everybit as elegant and gorgeous and French, but more playful. 😉

  5. Tatiana says:

    I’ve never owned Coco, but it was my friend’s signature fragrance. I loved being around her because she smelled so beautiful. I’ve been toying with the idea of buying myself a bottle. But the list of what I desire keeps growing, so I need to prioritize.

  6. Civava says:

    I’d trade any Chanel No.5 for Coco. Coco is very me. My alter ego 😉 of past times.

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