You Have Chosen! – By Kilian vs. Parfumerie Générale: The Statistics

The last Monday Question pitched two houses against one another – the luxurious By Kilian and the prolific Parfumerie Générale.

The lovely Undina, uncontested statistics champion of Perfumeland, was kind enough to devote her time again to make to amazing graphs showing the outcome of your votes. Thank you so much, Undina!

Mr Hennessy looks decidedly sad in this photo, no wonder – he lost to the perfectly asymmetrical Pierre Guillaume.

The PG bottle has garnered more votes than Kilian’s.

Thank you all for casting your votes and agonizing with me over this impossible choice. (Ruth, I hope your stress levels are back to normal by now!)

Until next time!

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16 Responses to You Have Chosen! – By Kilian vs. Parfumerie Générale: The Statistics

  1. flittersniffer says:

    “Perfectly asymmetrical” – haha, I remember Mr O’s professional assessment… It gives the rest of us hope!

    Thanks to Undina for these snazzy charts – never have statistics been so easy on the eye!

    • Olfactoria says:

      I agree, this must be the prettiest graphs around! 🙂

      Dr O diagnosed a lateral dysgnathia, but we can live with that, I think.

      • flittersniffer says:

        “Lateral dysgnathia” sounds like the brunette in Abba, next to the blonde one!

        • Olfactoria says:

          Hahahaha! 😀
          It means crossbite.

          • flittersniffer says:

            That’s even better than my “lead canine” or was it my “guide canine”? It wasn’t a dog, anyway. Then I shall forever bask in my accolade of being my dentist’s most “occlusally aware” client. I hope Mr O is suitably impressed. : – )

          • Olfactoria says:

            He is! But then we only socialize with occlusally aware people, you have to keep some standards…

          • flittersniffer says:

            Pleased to hear it, haha! : – ) Now what is that funny edge my tongue keeps going to……?

  2. Georgy says:

    I’m very reliefed, that despite the husbands attempts to campaign against PGs beauty(It’s jealousy, I think) the perfectly symmetrial Pierre did win!

  3. Tara says:

    I thought it would be a white wash by PG but it was closer than I thought. Kilian can hold his sad head up high! Only 7 votes in it.

    Thanks for such a fun and evenly matched contest, B, and those graphs by Undina are great.

  4. Suzanne says:

    Undina’s graphs are always a thing of beauty, but the ones she created for this are truly exceptional … just absolutely beautiful in their near symmetry. 😀

    Thanks for the fun poll and results, Birgit. I’m glad PG won. Though Kilian looks good even when he’s sad, I have to say.

  5. Undina says:

    Birgit, thank you for inviting me to contribute! I’m not sure I’ve ever got that many positive responses to any of my graphical efforts even on my own blog! 🙂

    Now I think I should work towards buying my first full bottle from the leader in this race. The question is: should I go with the one of six tested so fat that I liked (Indochine) or should I first try sampling more?

    • Olfactoria says:

      I’m glad you took the time, thanks again!
      I hope for another collaboration when the next “duel” comes.

      I would test my way throught the entire line, it is such fun, and maybe there is something you love even more than Indochine (and you can always get both). 🙂

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