My Favorite Things – The Fall Issue

Hotly anticipated (by at least one reader – Hey there, S! Maybe it is time to de-lurk? 🙂 ) here come my Favorite Things for the fall season!

Perfume: The hardest category of course, because there are so many contenders. These are the perfumes that say “Fall” to me and that make me happy every time I smell them:

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum, Aftelier Parfums Cepes&Tuberose, Mona di Orio Vanille, and the inevitable amber in the bunch Tom Ford Private Blend Amber Absolute (review upcoming soon) and while we are at the Tom Ford counter, I’ll put Violet Blonde on the shortlist as well, I just love it these days. But the closest to my heart right now is Vero Profumo Onda, my suit of armor.


Make Up: We stay in the vicinity, it seems to be a good season for Tom Ford…

I like lipsticks and there is no such thing as too many, is there?

The new Tom Ford Make up line has extraordinary lipsticks and I’m enjoying the packaging that clicks shut like the door of a Mercedes, the flawless application and wear and the multitude of colors. I love Black Orchid for evening and Coco Ravish or Pink Adobe for day time wear.


Skincare: I pared down my routine to the barest, and I mean barest, minimum due to recurring sensitivities and since I follow that regime (since August), my skin is pretty much flawless. That is saying something for the self-regulatory powers of the body, leave it alone and it works best, is my opinion these days. I use La Roche Posay Toleriane Cleanser and Toleriane Ultra moisturizer, Anthelios SPF 50+ over it during the day and that’s it. For my body I use Lipikar Baume AP, a thick, unscented lotion.


Books: I wish I had the time to read more. I guess I could take the time to read more, but then I’d have to spend less on working on the blog, so that is not a great alternative either.

But some books almost read themselves, one of those is Irvin D. Yalom’s Lying on the Couch. A crime novel in a psychoanalytic setting, it is funny, witty and well written. Along with the tragically funny and very much realistic Mount Misery by Samuel Shem, this is my favorite “shrink” novel.


Music: I thought I’d introduce my international readers to an Austrian musician I admire. He manages to combine traditional elements with modern ones in a unique way and his texts are very witty as well. So, here is for your enjoyment (and possible bewilderment) – Hubert von Goisern – my first great love as a teenager. I fell pretty hard for Hubert at thirteen. 🙂

And one more, this is a slow ballad I love to listen to whenever things get to much.


TV: I am addicted to Mad Men. Such a great show! I love the aesthetics of the time, if not the misogyny. But those dresses and hairstyles are perfect. And I wouldn’t mind Don Draper one bit either. At least I figured out how he smells

The Good Wife is a great show too, is anyone else really hating the husband?

What are your favorite things at the moment? What do you love right now?

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47 Responses to My Favorite Things – The Fall Issue

  1. andrea says:

    Upon your recommendation I tried the TF Lipstick, it is a wonderful lipstick, great coverage, not bad for lasting power, gorgeous creamy texture, is it worth the extra mullah?? Probably not but it does not stop me wanting another one. If only the really good looking police officer, who has just been in my office, had noticed then it may well have been worth all that money after all. LOL.

    • Olfactoria says:

      That is great to hear that you are happy with Tom’s lipstick. It is surely too expensive, but it is worth it to me. I use it more than I would a lipstick I don’t enjoy, but is only 10€.
      Let’s hope the nice Police Officer liked it and that he was not there to arrest anybody. 😉

      • andrea says:

        The nice police officer was not there to arrest anyone though I would have gladly gone down to the station with him. LOL. Good looks and a uniform, what’s not to love about that combination.
        This was supposed to be a perfume / make up blog. I am currently looking at the website to see what my next colour liptick will be.

  2. DRTVrMoi says:

    I’m a new follower and greatly enjoy your reviews. My ‘must try’ list grows with each read. Today, you offered up Hubert & he immediately captured me with his accordion. If you could only recommend one, which album would you suggest? Thanks in advance

  3. deeHowe says:

    Fall is wonderful: I love fall clothes, fall perfumes, and fall skin (no more sweaty faces, yuck!).
    Since I wear fall perfumes all year long, my list won’t be any different from my generic top five (I’m wearing Poivre 23 again today!), so I won’t bore anyone by listing it! 😉

    I too have been mad for Mad Men of late, and steadily am working my way through the seasons. I’m also a reluctant fan of the show Charmed (yes, I am admitting this, even if several of you ban me later, lol), and, lucky for me, there are something like 8 or 9 seasons! I’m only into the third 🙂

    Cardigans are out, as well as boots: I’ve got a pair of Vince Caumuto booties that are a perfect transition piece from summer to fall, and am finally able to start erring tall boots again soon. It’s been in the 70’s here, and the locals tell me it won’t get too much colder! Gotta love that…

    Skincare is always a battle (especially in the move to s new climte), but I’m finding balance using an oil cleansing method, Paula’s Choice BHA/AHAs, Josie Maran Aryan oil SPF 40 sunscreen, and Smashbox Photofinish. Nice and smooth!

    Happy fall, all!

  4. Marie says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year – and we’ve had beautiful fall days in Denmark lately. A bit of genuine fall rain and wind – not nice when riding one’s bike – but, hey, it wakes up the spirit! 😉

    My favorites are:
    Fragrance: EL Sensuous (EdT) – I’d tried the EdP and didn’t like it, but I tried this one in the tax free store in an airport lately and fell for it. It wears very well and has gotten me a couple of those rare fragrances compliments that most of us want deep down. I’m also enjoying Stella Rose Absolute, Prada Candy, AP L’Agent and AP Strip – and of course my decant of Mona di Orio Vanille. So no rough edges for me these days. I want comfort and lots of it!

    Makeup: Clinique Even Better Foundation – not 100 % perfect color wise, but close enough and the texture is nice for my skin type. Also Dior Addict lipstick in the color Fashion Week, The Body Shop lipstick in color no. 11 and MAC lipgloss in the color Personal Taste.

    Skincare: I’ve come to depend on Danish skincare company Beaute Pacifique1s (go figure about the name) Creme Metamorphique – a Vitamin A ester based night creme. The first creme where I can honestly say that it’s made a real difference. Has dealt successfully with the thin,creppy skin under my eyes. Gone. And practically no problems with dry skin on my cheeks anymore. And it’s less expensive than other upmarket products. In the morning I use an unscented generic brand day creme over Paula’s Choice AHA gel. And then some sun screen. I have hyperpigmentation (Arrrrrrrrgghhhh!), so I should be practically religious applying sun screen. I am. Almost.

    Music: Dansih Dance music artist Medina – I’m 20 years too old market segment wise, but her music is perfect for my long, daily train rides because of it’s meditative, trance-like feel. Also Norah Jones The Fall, The Eagles, Scandianvian jazz personifed by Anders Widmark and Sara Isaksson and jazz music in general.

    TV: My DVD’s with The Closer starring Kyra Sedgwick. I love her attitude, and the tv series is very well written, the actors are great and the stories are both witty and serious at the same time. Really good entertainment. I haven’t seen any episodes of Mad Men (not on the channels I get), but I’ve heard good things about it.

    And then there are boots! I love wearing boots – usually I try to go directly from sandals to boots and now it’s officially boots season 😀

    • Olfactoria says:

      Comfort and lots of it sounds like a great plan, I’m on board!

      The Closer is great, Brenda is such a likeable character.

      Your favorites sound great, thanks for sharing, Marie!

  5. Tara says:

    Love autumn; the low sun, long shadows and the relief of cold weather clothing.

    Lovely picks, B. Those Tom Ford lipsticks do sound gorgeous and I am going to try Violet Blonde as soon as poss. I’m so glad you found a skincare regime that works for you, your skin certainly looks flawless! Totally agree with Mad Men and I’ve also been re-watching on DVD the recent BBC TV re-working of Sherlock Holmes in modern day London, it’s fantastic!

    The perfumes I’ve been loving lately are Calamity J (thanks, dee!) and Portrait of a Lady (thanks, Undina!). They are both just perfect for the UK weather right now. Also looking forward to using my Sweet Redemption samples in cooler weather.

    BTW can I just say to S and all the other lurkers, that de-lurking after several years was the one of best things I have done EVER, so come join the fun!

    • Olfactoria says:

      Your picks are lovely as well, Tara! I’m amazed you like PoaL so much, it is so intense. In small doses I love it, but a bit too much and I get a headache. 😦

      I don’t know if we ever see my friend S commenting…thanks for your encouragement. 🙂

      • Tara says:

        Oh that’s too bad about S, you have to be ready though.

        I think I am getting on with PoaL so well because I am spraying just a tiny amount from a small decant. It makes all the difference. Too much would give me a headache too. Like all the Malles, it’s a really well done fragrance and I seem to be all about the rich roses lately.

        I love Favourite Things!

        • Olfactoria says:

          Speaking of rich roses, did you ever try Tom Ford Noir de Noir? I seem to come across it all the time these days.

          Thanks, I have grown to like this feature too. Gives me the chance to reflect on what I have been doing lately and learn about all the faves of others too. 🙂

          • Tara says:

            Yes, it’s a lot of fun reading about others favourite things too. I will make a note to check out Noir de Noir when I try Violet Blonde. Thanks for the tip!

    • deeHowe says:

      So glad you’re enjoying Calamity J! It’s such a beautiful scent—understated, but never boring 🙂

  6. vanessa says:

    So much of interest in this post about your likes at the moment, and I can confirm from close quarters that Olfactoria’s skin – and teeth – care regime works a treat, though I suspect she was blessed with good genes too in that regard. : – )

    Love Bottega Veneta, love Violet Blonde, Prada Candy and Sweet Redemption (thank you!). Love L’Agent and Baiser Vole as well – am drawn to all of them at the moment and would say t they are fairly in keeping with the season. Also just discovered Mon Numero 8, which was fab.

    My skincare regime involves various rosacea-friendly cleansers and toners – combination of Garnier, Simple, Liz Earle and Clinique depending on how bothered I can be! My skin is looking better than it has done for ages at the moment, but if I am honest I think that is mostly down to the tetracycline…

    Love Mad Men, though it isn’t on our screens at the moment. The sound card has just gone on my pc so can’t listen to your chap for the moment, but meanwhile it so happens that my favourite band are playing a venue called Chelsea in Vienna next weekend (The Monochrome Set, whom I have followed and known for 32 years!) Also very witty and quirky lyrics: “Don’t ski down Mount Everest with lilies up your nose”.

    Bookswise, one that is made for you (thriller! pyschotherapy!, set in Vienna!) is The Fig Eater by Jody Shields. I can’t recommend it highly enough if you don’t know it and will send you my copy if you can’t access it locally. Can’t promise it reads itself, but I am quite hopeful… ; – )

    • Olfactoria says:

      Thank you for that book tip, I will hop on over to Amazon asap.
      Too bad that your sound card is out od order, I would have loved to hear what you think of Hubert! 😦

      How are you doing without the murderous women on TV btw?

      Loved learning your favorites, V.

      • vanessa says:

        I can plug my headphones into my netbook – that should do it – and will report back.

        Oh, and conversely the plug is being pulled on the murderous women on 8th Nov, so I enjoyed a back to back series of “Snapped” and “Killer in the Family” the other night…

        : – )

  7. vanessa says:

    I can spell psychotherapy really…

  8. Eva S says:

    I like fall apart from the weather, (expecting the first snowfall any day now)! I like the perfumes I can wear better than the summer ones, at present Puredistance I, Shalimar PI, Terre d’Hermes and Une Rose Chypree. Musicwise Fall means choirsingin again, at present we’re rehearsing Poulenc Gloria and Bach Magnificat so they’re going on repeat back home. especially the Poulenc is lovely. TV: I’ve got hooked on “Game of Thrones” (a world of warning though, definitely not for children!), The actor Sean Bean is a favorite! Also I’ve become addicted to Wordfeud…

  9. Julie says:

    That book looks very interesting – will add it to my to-read list! I had to read some of Yalom’s non-fiction for a psychology course in college and remember my professor talking about how Yalom hit on his wife at a party (he is from DC and I grew up and went to college in the area)!

    I haven’t been reading much either, but just finished Travels with Charley by Steinbeck. My husband actually had to read it for a college course and recommended it. Very interesting look at America in the 60s.

    Fall has arrived in San Diego – surprisingly, the weather does change here, just not so drastically. Some rain and much cooler temps, especially in the morning and evenings. One of my all time fave fall scents is CBIHP Burning Leaves. We don’t get the changing leaves much here, so I do miss that – the smell and the sight. Wearing a sample of SL Un Bois Vanille and surprised at how much I like it. Very cozy. Other faves are Coromandel, SDV, Organza Indencence and LMdlV Vanille Noir du Mexique. It is f

    • Olfactoria says:

      Really? That story about Yalom hitting on someone’s wife just damaged one of my unquestioned heros! 😉 But I shouldn’t be surprised, they are all human after all…

      Un Bois Vanille is really lovely in the right climate, too warm and it gets out of control on me, like many Lutens’s can.

  10. Lavanya says:

    Thanks for sharing the music, Birgit. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the first one. I can totally see how he must have been your ‘teenage love’..:)
    I am always curious how people from one culture react to music from another culture. Music that is not yet completely ‘global’. I love the extra dimension that the sound of German adds to the first song- it is like an extra instrument.

    Oh and I am HUGE mad men fan too!! (and Don Draper/John Hamm..:)..actually I love the whole cast)

    • Olfactoria says:

      I’m so happy you listened to it, Lavanya!
      You are right, music is not yet global, and I hope it won’t ever be, it is so much more enriching to keep some differences.
      I always think how interesting it must be to hear one’s mother tongue without understanding it, because of course understanding the text adds another layer, but I think it is possible to like this music without understanding what he is singing about. The first video is actually a song about the financial crisis. 🙂

      Mad Men took the world by storm it seems, it pictures my ideal America, stupid, I know…

  11. angie Cox says:

    I am not a fan of Mad Men but Holly certainly is. I loved Ugly Betty and am a complete sucker for anything in 1920s costumes such as Poiret. I have fallen in love with Emma Hardie’s balm a cleanser/moisturiser combination. It smells amazing and despite looking very oily will mix with water to become a milky liquid . I have a huge bag of Van Cleef and Arpels samples to test , I already love First so am waiting to see if I like any others .

  12. There are a few fragrances that I save for the weather, which is starting to appear in central Georgia. I’m very glad as I enjoy the chance to bring out my long-sleeve wardrobe. Michael for men, Givenchy Gentleman, Burberry London for men and Chanel Antaeus are the examples that come to mind.

    I’ve enjoyed “Mad Men” and it will be interesting to see how quickly I get back into it after the long break. I haven’t really missed it.

  13. lady jane grey says:

    – Oh well, perfume-wise I’m still on a di Orio craze…
    – As every year, when winter arrived and heating season starting my skin goes berserk, so it’s high time for me to go on argan-oil regimen
    – Since I very much liked Mount Misery I’m going to download the Yalom book on my Kindle – thank you Birgit !
    – Well, as of Mad Men – I’m already in your club 🙂
    – I’m in a seroius need of some nice make-up ideas (Guerlain’s Parure Gold anyone?)

    And now I’m going to listen to HvG !

    • Olfactoria says:

      Thanks for sharing your favorites, Lady Jane! Parure Gold is certainly great, but for me there is no color match, all way to dark… 😦

      • lady jane grey says:

        Oh my, then Parure will be a problem for me as well : I tend to turn deadly pale for the winter. Skincare is a serious issue, but buying a make-up product is a mood enhancer for me, therefore I have loads of lipsticks and glosses… Looks like I’ll go & get one of the new Tom Ford 😉

        • Olfactoria says:

          We probably have unwittingly stood side by side countless times at Vienna’s department stores choosing lipsticks. 🙂

          • lady jane grey says:

            BTW, have you seen those gorgeous nail polishes by TF ? (the names, however, are ridiculous…)

          • Olfactoria says:

            Absolutely ridiculous. I lose interest in something called Bitter Bitch. It’s not funny or witty, just stupid and alienates women, I think. It’s easy for me to dismiss them though, since I use colored nail polish only very occasionally, and I’m set with my Chanel’s. Thank God the lipsticks don’t have such misogynistic names!

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