Killing Me Softly – Review: The Different Company Osmanthus

Although The Different Company should be totally my kind of thing, I have only reviewed two perfumes by now, the lovely and ethereal Bois d’Iris here on OT and the somewhat disappointing Sublime Balkiss over on PST.

Perfumes by Jean-Claude Ellena, minimalistic, but highly elegant bottles, by rights I should have worked my way through the range by now. But as is often the case with things that are easily available without any stunts, they get pushed back. I have reviewed perfumes I had to be severely creative to get hold of, but I take my time with things I know I have to just walk into Le Parfum and sniff and take home a sample.

A sample of Osmanthus arrived at my doorstep a while ago (Thank you, Tara!) and finally I got around to try it.

Notes include osmanthus, leaf green, bergamot, orange, tangerine, rose, rose bay, castoreum, hay and musk. It was created by Jean-Claude Ellena in 2001.

Osmanthus is a note I love, so fresh, sweet and girly, a flower that mimics a fruit (apricot) that smells unusual and interesting. The osmanthus fragrances I tried so far have been a great success, namely Parfum d’Empire Osmanthus Interdite, Ormonde Jayne Osmanthus and Hermessence Osmanthe Yunnan.

Osmanthus starts fresh and a bit soapy, the fruity and tangy aspect of osmanthus is underscored by citrus notes, later the soapiness recedes and the osmanthus becomes warmer and more floral, assisted by a hint of rose. In the base osmanthus is allowed to slowly fade out on a warm and soft bed of hay and musk.

How does Osmanthus compare to the other Osmanthus scents I know? It is less citrus inflected than OJ Osmanthus, the focus is more on the floral side here. Osmanthe Yunnan is all about the tea and the Parfum d’Empire is a bit stronger, harsher, less rounded, but more uplifting and has more pep. All of them are different enough and special enough to not be interchangeable, I couldn’t tell you my favorite though, they all have their merits and their “indication”.

I have a hard time not liking a perfume like Osmanthus that is so quietly elegant, so soft, so perfectly made.

Osmanthus is a subtle and refined floral. It sings with a quiet voice, but it is worth listening closely to its song.

Osmanthus is meditative and centering. I wear it when I need to find myself on fast-paced days. I can’t stop running then, but I can inhale deeply and in my private little space of scent I smile and relax.

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25 Responses to Killing Me Softly – Review: The Different Company Osmanthus

  1. masha7 says:

    My favorite osmanthus is actually Mona di Orio’s Oud. There is oud in there definitely, but it’s more about the osmanthus to me. She really brought out its warmer, deeper side in that one. Like antique Chinese brocade embroidered in warm tones and couched in gold thread. (OK, yes, I’ve been reading about Chinese embroidery lately…;-)

  2. Tara says:

    This review and osmanthus as a note, makes me very happy. You’re dead right when you say it’s fruity, interesting and unusual. Osmanthus is a white floral I can truly love and in all the incarnations you mention (although Osmanthus Interdite is my favourite). I was so glad you made the comparisons because that’s exactly what I was wondering when I started reading, so many thanks!

    • Olfactoria says:

      Thank you, Tara! I have to thank you for many fragrant discoveries lately, we are having a pretty good run! 😉 Osmanthus is possibly my favorite white floral as well, it doesn’t have the potential danger of going very wrong, while all the other white florals carry that risk.

  3. deeHowe says:

    My favorite Osmanthus note is in Jeux de Peau! I love the apricot-jam note in that toasty composition; it’s positively yummy!

    I haven’t spent too much time with the OJ version, as it’s a tad too floral for me— probably osmanthus in general it, I suspect. However, I love the sound of the hay note in TDC’s version 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      I must look for the osmanthus in JdP again, there is so much wood, I never explicitly smelled it.

      This osmanthus scent is not very floral, but rather fruity in a delicate way.

  4. Suzanne says:

    Although this doesn’t sound like something I would necessarily seek out, your description of it puts me in a peaceful and lovely state of mind. Your review has a lilting quality to it and was a pretty thing to read.

    Someone my husband works with recently gave me some samples — among them, Sublime Balkiss, which I haven’t been in any hurry to crack open, as I distinctly remember your PST review of that one and how disappointing you found it. The only other fragrance I’ve tried from this line is Jasmine de Nuit, which Natalie sent me. It’s totally mis-named, but so worth sampling: it smells like cream soda with a jasmine bloom floating in it. 🙂

  5. Tama says:

    Oh, sounds good – I just ordered a little bit unsniffed. I only have a bit of Osmanthe Yunnan; I haven’t smelled the Empire or OJ. I hope it doesn’t remind me of Jeux de Peau, though, that one was nasty.

  6. Vanessa says:

    I had a mini of this that I got in a swap and which I suspect may have “turned”. Your lovely review makes me think I should not pass up a tester next time I see the range. I also like OJ Osmanthus, which is a nice rendition of the note, but doesn’t move me like some of the others in the line.

  7. I don’t really think I’ve spent much time with osmanthus fragrances. I really like the Ormonde Jayne Osmanthus, I wouldn’t wear it, but I like it. The fact that you say that this is “so perfectly made” makes it a must-try!

    • Olfactoria says:

      Maybe Osmanthus is not assertive enough for you? It tends to be on the delicate side and is not really used for a statement fragrances… I would love to hear what you think though.

  8. civava says:

    I tried my sample of Keiko Mecheri Osmanthus, but the only thing I get is musk. I think I’m very sensitive to musk in negative way. When there is one especially synthetic one I smell just this. Grrr. I love Mona di Orio’s osmanthus in Oud, well the whole scent is a masterpiece.

  9. GeM says:

    This scent is absolutely LOVELY and PLEASANT!!!

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