More Like Me – Review: Sonoma Scent Studio Lieu de Reves

I really like rose-violet scents. Their powdery, ultra-feminine accord, so reminiscent of cosmetics (and God knows I love those as well), is very attractive to me and I find their soft, pinkish aura very comforting and inviting.

Lieu de Rêves, or Place of Dreams, is one of two of Laurie Erickson’s creations that deal with that particular floral accord. The second one, To Dream, I have already reviewed and I own a travel spray that is being rapidly depleted. It is safe to say, I love it a lot.

Another epic rose-violet combo, or may THE most important rose-violet combo in niche perfumery these days, is Frederic Malle’s Lipstick Rose. So of course I wanted to compare the two SSS perfumes with the vastly more expensive Malle creation. But more of that later, let’s see how Lieu de Rêves fares first.

“Lieu de Rêves, or place of dreams, combines soft floral notes of violet and rose with a base that balances sweet notes of heliotrope, tonka, amber, vanilla, and musk with woodsy notes of cedar, vetiver, and orris. Gentle aldehydes add elegance and the intriguing base notes add unique accents to this modern take on the classic powdery floral heliotrope theme.”

– from the SSS website

Lieu de Rêves was released in 2009 and includes notes of heliotrope, violet, rose, jasmine, cedar, amber, vetiver, tonka, orris, vanilla, musk, and very soft aldehydes.

Lieu de Rêves makes me happy every time I apply it. It is so lovely, so innocent and so pretty, I can’t help but smile. It is a billowy soft cloud of violets and rose and heliotrope sitting pretty on a very gentle base dominated by soft vanilla, a woody aspect (cedar?) and tender musk, with a powdery veil of orris softening the edges. The aldehydes are almost imperceptible, but they help to lift and diffuse the whole creation and make it even more airy, gauzy and dreamy.

For the first half hour the sillage is quite considerable, but then it retracts to a lovely skin scent, it wears close to the body for at least five hours.

Its sister scent in Laurie’s collection, To Dream, shares the same floral heart as Lieu de Rêves, but is not nearly as close in smell as I have thought before trying them side by side. To Dream’s earthy and woody base is massive and dominant in comparison, the oak wood note is very strong and takes To Dream into a much more solid direction. The airy, gauzy feel is only there in remnants clouding the broad wooden base. An amazing perfume in itself, but when it comes to comparing only the floral qualities of my beloved rose-violet accord, I prefer Lieu de Rêves.

And what about Lipstick Rose? Here, upon first spraying it, the rose is much more dominant than the violet, whereas in Lieu de Rêves, both are equally weighed to my nose. Lipstick Rose is stronger, more assertive, louder, a hot pink to Lieu de Rêves’ pastel hue, if you will.

Lipstick Rose can dominate a room, it is about fun and being fearlessly female. Lieu de Rêves in contrast, is tender, soft and caring. She prefers staying at home underneath a pink blanket and reading a book, a love story of course. Lieu de Rêves is a romantic soul and a fragile one. She would get incredibly self-conscious when confronted with the exuberant personality of Lipstick Rose, who wouldn’t even notice Lieu de Reves sitting in the corner. Lipstick Rose notices only her own image in the mirror.

Both ladies have their advantages and having someone like Lipstick Rose to accompany me on a party can be a much needed boost to my self-esteem.

But I prefer quiet and wistful Lieu de Rêves, she is just so much more like me.

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27 Responses to More Like Me – Review: Sonoma Scent Studio Lieu de Reves

  1. Alexandra says:

    I am going on holiday at the end of March; just a quiet week in a cottage in the middle of nowhere (can’t wait). Along with a pile of books I decided I needed a perfume project, so this week (I was having an organised moment!) I ordered the set of 12 samples from SSS to take with me and test. They haven’t arrived yet – but I’m not sure how I am going to be able to sit and look at them for a month! The quieter side of my personality (the one that isn’t running about in deep sensual orientals) has a real soft spot for violets and so I have high hopes for this line in general, but this in particular sounds so very pretty.

    • Olfactoria says:

      Oh, that sounds absolutely wonderful. This is exactly the kind of holiday I dream about… and will dream about for a good long while I fear. 😦

      Lieu de Reves is exactly that mood, it will fit perfectly with your cottage and your books. 🙂

  2. andrea says:

    I can never remember which samples I have of SSS but I think I may have this one and I think it was one of my two favourites, the other being to dream. Could I perhaps wear it to sit and read a thriller do you think? I am not a romance novel kind of girl. 🙂

  3. Tara says:

    Really enjoyed reading your rose-violet comparisons. It’s nice that you have found Lipstick Rose and Lieu de Reves for two very different moods/occasions. I’m definitely more of an at-home-under-a-blanket-with-a-book kind of person too but it’s good to have options!

  4. Alexandra says:

    Thank you B. for another insightful review!
    I was wondering about a side by side comparison with L’Artisan Drole de Rose; it sounds quite similar to Lieu de Reves…

    • Olfactoria says:

      I thought so as well, but interestingly, the two are not very similar at all, neither in smell nor feel. Drole de Rose is mostly about rose, a pink, pretty happy one, that turns slightly sour on me. There is not much of a perceptible violet. But what separates the two the most is, while Lieu de Reves is a dreamy, wistful and earnest woman, I can’t help but think of Drole de Rose as a bit of an airhead. 😉 I guess it is clear which one I prefer.

      There is a full review of Drole de Rose on the blog though, you can find it under the L’Artisan category, the Perfume Reviews page or through the search function.

  5. masha7 says:

    I haven’t tried this one, but went through a whole bottle of Guerlain’s discontinued Meteorites, a very gentle violet/rose. It was one of my favorites when the kids were little, I think because it reminded me of the violet water we put on babies’ heads to cool them here in Florida (I’d used lots of violet water on my little ones, so there are lots of good violet memories in my head!)

    • Olfactoria says:

      I wish I had smelled Meteorites, from what I have read about it, I’m always thought I might love it, now that you say it was a favortie, I’m sure.
      Violet water for babies, hmmm, that sounds so lovely.

  6. deeHowe says:

    Lieu de Rêves IS like you! I especially love this quote: “Lieu de Rêves is a romantic soul and a fragile one.” I think I might have more of a Lipstick Rose personality, but let me assure you, I am constantly seeking out shadowy corners to seek out my Lieu de Rêves soul-sister 🙂

    It’s been a while since I wore LdR, and I think I need to revisit it. These ultra-feminine scents have been incredibly appealing to me lately (been wearing Chanel 5, Eau Premiere, New Look, and MdO Musc in heavy rotation), and since I just rediscovered Jour Ensoleille, now’s the perfect time for Lieu!

    As always, a beautiful review.

  7. Undina says:

    I think it’s one of a few Laurie’s creations I haven’t tried yet. Not for any specific reason, I just haven’t got to getting this sample yet. But I will. I like your review – it is very … tender (?). And I like To Dream. There is a good chance I’ll like LdR as well.

  8. Anita T. Monroe says:

    Oh, how I hope that I can find it somewhere. Please tell me, who is Laurie?

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  10. Joey says:

    Laurie does violet so, so well. Lieu de Reves is one that I have to get a bigger size of. Have you tried Voile de Violette as well?

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  13. reneetamara says:

    I have fallen in love with Sonoma Scent Studio’s Nostalgie, a gift from a fragrance loving friend, and now feel that I must sample Lieu de Reves! Lovely review, thank you!

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