Il Profumo Dell’Anima – Review: La Via Di Profumo Balsamo Della Mecca

When it is cold outside, so cold that you see your breath in little plumes in front of you, so cold that you wish for another layer of clothing or three, so cold that you bury your hands in your pockets as deeply as possible, so cold that you wrap your shawl tightly around you and retreat under your hood, that is when you smell it. And despite a face that is wind-beaten and half frozen, you smile.

Balsamo della Mecca by La Via Di Profumo is my deep, dark winter’s night perfume. The perfume to warm and comfort me, to keep me safe.

Balsamo della Mecca is one of those perfumes, that once smelled, can never be forgotten. At least I feel that way, I am able to conjure up the smell of Balsamo della Mecca immediately by thinking about it, it is imprinted in my brain and forever linked with winter.

Created by Dominic Dubrana of profumo.itBalsamo della Mecca includes notes of labdanum, tonka, frankincense, tobacco, tuberose and rose.

Balsamo della Mecca smells very intense in the beginning, an almost harsh incense and tobacco accord that is very smoky and rough to start with, but mellows overtime. This is a perfume that is all base, no flighty top notes are discernible, the rose and tuberose go almost unnoticed underneath the thrumming bass accords of labdanum and incense. Tonka and tobacco lend the perfume a bit of a sweetness, but only very subtly, this is not sweet, but stays on the smoky, masculine leaning side the entire time. It lasts very well, at least eight hours and has moderate sillage, it is a 100% natural perfume.

Balsamo della Mecca is meditative, calming, deep and makes me feel safe and well cared for. It adds a layer of warmth both physically and spiritually. This perfume lends me an air of calm and a sense of quiet purpose.

Balsamo della Mecca is a perfume made for the soul, and it fulfills its purpose perfectly.

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19 Responses to Il Profumo Dell’Anima – Review: La Via Di Profumo Balsamo Della Mecca

  1. Michael says:

    I love this one so much as well! It is definitely one of his shining accomplishments!

  2. deeHowe says:

    I like it too, though it took a little while to grow on me. It is a very rich, powerful perfume: like you, I can easily conjure it’s aroma in my mind, it leaves such an imprint!

    It’s probably overdue for a wearing…

  3. JoanElaine says:

    You have a “good for you” perfume too! My, Balsamo Della Mecca sounds absolutely gorgeous and your review has convinced me it would be beneficial to my health to smell it. 😉
    A certain decanter is having a sale right now, so I might just get myself a little bit of this warm, calming elixir.

  4. Suzanne says:

    Balsamo della Mecca is exactly as you’ve described it — great review! I’m not sure you would like the current version of Oud Caravan, as you’re not overly fond of leather and animalic scents, but I think you would absolutely love Sharif, which is stunning and complex, with the most gorgeous drydown. If I could figure out a way to get the lid off of my roller ball bottles I would send you some of each, but those are some well-made bottles he has. I really can’t budge them.

  5. Lucy says:

    One of my all time favorites, and so beautiful for the winter as you say — and I love the iced branch illustration too – perfect for this

  6. civava says:

    It seems I’m gonna have to try this calming medicine and winter warmer. I like sort of scents in the winter which make me feel cosy and warm. I can’t help but imagine myself totally relaxed in front of the fireplace with some fine tea in the hand. With sligthly snowy weather outside adding some more snow to the existent one.

  7. I have been wanting to try this ever since there was that profile of Dubrana in the Times. What a character! Thanks for the review. When the weather gets cooler, I will look to getting this. On a practical note, did you order it online?

  8. Alexander Gruschka says:

    Sehr schöne Rezension eines der besten Parfüms, das ich kenne!

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