A Little Something For The Eye – A Sneak Peek Into My Perfume Closet Part II

Here is the second installment of photos of my collection. I thought I’d take group shots, so you can see the bottles, but not all at once. (That mainly serves the purpose of allowing me to stay in denial about the total number of bottles which is unknown and shall remain unknown. So, please, nobody is to count them and let me know the sum. That goes especially for you, Undina!)

from left to right: Oiro, Tubéreuse, Oud, Vanille, Musc

My Mona di Orio collection – affordable only by hosting splits, which was a great idea. Not only do I have those beautiful bottles containing their gorgeous scents, but I also got to know a bunch of lovely, fellow MdO lovers. Here are my Mona di Orio reviews.

Next up is a number of perfumes I call the luxury brigade:

from left to right: Puredistance I, Antonia and M; Guerlain Iris Ganache, Tom Ford Amber Absolute, Cartier L'Heure Fougueuse, Dior New Look 1947, Mona Di Orio Musc, Armani Privé Ambre Orient

Those are the perfumes I use regularly, but they still fall under the heading luxury. There is another high end category of perfumes for special occasions. I was lucky enough to receive a new bottle of Puredistance I for Christmas from the company as a Thank you for using my reviews in their press material. That is what I call excellent PR.

If you are interested in reading up on the reviews of the perfumes in this photo, here they are: Puredistance I, Antonia, M, Tom Ford Amber Absolute, Guerlain Iris Ganache, Cartier L’Heure Fougueuse, Dior New Look 1947, Mona di Orio Musc, Armani Privé Ambre Orient.

So, how was your week?

Mine was emotionally quite turbulent. My younger son started nursery and my older son was accepted at a great school, starting in September.

Niki, the younger, is slowly being introduced to the new environment, which meant spending my mornings at the nursery as well, something I enjoyed much more than I thought I would. He seems to be enjoying himself and made two friends just as tiny and cute as he is, Emma and Anton. But still, letting go of my last baby is not easy. In my mind he is the baby, the little one, but he grew so big under my very eyes, how did that happen? Bitter sweet…

It is easier with Paul, since I have him pegged as the big one (not an easy fate for the poor kid 😉 ), I am very proud of him and happy to see him turn out to be the boy we hoped he could be. I’m grateful.

The fact that Niki will be out of the house in the mornings, gives me a new kind of freedom as well. We have decided that I don’t take a job outside for now, but give a long harbored dream a shot – I will try to write a book. No, not try. I will definitely write a book, the only question is, will it be a good one? 😉

I guess, it’ll have to feature perfume somehow…

I’d love to hear about your week and what’s up with you these days!

Photos are mine!

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52 Responses to A Little Something For The Eye – A Sneak Peek Into My Perfume Closet Part II

  1. The Diner of Cville... says:

    Question. You have SOOOOO many perfumes, too many to use them all before they lose their potency. How do you deal with that? Rotation? How long do perfumes stay “fresh” anyway? Is there a way to tell when they’re ready for the trash? Or is there some way to “recycle, reuse” when they’re no longer at their best? Thanks….love your blog, I’ve found so many new scents since starting to read your posts. My favorite right now is Honore de Pres Love Coco, can’t get enough of it even though it’s winter 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      That perfumes loose their potency is a myth propagated by an industry who would like to sell a new bottle every season. Perfumes, if stored properly (cool and dark) last for decades. That is why vintage perfumes still are a booming business among Perfumistas today.
      I am not worried that my perfumes go off, even though I might not be able to use them all up. But they are all used regularly, in rotation. 🙂

  2. I love these collection posts, it’s like perfume porn! I can’t help but go gooey-eyed at all of those Mona di Orio’s, and I love the Puredistance bottles, they look like test tubes!

    It sounds like both of your boys are growing up very quickly, I can understand how this must be a bittersweet feeling, but they sound like they are growing up into lovely human beings 🙂

    I hope that you’re book endeavour goes well, I would definitely read any book you put together!

  3. Warum says:

    Love the collection!
    Will you write on hosting a luxury split? I have to admit that I hosted a first split (and the only one so far, although everything went well) with a decidedly not expensive perfume to make sure I got the structure and the basics down!

    • Olfactoria says:

      I think it is the same, no matter the juice. I use the same high quality decanting supplies as for inexpensive perfume, and shipping is registered too.

      • Warum says:

        So do I! (but I don’t know what counts as high quality decanting supplies — the only supplier I’ve ever used is Accessories for Fragrance).

  4. Ari says:

    Mazal Tov to your sons! I am looking forward to your book almost as much as I am to more perfume porn! I love that pretty Arabic on the Mona di Orio Oud bottle.

  5. Sally- Anne says:

    Good morning B!!! My last week has been a blast! Irecieved my long-awaited for sample of L’Artisan’s le chasse aux pappilons!!!.{I had read about it 2 years ago,and untill i joined FFF,hadn’t even known of websits who send samples..how ignorant I have been!}
    Thomas describes your Pics as Perfume Porn…an apt description!!!! If the book you write is as well composed as the beautiful writings you do on your blog,it will be a KNOCKOUT.
    Please hug your beautilful boys,including your sensational hubby ,who is supportive of your endeavours.

  6. Lovely! I am a lover of MDO.. Thanks for the Oud split that you hosted I now am obsessed.. Life’s changes are yes bittersweet.. Good luck on the book and keep us posted.

  7. Undina says:

    Just keep pictures coming – and nobody is counting anything 😉

    I enjoy that sneak peek into your collection. Thank you for sharing.

    I like your week much better than my – regardless of the “bitter” part. Though most of my complaints are work- and technology-related. Nothing drammatic but really annoying and tiring. I hope the next one will be better.

  8. Suzanne says:

    Photo #2–the bird’s eye view of those Mona di Orio’s–has me drooling. 🙂

    You should definitely write a book. Your writing is lovely, and I’d stand in a long line to buy a book with your name on it. (Of course, I’d be hoping for a personal autograph, too!)

  9. andrea says:

    I am soooo jealous of your collection, especially the Mona Di Orio and puredistance.
    It is a bittersweet feeling when they grow up, I am a few years ahead of you but that feeling does not go away, my youngest started high school in September even though she is my baby.
    Good luck with the book, I am sure it will be fantastic and I am also sure you will keep us updated in your blog.
    Candy perfume boy – perfume porn, very funny, so true. 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      Eventually your collection will be worthy of envy as well, I’m at it for longer, that is all. 🙂

      I suspected that that feeling of losing them would not go away… ah, well, that’s life…that’s how it should be, even if it is hard some days.

      You people have to stop using that word or Google will send me an entirely different demographic! 😉

  10. Vanessa says:

    Oh, I enjoyed this latest look at your bottles. I am particularly in awe of the Puredistance stand! Is that a normal accessory one could buy separately, or a promotional thing they threw in as your collection was growing? I have two of the three, but realistically I couldn’t stand them on their ends in the fridge!

    Great news about the book venture! Your free mornings will be the ideal window.

    And I am glad Niki has made friends already at nursery. No milk will go wasted… : – )

    • Olfactoria says:

      The Puredistance stand can be bought at their online shop, although mine came from the generous Mr Vos as a gift, after I bought the third bottle (M for my husband, it is technically his.)

      I hope to make the most of my window…

  11. Tara says:

    It’s ridiculous how much I love these photos but I won’t use that word 🙂

    Well done for “coming out” about your novel, I’m sure that will be a great motivator. And of course it will be more than a “good one”. Your writing ability is what impressed me from the very start and still does.

    So pleased to hear that Niki is getting on so well at Nursery and you enjoyed your mornings there more than you thought. It’s very hard to not think of – or treat them – like a baby anymore. Mia tells us off for babying her now with the reminder “I not a baby, I a girl!”.

    • Olfactoria says:

      Thank you for your consideration! 😉
      I did it on purpose to make it impossible NOT to write it now, I would look mighty stupid.

      Your confidence in me is so encouraging, thank you very much, dear Tara!

      Mia is great, she a girl, indeed! 🙂

  12. Asali says:

    Beautiful Monas, beautiful 😀 WANT! Keep the photos coming, I’m sure that even without exactly counting aloud Undina could make great stats and graphics 😉 With we would also much enjoy.
    All the best of luck with your book. Looking forward to hearing more on the project, it sounds very exciting.

  13. Marie says:

    I love your MdO collection! Are these all 100ml bottles? It looks like the musc bottle is bigger than the other ones and you would really make my day telling me that there are 50ml versions around! (I’ve only come across 100ml bottles and just couldn’t bring myself to buy that much of Tubereuse)

    My week has been a bit stressful with many university courses but I knew that there were new perfume samples and a bottle of Esprit d’Oscar (my Christmas treat) on their way. According to the postal delivery note, the packet has been delivered to one of my neighbours who passed it on to one of my roommates. This roommate has put it on the table in the living room where she was sure that I would see it. Unfortunately, I have not. I searched the whole house but it seems it has vanished without a trace. I feel disenchanted and really dreadful, knowing that one of my roommates must have taken it, now playing the innocent. I normally believe in the good in man but now I am not sure what to think and what to do anymore.
    Sorry for moaning but I needed to write that down.

    • Olfactoria says:

      Yes, the Nombresd’Or are all 100ml, only Oiro is 50ml, but that has been discontinued. 😦

      If you need a decant of Tubereuse, send me an email, I have more than enough.

      That is horrible about your package! I really hope you will find it soon!!! Living with roommates is not easy sometimes…

  14. Marie says:

    Oh, I forgot to say: I think it is a great idea to write a book! You have a fabulous writing style, I wish you the best of luck for this new project 😉

  15. Vanessa says:

    Forgot to ask whether the book is to be in English or German? Or maybe available in both languages like Denyse’s blog. It would be a shame if some Duftkoepfe in the DACH-Gebiet missed out! : – )

  16. Joan says:

    My week: I’m back in school. I study journalism at University of Missouri. I’m a Master’s student.

    Great perfumes!

  17. Eva S says:

    I thought it odd at first that the bottle of Puredistance I looked almost unused since I know it’s a favorite, but then it all became clear! 🙂 Are the Mona di Orio’s spray bottles? I’ve never been able to tell from pictures, also I wish there were 50 ml bottles!
    My week was a bit of a long one since I worked until this morning, also one of my patients passed away so it was a bit heavy all around. Next week will hopefully be easier.

  18. Natalie says:

    Thanks for sharing these photos and about your week. I imagine being a mom is full of bittersweet moments. It sounds like you have much to be proud of. And best of luck on your writing efforts!

  19. GeM says:

    I love the photos, to hear about your week and to see the gorgeous perfumes you have!
    Mine was a bit stressing, in exam anxiety (at university)… they are here!!!!
    so last week I was going out of my mind, but this week I’m officially mad.

    PD: Let’s survive the crisis in Spain! 😦
    my Puredistance chance ‘at Live’ is over now, the shop where I could find them closed suddenly about 15 days ago, as I predicted in Ari’s blog in her post SHOP LIKE THE PERFUME BLOGGERS. They had interesting lines, relatively hard to find. It’s a pity. RIP.

    • Olfactoria says:

      All the best for your exams! You’ll do great, I’m sure!

      That is too bad about the shop, maybe they’ll be selling off their merchandise before closing?

      • GeM says:

        Yes, during the Advent they were having a sale (70% discount) of brands they also had been carrying until that moment: like Aqaba, Il Profvmo and Teo Cabanel… But I didn’t think it was that inminent!
        My visit was exactly on 24th, when you were reviewing what you’d wear on Christmas Day.
        Then Chistmas break… and next time I came across there -just 3 days after!- , I found they shut their doors (they didn’t say a thing while I was there 3 days before… sigh).
        Luckily I was just in time to try the Puredistances… 🙂
        And I also had sample of the Puredistance I, although I didn’t dare ask for the other 2 due to the price of the juice!

        • GeM says:

          … all they said was that they’d continue to work the Puredistance, Mark Birley,
          Parfums de Rosine and Atelier Flou lines ONLY.

        • Olfactoria says:

          That is too bad… 😦

          • GeM says:

            …I didn’t like to say that, because it may sound like a joke… but in fact I came back to the shop because they had told me that although they couldn’t apply the 70% off on the lines they’d continue to work, I might as well had a certain discount on the Puredistance I was interested in… BUT… that’s life… !

            … Hooooray for your Book! Are you thinking about the point of view as you write your book?

  20. Jeannemarie says:

    Yes, please do a perfume book. You know your subject very well and one can never have too many good books on scent!

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