Monday Question – What’s on Your Full Bottle Wish List?

By Tara

Which perfume(s) do you want to buy a full bottle of?

Do you keep a record of the perfumes you want to purchase?

Do you buy them in strict list order or do you “line skip” when you suddenly discover an intense new love and must have it NOW?

Can you split your wish list into different categories such as “To Buy” and “To Buy One Day When I Am Rich”?

Or are you perfectly happy with your current collection and want for nothing at the moment?

My Answer:

I don’t keep a written record of perfumes I want to buy because there’s usually relatively few. However, I do “line skip” when I fall madly in love with something new and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this. I figure that I must love it a lot more than the others already on my list because I just can’t wait!

On my wish list right now are the following:

Parfums d’Empire Equistrius

Guerlain Vol de Nuit EDT (pre-reformulation)

Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle Portrait of a Lady

Ormonde Jayne Champaca

So, let’s compare lists!


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90 Responses to Monday Question – What’s on Your Full Bottle Wish List?

  1. Get Lippie says:

    The only perfume I’m desperate for a full bottle of is the new L’Artisan Perfumer: Seville a L’aube. It’s not even released until July, but the sneak preview I had recently was so beautiful, it’s haunted me ever since!

  2. Vanessa says:

    Get Lippie beat me to it! That will be my next purchase too, having just finished the book, and almost finished my sample, which I had foolishly decanted into a leaky atomiser, so most of it evaporated or disappeared somehow.

    To answer your other questions, I don’t keep records, I do line skip (so I reserve the right to change my mind as regards the Seville idea!), and I don’t have a “when I am rich” list. A “when I have work again” list is more like it in my case!

  3. I’ll third the Sèville à l’aube! It’s on my list too.

    It’s funny that you ask this question today because I was compiling my list yesterday, and it looks like this:

    Eau Noire by Dior (entirely your doing Tara – you get full blame for this one)
    Dzing!, Al Oudh and Sèville à l’aube by L’Artisan Parfumeur
    Sartorial by Penhaligon’s
    Truth or Dare by Madonna (sad I know)
    Sarrasins by Serge Lutens (again, I’m blaming you for this one) 😛

    • tara says:

      That was perfect timing then! Loved reading your list. I wonder if Seville a L’aube will turn out to be the most “wished for” perfume today.

      I take full responsbility for Eau Noire and Sarrasins!

  4. Sandra says:

    I don’t do lists because my mind changes. The full bottle wish list at the moment is By Kilian Amber Oud, Putain des Palaces, Champaca as well.

    Unfortunately I tend to buy as I fall in love with the perfumes. I can never stick to the one bottle a month rule. Some months there is no purchase and others there is more than one bottle.

  5. Olfactoria says:

    Wow, seeing all those endorsements, I can’t wait for my sample of Seville a l’aube to arrive…

    I do write down a list of “to buys”, but it changes constantly. Line-skipping is a way of life for me. 😉
    Right now my list includes:
    Guerlain Rose Barbare
    Chanel 28 La Pausa
    Histoires de Parfums Blanc Violette
    Caron Tabac Blond extrait
    Dior Bois d’Argent

    I’m hoping that the lucky convergence of my trip to London and my birthday will reduce the number of bottles on my list. 😉

    As for that state of bliss of being totally content with what I have – I fear I’m just not that person. No matter what I have, there will always be that one more bottle I crave…

    • lady jane grey says:

      I’d be very curious about your opinion to Seville a l’Aube…

    • tara says:

      That’s great you have a sample of Seville a l’aube on the way. Like lady jane grey, I shall be waiting with bated breath for your review. Your wish list is looking great. I didn’t realise Rose Barbare made it on. I’m sure you will be able to tick a few off in May!

      I think a lot of us will never be content with our collections. As long as they keep releasing great new perfumes it’s impossible 🙂

  6. Lavanya says:

    Currently on my ‘immediate list’ (I totally bottle skip, but mostly because of things like availability and sales and 15% off coupon

    1. Travel refill of By Killian Sweet redemption- such a yummy yummy orange blossom (ok- not really a full bottle but I really can’t justify buying By Killian full bottles when their refills are such a better value )
    2. Montale Black Aoud
    3. Serge Lutens Un Lys (I went through a bottle in 1 year – a few years ago when that’s all I wore, because of my bottle-a-year rule. I did the same with Fleurs d’ oranger too)
    4. Annick Goutal Heure Exquise/ By Killian Taste of Heaven/ Tauer Reverie du jardin (though I could live with decants of these)
    5. maaybe OJ Tolu
    6. Aftelier Cepes and Tuberose (mini)
    7. DSH Pandora

    I really need to sniff this Sèville à l’aube that everybody’s been raving about..

    My ‘when I’m rich’ list:
    1. Puredistance M (I’d like to bathe in it, thank you very much)

    I just want to cuddle up with some Noir Patchouli (that I have new love for) and sleeep but I have soo much work left to do! [ok- I’ll stop whining and get back to work..:))

    • tara says:

      Hi Lavanya, that’s a lovely varied list you have there. Those By Kilian’s refills are miles cheaper aren’t they? Sweet Redemption is indeed a yummy orange blossom. I have some Black Aoud that The Candy Perfume Boy kindly sent me, so I’m going to try that today. I hope you get that Puredistance M one of these days.

      I’m sure a few of us are breaking out in a cold sweat at the thought of your one bottle a year rule 🙂

  7. Undina says:

    I’m working on my “wish list” now, trying to decide what should be there and if I need to put them in any order. XMas/New Year holidays of the last year and recent birthday shopping trip took the edge off of all those “WANT NOW!”. So I’m not sure what I want/need as a FB right now. But I will figure it out soon. My “line skipping” usually happens when a perfume that wasn’t on the line at all suddenly moves to the top/gets bought. It happens all the time.

    • tara says:

      I think, as with B, line skipping is a way of life for a lot of us and there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s great that you managed to satisfy quite a few of your “WANT NOW” cravings in recent months. Isn’t it a relief when you’ve finally secured that bottle you’ve been desparate for?

      I’m sure not knowing what full bottle you want next won’t last for long…

  8. lady jane grey says:

    I should be totally content with what I have, but of course I’m not.
    On my list are Cuir Beluga, Bel Respiro and Bois des Iles – short & easy & stable 😉
    But then again, I just bought Danger from Roja Dove, which has never made on any of my lists, I didn’t even know it exists before I tested and bought it without further ado. So much for my lists…

    • tara says:

      Congrats on the Roja Dove! I think it’s wonderful to fall in love with something on first sniff so deeply that you buy it on the spot. It’s a good job it doesn’t happen too often though 🙂

      That a great, classy list of two Chanels and a Guerlain you have there.

  9. Alexandra says:

    I have a wish list, but that isn’t surprising as I do love a list, I am definitely one of life’s list makers. So I am looking forward to reading other responses.

    Since I imposed my 2012 perfume budget (which I am almost managing to stick to!), I have decided not to buy any bottles that haven’t been on the list for at least a month, and the list can be no longer than 5 perfumes long. The only problem with this currently is the effect of seasons, I tend towards winter scents and my wish list is normally full of these but I am just beginning to crave something a little greener. I am currently trying to decide what to move aside so I can fit a fb of Philosykos in…

    Anyway, in no particular order:

    • NV Mohur
    • PG Cadjmere
    • OJ Ormonde Woman (I am holding off this for a while as I heard a totally unconfirmed rumour of smaller bottles…)
    • Mona di Orio Vanilla
    • AT Orange Star

    One final comment though, in January I had a splurge and with Christmas money bought 3 perfumes from my then Wish List and while I love them dearly (and smell magnificent!) the Wish List filled up again almost immediately. So no, at this point I can’t imagine a world where I will look at my perfumes and say – that’s it my collection is complete!

    • tara says:

      Funny isn’t it, how soon after clearing our wish lists they fill up again? (If we do ever manage to clear them that is). Never thought about putting a limit on the number of bottles on the list but I’m sure it makes you prioritise. It’s a good point that the seasons do need to be taken into account too.

      Birgit also trys to wait one month before purchasing and I think it’s good if you can do it, just in case you change you mind. A month can just feel too long sometimes though!

      You have a really lovely wish list. I don’t doubt that Mohur will be joining mine once I try it. You could always consider the travel sprays if OJ don’t release smaller bottles.

  10. civava says:

    Guerlain Spirituese Double Vanille
    Neela Vermeire Bombay Bling
    Dior vintage Diorissimo
    Rochas Byzance (repurchase for replacing the existing almost empty bottle)
    Andy Tauer can’t decide which one actually, preferably all if I were rich (except Zeta, Miriam)….
    and so on…..

  11. Alnysie says:

    I do have a bottle wish list. (And a decant wish list, and a sample wish list…) The order is only a suggestion, but I also force myself to wait at least a month after it’s put on there. Usually I buy them after more than that, though, and as of yet I haven’t really regretted any purchase.

    My current list:
    Chanel No. 5 EDP
    Chanel Cuir de Russie EDT (that one’s been added yesterday, but one never regrets buying Cuir de Russie, right?)
    Frédéric Malle Une Fleur de Cassie
    Jacomo Silences (cheaaaap)
    Hermès Un Jardin sur le Nil
    SSS Tabac Aurea

    • tara says:

      Oh no, one never regrets buying Cuir de Russie! I didn’t that’s for sure.

      It’s good to hear that you haven’t regretted any of your purchases so far. I think a lot of us have full bottles we wish we hadn’t bought.

      I am very curious about Silences. I’ve been craving green perfumes lately.

  12. andreawilko says:

    My FB list had been completed recently and stayed that way for all of a couple of days, impressive huh? I am hankering after another bottle of the Chanel Exclusifs, possibly 28 La Pausa with my new found love of Iris Perfumes or 31 Rue Cambon (but these do really well as splits so there is a method in my madness) I am also considering adding Cuir Beluga to FB status, I liked it on first spray but was not blown away with it, I am trying it again today and thinking when my decant runs out (Thanks Birgit for this) that I may not be able to live without it. (I don’t consider this statement to be in the last bit dramatic either) I am also quite tempted with Bigarade Concentree but this is totally unsniffed.

    • tara says:

      Andrea, I wondered how long your FB list would remain empty! If Iris Poudre is one of the iris perfumes you love I have a hardly sprayed bottle I keep meaning to sell. Very glad to hear you consider 31RC full bottle worthy.

      No one around here will bat an eye-lid at someone not being able to live without a bottle of perfume! You might want to try Brigarade Concentree because of the cumin factor, before purchasing.

      • lady jane grey says:

        I love Bigarade Concentree, with all the cumin, as it is. But Cologne Bigarade is without (or with significantly less) cumin.

  13. Nina says:

    Just to name a few, in no particular order…

    Chanel Bois des Iles
    Etat Libre de Orange Jasmin et Cigarette
    Pafums de Nicolai Temps de un Fete
    Amouage Dia woman
    DHS Pandora
    Sonona Scent Studio Lieu au Reves
    Aftelier Haute Clair

  14. Sherri Miller says:

    My never-ending, always changing FB list at the moment:

    * Parfums MDCI La Belle Helene (though I’m wavering between a FB or the discovery set; I’ll never use a FB of anything).
    * Cartier L’Heures: Fougeuse, Diaphane, Convoitee
    * The Different Co. DeBachmakov
    * Guerlain Sous le Vent
    * Keiko Mecheri Bespoke Discovery Set (or do I wait for it to come to TPC?)
    * Neela Vermeire: neeeeed to try these: got a sample of Mohur in a swap but it didn’t smell anything like the reviews so I must get a fresh sample and retry.

    • tara says:

      Sherri, I want to try so many of those on your list! Particularly La Belle Helene, Sous le Vent and Neela’s Creations.

      What’s so great about L’Heure Fougueuse is that there’s just nothing else like it (and it’s perfect for spring). Too bad those Cartiers are so spendy.

    • lady jane grey says:

      I’m sooo curious about the Mecheri dicovery set too…

  15. thegoddessrena says:

    My full bottle list is not in any particular order and includes Ta’if, Mythique,Poeme, Central Park West, Costume National 21, L’heure Convoitee, cologne pou Soir, Tocade, Bois des Iles, Musc Ravageur and Black Cashmere

    • tara says:

      Another reallynice variety of scents. I’ve wanted to try Mythique since forever and it’s nice to see another fan of Bois des Iles. At least Tocade can be had for a reasonable price.

  16. chris says:

    Arquiste – Anima Dulcis
    MDCI – Chypre Palatin
    Sigilli – Athunis
    Roja Dove – Vetiver
    Maria Candida Gentile – Exultat + Sidiris

    • tara says:

      chris, you have some exclusive fragrances on your wish list. I can honestly say I haven’t tried any of them! Must get round to reading Persolaise’s review of Chypre Palatin.

      • chris says:

        I forgot these ones
        Fulgor – Fragranze d ‘ Autore
        Manoa – Memo
        Amber Aoud Roja Dove
        Eau de KIKI – Christophe Laudamiel
        Turtle Vetiver Back – Les Nez

  17. Dionne says:

    I don’t know if I’ve necessarily made a list, but I do watch the lemmings fight it out several times a year when it’s full bottle time. I also take into consideration things like free shipping and rumors of reformulation. I’m sure that if I came into some money, that bottle list would grow VERY quickly. 😉

    Right now there are two major contenders for Mother’s Day: Cuir Ottoman and Philosykos, and the fact that CO isn’t available locally like Philosykos and I’d need to get it from Luckyscent means I’m probably going to take advantage of the free shipping that’s likely to be offered around Mother’s Day. Philosykos, by default, is the top contender for my birthday, since for some strange reason, stores doesn’t celebrate that day by offering free shipping.

    • tara says:

      I like your considered approach, Dionne. Full bottle time must be a lot of fun.

      All perfumistas should receive free shipping on their birthdays! At the very least. Enjoy Cuir Ottoman and Philosykos when you get them.

  18. Natalie says:

    I do keep a list, on my husbans Ipod! I keep hoping that some day by a miracle he remembers that there is a suggestion available for mothersday, christmas, birthday etc.!
    On my current list:
    SSS Vintage Rose
    Serge Lutens Tubereuse criminelle
    By Kilian Amber Oud (although it’s really waaaaaaay beyond my budget)
    I keep adding names, but most of the time, after a few weeks, I change my mind and start to look for a decant. These three however….

    • tara says:

      Amber Oud has the most wonderful sillage. Have you compared the cost of the refills/travel set? I haven’t tried the other two on your list but they must be special to you if you’re holding out for full bottles rather than decants.

      Perhaps you need to subtly remind your husband he has that list at his fingertips!

  19. Suzanne says:

    I keep a list in my head of things that I want–and a number of them are also on a Top Twenty list that I keep on my blog. Some of those are actually quite affordable (like Chanel Coco or Annick Goutal Heure Exquise edp) but they never get purchased because I think, “Well, I have the money for that, I can buy it anytime.” (Plus I have decants of these thanks to some lovely perfumistas!) So my tendency is to forget the more affordable bottles and focus on the “big guns” that I want. Which at the moment happens to be Amouage Opus I (must. have. it.), Serge Lutens Vetiver Oriental, Nez a Nez Marron Chic, and Parfumerie Generale Un Crime Exotique.

    • tara says:

      That’s a sophiscated wish list of perfumes, Suzanne, but that’s no surprise coming from you! I know exactly what you mean about the more affordable/accessible perfumes staying at the bottom of the list. I think Champaca has been on mine for a year for that very reason and like you, a lovely perfumista (Undina) has given me a decant which keeps me going.

      Hope you get Opus I before too long!

    • Undina says:

      I can’t find that Top Twenty list. Where is it?

      • Suzanne says:

        Undina, sorry, I shouldn’t have said it’s on my blog. It’s actually on my “Contact me” page, where if you scroll down a bit you’ll see my “Top 20 Favorite Fragrances” with the names highlighted in lavender text. A good many are fragrances I own, but there are a number that I don’t have full bottles of yet.

  20. Axum says:

    My list and tastes shift with time, the seasons, and the part of the world I happen to be in – all of which is pretty natural, hopefully. At this moment – in a kind of Middle-Eastern limbo with temperatures already approaching 30C, I’d very much like full bottles of SL Datura Noir and Amouage Honour Woman.

    • Olfactoria says:

      Hi Axum,
      quickly butting in on Tara’s question to say Hi! I’m glad to see you here and that you are okay. 🙂

    • tara says:

      Hi Axum, I think it is the norm for our perfume cravings to shift with the seasons. No point in having a bottle at the top of your list that you won’t use for another 6 months.

      How lovely that you approaching 30C this early in the year. We are having unseasonably warm weather in the UK right now (20C) so can’t really complain.

      Honour Woman is a beautiful fragrance.

  21. I have an ever-evolving list in my mind, in no particular order, and they’re pretty much all things I could conceivably afford (anything over $200 a bottle doesn’t even go on the wish list; even when I’m dreaming I’m realistic). I’ve wanted a bottle of Incense Rose and/or Une Rose Chypree for a long time but I think I could live with another decant of either first. Other current wish listers include Alahine, Rose Praline, and Nostalgie.

    • tara says:

      I think most of our lists are ever-evolving. Decants are great for staving off those full bottle cravings.

      Incense Rose and Une Rose Chypree are both amazing. Nostalgie has been getting a lot of love.

  22. Caro says:

    Hi Tara!
    In my current full-bottle wishlist:

    Opus III
    Gold Woman
    Une Fleur de Cassie
    Lipstick Rose
    Portrait of a Lady
    Ta’if (parfum version)
    Shem El Nessim (parfum version)

    And I can never have enough backups of Lyric, No 22, Cuir de Russie, No 5 and vintage Cabochard.

    • tara says:

      Hi Caro! That’s a wish list full of top quality perfumes. I see you are a rose fan like me.

      Opus III is on my To Try list.

      I know what you mean about back-up bottles but I guess invariably they go to the bottom of the list.

  23. sujaan212 says:

    Gee, off the top of my head, if the perfume Gods showered me with love, they might start with these…

    Neela Vermeire Trayee
    PG Cadjmere
    M Micallef Gaiac
    SoOud, parfum nectar, Hajj
    Profumo del forte Vittoria Apuana
    Amouage Honour Woman
    Chantecaille Kalimantan
    Bond #9 Andy Warhol’s Success is a Job in NY and Nuit de Noho
    Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Lumiere
    Teo Cabanel Alahine
    Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Fleur de Comores
    Isabey Fleur Nocturn and Gardenia

    And as yet unsniffed: the Chanel exclusives.

    • tara says:

      Oh why don’t those perfume Gods listen to us? 🙂

      Nice long, interesting list. More mentions of Honour Woman and Alahine plus another of Neela’s Creations. I really need to explore the M Micallef line in general and Gaiac in particular. You have a treat in store if you haven’t sniffed the Chanel exclusives yet!

  24. Natalie says:

    I also keep a list, and I also line skip. Usually my list includes lots of unknowns, and so when I decide on something for sure (like Vanessa, I always reserve the right to change my mind), that’s when it goes to the top of the list. For example, right now, my list includes a TBD concentration of Vol de Nuit (Parfum or EdT? How did you decide, Tara?), Ormonde Jayne OJ Woman, Annick Goutal MPCPC, a TBD Neela Vermeire (Bombay Bling or Trayee is what I keep asking myself), a TBD order from SSS (do I want Nostalgie? I can’t decide), and something “cheap and easy” for summer – which I cannot decide upon either.

    • tara says:

      You have lot of fun dilemmas there, Natalie! As for Vol de Nuit, I bought the vintage parfum (true love) but now want the edt for the added top notes and sillage. Birgit and I are doing reviews for both concentrations so stay tuned!

      I hope you keep us posted on Another Perfume Blog because I’d be interested to see how you narrow those choices down in the end. I’m pretty sure you do want Nostalgie 🙂

  25. My sample and possible full bottle list – P de E Azemour les Orangers, L’A P Seville a L’Aube, OJ Osmanthus parfum.
    My “in my dreams” full bottle list – BK Amber Oud and Les Exclusifs Cologne. Also SL Fleurs D’Oranger.
    My next purchase – will be from Sonoma Scent Studio on payday – yay! I want something more summery than WInter Woods, Femme Jolie and Rose Musc, and can’t decide!!! I can afford two of the smaller bottles.

    • tara says:

      Those are great perfumes on both lists! I think Amber Oud has been a big hit for By Kilian and deservedly so.

      Yay for your up-and-coming pay day purchases! Birgit has done a great review of Lieu de Rêves, which sounds like it could be very nice for summer.

  26. Joan says:

    I really want to buy a full bottle of Divine eau de parfum by Divine. Also vintage Diorella.

  27. deeHowe says:

    Hello, my name is Danielle, I keep a list, and I line skip! 😉

    I really try not to line skip, because often when I do that, I end up with things that I’ve only been wanting for a little while, while long-time loves get neglected. Case in point: SL Bas de Soie has been on my FB list for months, and I ended up buying a bottle of Equistrius after having and wearing my little decant for only a week! I just couldn’t bear the thought of not having it… I’m supremely pleased with my purchase, and am, in fact, planning to buy a back-up bottle in the 100mL size (I got the 50mL, and the level is dropping quickly…)

    My FB Wish List:
    1. SL Bas de Soie
    2. SL Ambre Sultan
    3. Tauer Reveria au Jardin
    4. By Kilian A Taste of Heaven
    5. SSS Tabac Aurea & Jour Ensoleille
    6. Bois 1920 Real Patchouly
    7. Aroma M Geisha Noir & Rouge
    8. Caron Bellodgia parfum
    9. Guerlain Cologne du 68
    10. FM Iris Poudre (want to try Tuscany per Donna, per Undina’s suggestion too!)

    Like Alexandria, I try to limit the number of items on the wish-list 🙂

    • tara says:

      I didn’t know you got a bottle of Equistrius! That’s it now, I’m definitely getting a bottle next month and probably the 100ml. I was concerned it didn’t last long but if I have a large bottle I can re-apply, right?

      I can understand what you mean about line skipping. You didn’t get your Opus for a long time because of that I guess. You have such a lovely, varied list. Like B, you seem to love such a wide spectrum of fragrances, from cool lavender to warm amber. I hope my taste gets broader with time.

      Need to try those Aroma M perfumes at some point.

      • deeHowe says:

        Yes! I couldn’t live without it, it is so gorgeous! My nose seems to dull to it after a few hours, but I still get compliments on it throughout the day while wearing it, so for me at least, I think it lasts much longer than I am actively aware of it. There are still a few from the line I want to try (Eau Suave, Iskander) and I have an awful feeling that Osmanthus Interdite is going to jump to the top of my FB list!

        Those Parfum d’Empire scents are sneaky… 😉

        • tara says:

          They are sneaky! Osmanthus Interdite is my osmanthus of choice and luckily Vanessa has furnished me with a decant which will keep me going for a while. I think you’d love it.

          Nice to know Equistrius gets you compliments through the day. Someone called it iris suede which is just right. Waaaant!

    • Undina says:

      About Iris Poudre – stay tuned, an update/addition to that suggestion is coming soon 😉

  28. annemariec says:

    Just one at the moment: SSS Nostalgie, probably the 17 ml size. Something as lovely as this, containing such fine raw materials, just has to be owned – for the sake of owning something beautiful.

    My 8 ml decant list is quite long, but I’ll not go there.

    A dilemma at the moment is that I want a larger quantity of Rochas’ Femme. FBs are quite cheap but Femme only seems to come in 100 ml bottles, and I KNOW I won’t get through that much. But buying a decant is a relatively expensive way to go on a price per ml basis. So I’m thinking that the way to go will be to buy 100 mls but get myself properly kitted out with decant gear so that I can give some away. I don’t want to get into the whole bottle split thing. Too complex!

    • tara says:

      annemarie, Nostalgie is a good choice for your next FB. It sounds gorgeous and so many people love it. I can’t get past the SSS base and have given up, but obviously it doesn’t bother you with this one. It’s great that you can buy it in a 17ml size.

      I know bottle splits are great but I would too stressed to host one too. Getting the 100ml bottle and sharing it sounds like the best idea.

  29. Figuier says:

    I *always* have a FB wishlist, but very rarely buy anything off it…all the items are quite spendy, so I usually end up picking up bargainous other stuff on ebay etc. instead.

    Jubilation 25 (women’s)
    By Kilian Rose Oud
    PG Indochine (tho I don’t like the colonial name)
    Cristalle edt
    Cuir de Russie edt
    Sycomore edt
    AG Mon Parfum Cherie edp

  30. Eva S says:

    I don’t have a written list, just one in my head that keeps changing! Puredistance I was on my list for a long time, but that FB arrived yesterday 🙂
    At the moment the list consists of
    Amouage Epic Woman
    FK Lumiere Noire pour femme
    NV Mohur
    OJ Woman
    Promesse de L’Aube or perhaps Portrait of a Lady…
    Choices, choices!

    • tara says:

      Oh Eva, many congrats Eva on your full bottle of Puredistance 1! I had my doubts that it would be for me until Birgit’s very generously sent me some and I just adore it. The quality and purity of the composition are out of this world. I think you can wear it all year round too.

      There are so many choices but that’s a great list.

  31. Jeannemarie says:

    1. Guerlain – Cuir Beluga – Received a decant long ago and I swooned over it. I’ve got to have this someday!
    2. L’Artisan – Voleur de Roses and/or Lipstick Rose
    3. Hermes – Caleche (gave away a full bottle 10 years ago without getting to know it, really.)
    4. Chanel – Coromandel

    • tara says:

      Hi Jeannemarie, thanks for sharing your list. Cuir Beluga is the softest, fluffiest suede leather, ever!

      I think it’s fairly common to give away/swap/sell a bottle and then regret it later. I have to get to know Caleche and Kelly Caleche at some point.

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