Am Christkindlmarkt – Review: Aroma M Geisha Rouge

Geisha Rouge is my “It is terribly cold outside, the wind is howling, my cheeks are frozen, but I still try to smile, when I get a whiff of my perfume!” scent. Perfect for harsh conditions, the oil of Geisha Rouge is like a little oven to carry about your person in the depth of winter.

Notes include tonka bean, tobacco, vanilla, sandalwood, cinnamon, star anise and clove. Geisha Rouge was created by Maria McElroy.

In anticipation of the new Geisha perfume Amber Rouge, that has been released recently and is on its way to me, I unearthed the tiny vial of Geisha Rouge that is undeservedly spending time in my sample box, patiently awaiting its turn in my review queue. I’m very glad I did. Rouge is just what I need at this time of the year.

Flowerless, based on the spices and woods used in traditional Japanese incense, Geisha Rouge is a quite linear scent that, to me, is dominated by cinnamon and clove. Those two hot spices do their best to warm me up, to glow like embers of a fire in the night. The base of sandalwood and a bit of sweet tonka, are the ideal structure to keep the spices going. Anise and tobacco are lost on my nose, but what I do smell is enticing enough.

Can you imagine, it is late afternoon, early evening, you are standing at a little table at a Christmas market (in German: Christkindlmarkt), drinking a steaming hot cup of mulled wine, stamping your feet, warming your fingers on the cup and you bury your nose in your scarf and inhale deeply?

What you want to smell then, is Geisha Rouge! It goes perfectly with glistening snow, jingle-ing bells and red-nosed bloggers reindeers.

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48 Responses to Am Christkindlmarkt – Review: Aroma M Geisha Rouge

  1. Alexandra says:

    Oh, lovely review Birgit!
    Japan is such an inspirational and evocative country, with superior aesthetics. Anything related to that, is worth experiencing. I am thinking about ordering it unsniffed right now! I might have to revisit the memoirs of a Geisha, as well!
    Have you smelled their Geisha Amber Rouge?

  2. andrea says:

    Oh wow, so many notes in this perfume that I love plus a lovely warming feeling in the cold weather, my quest for today, should I accept it, is to find a sample to try. A no brainer really, I accept the quest. 🙂

  3. Katya says:

    What a great review,I adore cinammon!!!
    Where can you oder it?I hope they ship to the UK.

  4. Tara says:

    I’ve heard a buzz about Aroma M so it’s nice to learn about one of their perfumes. I’m all for more floral-free fragrances and this one sounds perfect for this time of year.

    I want to be at am Christkindlmarkt!

  5. GeM says:

    oooh yesssssss… mulled wine!!! I’m missing so much my beloved Czech Republic, where it is called Svařák… I have many friends there and I’m going once a year since a long time ago, sometimes in close Christmas holiday that is when I love to be there the most… “stamping your feet, warming your fingers on the cup and you bury your nose in your scarf and inhale deeply?”
    —> I’m so moved… deep nostalgia!!
    My particular ‘Christmas’ perfume (or the one that “It is terribly cold outside, the wind is howling, my cheeks are frozen, but I still try to smile, when I get a whiff of my perfume!”) is LouLou. In a sense I find some coincidences between the two (some notes and certain oriental/japanese connotations in common… it’s so curious!)

  6. GeM says:

    PS: Oh, certainly! I’m just thinking in one of the several perfumes that I tested last saturday, so is still fresh in my memory. I got the most vivid impression of the hot ‘mulled wine’ ever!: it’s L’Eau by Dyptique. I think it’s due to the dominating cinnamon and clove, too… at least for the opening and heart of the scent, I can’t assure about the drydown… But it’s A TOTAL worth to try for you! Christkindlmarkt in a bottle!

  7. Suzanne says:

    With that review and the beautiful photo, and knowing that you have Geisha Rouge (which I love!) wafting about your lovely self, all I can say is that I wish I was standing at the Christkindlmarkt next to you!!!! xo

  8. Natalie says:

    Beautiful photo, and this sounds like such a nice winter fragrance. I am looking forward to eventually smelling the Aroma M line.

  9. Sandra says:

    I really enjoyed reading your review! It is very tempting now to run and buy some samples. But I love the packaging so much that I would also be tempted to buy blindly for the lovely designs. Oh the dilemma!

  10. Alexis says:

    Hi Brigit,
    Geisha Noire is currently in my TPC shopping cart. I’m just waiting for pay day till I can close my order. Now I’m super curious about Geisha Rouge.

  11. JoanElaine says:

    Geisha Rouge sounds so warm and cozy. Perfect for the snowy season!
    I must try this line very soon!

  12. deeHowe says:

    It was 67F today, so I don’t need any warming up (thank goodness!) but I do love the smell of cinnamon and clove! Perfect for reminiscing of colder Decembers from years past 🙂

  13. Undina says:

    As Dee, I do not really need warming up (and no, for the last 10+ years I wasn’t missing winter) but notes sound interesting and your review was… really nice (I can’t find proper words but I REALLY enoyed reading it). I smiled when I finished reading and wished I could transport – just for an hour or so – to the place you described.

  14. Ines says:

    I’m sold! 🙂
    You know I’m on the lookout for anything reminiscent of Christmas, and snow is my favourite part!

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  16. This review made me happy! =) What a cute image of you all chilly but smelling great!

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