Not Every Amber Is For Me – Review: Dior La Collection Privée Ambre Nuit

Ambre Nuit was the fourth issue of the line of men’s colognes by Dior. All four of those have since been integrated in the recent La Collection Privée. Although intended as a men’s cologne initially, this is a comfortably genderless woody oriental.

 Ambre Nuit was released in 2009 and created by Francois Demachy, it includes notes of bergamot, pink pepper, spices, Turkish rose, ambergris, gaiac wood, cedar wood and patchouli.

A start of bergamot and pepper is quickly followed by a lovely rose surrounded by spicy accents and bedded on a woody accord, amber and patchouli swirling around it in a softly smoky, decidedly oriental manner. Lasting power is very good for the concentration, Ambre Nuit stays for about 5 hours on me.

Although I think Ambre Nuit would be best for the colder months, I have worn it several times in the heat of summer and when applied with restraint it is not overwhelming. What slightly bothers me about Ambre Nuit though, is its (for my tastes) slightly too hefty sillage. There is a lot of wafting going on here. Ambre Nuit is a lot more diffusive that you would expect and than I would like.

Compared to Mitzah, the other amber in the Dior collection, I clearly prefer the latter. Ambre Nuit is more of an oriental rose than a classic amber scent, and while that is fine as it is, I know a few oriental roses that impress me more.

And as much as I search for a better descriptor, what comes to mind over and over again is…

All in all, I am sure Ambre Nuit has its fans, and deservedly so. I am just not one of them.

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39 Responses to Not Every Amber Is For Me – Review: Dior La Collection Privée Ambre Nuit

  1. annemariec says:

    Oh great pic. (The cat I mean. Perfume is nice too … )

  2. civava says:

    The cat says it all ;-).

  3. Persolaise says:

    I’m not crazy about AN either; I think it falls apart towards the end and presents little more than ambroxan. But my brother is absolutely crazy about it, and I mean CRAZY in a way that I’ve never seen him be about perfume, so I guess it definitely has the capacity to strike a powerful chord with some people.

  4. Tara says:

    You may be the Queen of Ambers but you are still discerning! This one left me unmoved even though I thought I’d love it after LT said it was “somewhere between biscuit, floor wax and wet hair.” I should know not to get my hopes up by now! Nevermind, more for Persolaise’s brother 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      Tara, it is so funny – I sat on this review for the longest time, because somehow I got it into my head that you love AN, and I didn’t want to offend you. But once more we are exactly on the same page. 🙂
      Thanks again for sending it though!

      • Tara says:

        Oh B, that’s so sweet! Never worry about offending me – or anyone else for that matter – Though it may sting a little when someone else dislikes your darling perfume, we all know we have different tastes at play and one of the wonderful things about our little perfume-shire is that everyone’s opinion is welcomed. Considering how passionate we all are, some mjight think we’d be having bust-ups the whole time!

  5. andrea says:

    I had them all lined up in front of me to smell but the BF had grown bored / tired / anxious so did not get to smell this one, (plus I overheard the SA telling someone the prices) I did smell Mitzah though which was ok but it was late and I was probably experiencing olfactory overload. There are only so many perfumes you can smell in one day sadly, if only there was an easy way to re-set your nose.

  6. deeHowe says:

    I love that Dior photo. I would love to have the entire series as posters hanging throughout my house!

    It would be hard to be an amber in a lineup next to Mitzah; Mitzah is so many things, and so good, that I’d be afraid to try it side-by-side with even Ambre Fetiche, for fear that AF would fall flat next to it! 🙂

  7. ❤ the 'Meh Kitty'

    I agree with your assessment of Ambre Nuit, it's an 'OK' amber and definitely not the best of the Dior Homme Colognes. I mean, after trying Eau Noire, Ambre Nuit just seems disappointing!

  8. Julie says:

    Amber is my favorite note in perfume, but truly we can’t like every amber perfume. That would be boring!! I haven’t tried Mitzah but now am anxious to – will add it to the list ever-expanding list 🙂

    As to Thomas’ comment, do you not like any of the Muglers? I guess they must have too much sillage for you. Hope you had a lovely day – will see you tomorrow on Twitter, FB, and here.

  9. Joey says:

    I love that cat SO much. I’ve tried Ambre Nuit before but didn’t have much of an opinion on it. Mitzah, on the other hand, is divine.

  10. Undina says:

    I’m conflicted… On one hand, I trust your opinion and I agreed with it on most amber scents which I tried. On the other hand, I just tried Mitzah three days ago and loved it so much that now I feel like I owe Dior a benefit of the doubt. I’m not going to run to TPC and buy a sample right away (I need to think first about getting a decant of Mitzah) but at some point I will give it a try.

    P.S. Cat’s picture is amazing.

  11. Parker says:

    I LOVE Ambre Nuit. Its a bit sweet, ambery, rosy, and a bit animalic. I find it smooth and well balanced and not as foody smelling nor the spice rack.
    Plus, its not overpowering…its just enough but the longevity is fantastic!

    My favorites in the line are Bois D’Argent, Vetiver and Ambre Nuit 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      I’m glad you found such a perfect scent for yourself! My favorites are Bois D’Argent and New Look 1947. All in all the Collection Privée has turned out very nice with many highlights in their ranks.

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