I Can’t Let You Go – Review: 1000 Flowers Réglisse Noire

I ate licorice for the very first time in my life, when I was pregnant. Before that time, you could have chased me with the stuff: black, chewy and a strange combination of salty-sweet – ugh. But then, all of a sudden I found myself craving it.

My pregnancy did not only result in a beautiful baby, but a newfound appreciation for licorice. Both are still taking up a lot of my time.

Licorice in perfume? Well there are not too many fragrances out there featuring the note, at least not many where it is used prominently.

There is Eau de Réglisse by Caron, Brin de Réglisse by Hermès (part of the exclusive Hermessences line) also comes to mind, although it is one of the two that are still missing in my Hermessences exploration.

There is another gourmand perfume using licorice as a main note, even in the name – Réglisse Noire.

Réglisse Noire is the first creation of Jessica September Buchanan, a Canadian perfumer trained in Grasse, who founded her own perfume house, 1000 Flowers.

Réglisse Noire includes notes of white pepper, ozone, mint, shiso leaf, star anise, ginger, liquorice, cocoa, patchouli, cedarwood, vanilla, vetiver and musk.

Jessica September Buchanan

When my 15ml bottle arrived from France on a Thursday, I started wearing it immediately and didn’t stop for the entire weekend. That is not often the case in the life of a perfume blogger. (Le Parfum de Thérèse was another such “I can’t let you go!” perfume, which is good company for Réglisse Noire.)

The most fascinating thing about Réglisse Noire is its lightness. With notes like this, this gourmand could have turned out heavy and cloying. Instead it is airy, fluffy, not overly sweet but still delicious.

Réglisse Noire opens spicy and fresh. The ozone note along with pepper act like a gust of wind blowing through. The ingenious use of mint and shiso give a green and fresh twist to the underlying sweet notes of cocoa, licorice and vanilla. Ginger and anise spice things up, and the drydown is perfectly balanced between sweet and scrumptious and dry and woody.

Réglisse Noire is a perfect gourmand for me. Not overly foody, but immensely comfortable. Its greatest achievement though, is that it is like no other, it is very unique.

I have nothing like it in my collection. It is not the fifteenth interpretation of the same theme, but fills an empty place in my perfume closet.

This being Jessica Buchanan’s first perfume, I am very impressed and curious to try what else she has done and will do in the future.

There is one other perfume at the moment called Fleur N°1 and another one coming soon, Narcotic Flower, obviously both floral creations.

The packaging Réglisse Noire comes in is beautiful and thoughtful as well, something I take note of. It is important to “dress” a beautiful scent appropriately. I only wish the small size came with an atomizer too, since it needs to be sprayed for good sillage, not dabbed.

Réglisse Noire leaves me happy and satisfied, as well as craving more.

That is how perfume should be.

Image source: 1000flowers.wordpress.com, candyshop.com

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50 Responses to I Can’t Let You Go – Review: 1000 Flowers Réglisse Noire

  1. Rene Groyer says:

    I am crazy about the smell of licorice.Do you know where I can get a sample of this fragrance ?
    Kind Regards

    • Olfactoria says:

      Just follow the link to 1000Flowers website in my post, they offer a sample of Reglisse Noire.

      • Machla P. says:

        Is it too late to request a sample? I live in the US and I have read so many great reviews about this perfume. Also does anyone know how I can get in touch with Jessica Buchanan? Thanks

        • Olfactoria says:

          Hello! I’m not sure whether it is too late or not but would defitely try my luck if I were you.
          You can contact the perfumer through her website or she is also on Facebook.
          Good luck and happy sniffing!

  2. Ines says:

    My bottle arrived as well but I haven’t given it yet a wearing. Though I’m not a licorice fan, I must admit. When it comes to eating it. As with fresh figs, but I love them in perfume.

  3. Bellatrix says:

    I totally agree 🙂 Incredible lightness which is a real surprise if you look at notes. 🙂

  4. Marie says:

    I loved reading your review. There are few things better than the success of a newly bought fragrance 😀

    Reglisse Noire sounds SO tempting! I think I might just have to follow in your footsteps and get that 15 ml as well. I’m really into gourmandish scents these days and I, too, love eating licorice. Although I suspect that the strong, salty versions we love up here in the north aren’t for everyone.

    The absence of lightness can be a real problem in some gourmand scents – you sometimes feel you’re the one being devoured, not the other way round.

  5. JoanElaine says:

    Thank you for your review, B!
    I ordered a 15 ml last week. I’m thrilled to hear RN isn’t “heavy and cloying” and “not overly foody, but immensely comfortable”. I’ve suddenly been struck down with cozy gourmand fever. I don’t know what happened!
    The salty black licorice is hard to come by here. A couple of weeks ago, I spied some Dutch licorice downtown, where I happen to have an appointment this afternoon. I will be buying a bag to sate me until my Reglisse Noire arrives.

  6. vanessa says:

    As soon as I saw the word licorice I thought this isn’t going to be for me – childhood memories of chucking away the licorice straw in the Sherbet Fountain sprang to mind : – ) – but I was soon drawn in by your beguiling description and am now pretty confident I would like this. I have a bottle of JM Vanilla & Anise, which was a surprise love.

    “My pregnancy did not only result in a beautiful baby, but a newfound appreciation for licorice. Both are still taking up a lot of my time.”

    Though on balance, I imagine that the baby still takes up more time than the licorice?

    ; – ) ; – )

    • Olfactoria says:

      I’m sure you’d like this. It is light and unobtrusive, but inventive and has a presence without being overwhelming.

      On balance, I sometimes wish for more time with the licorice – it is more quiet and easier to handle.

  7. deeHowe says:

    Black licorice and I do NOT get along anywhere except in perfume; I’ve been hearing buzz about this scent lately, sounds like I need to get myself a sample! 🙂

  8. kjanicki says:

    I’ve been feeling a lot more love for gourmands lately too, I love black licorice and I’m Canadian! This is somethign I must try. thanks for the review.

  9. Sigrun says:

    If Sweden had a national candy, licorice would be it. This fragrance sounds unique and lovely.

  10. Cymbaline says:

    I also received my bottle of Reglisse Noire and have been wearing it the last few days. I don’t like licorice flavored food, but I love licorice in perfume and Reglisse Noire is wonderful! It’s light, not heavy, and works perfectly with the cool, damp weather we’ve had lately in Seattle (USA).

    It would be a fine national fragrance for Sweden : )

  11. anotherperfumeblog says:

    I love licorice, both in edible and perfume form. Thanks for this review! 😉

  12. civava says:

    I’m also waiting for my 15ml and I can’t wait to try it. Although I’m not a fan of licorice or gourmands but after all I’ve read about it, I’m quite sure I won’t be disappointed.

  13. Liam says:

    “Réglisse Noire is a perfect gourmand for me. Not overly foody, but immensely comfortable.” My exact same sentiments. It somehow has filled an empty space I never knew was there. I wore it for days, which, like you Birgit, isn’t like me either!

  14. 1000flowers says:

    Dear Birgit,
    Thank you for this lovely review of Reglisse Noire! So happy that you have enjoyed the fragrance… and I love the way you describe it. The sale price has now ended in the 1000 Flowers boutique- but I am tempted to reintroduce it for the holiday gift season, since it proved to be such a roaring success. Wishing you a most wonderful, warm, and fragrant Autumn season! xoxo

    • Olfactoria says:

      Dear Jessica,
      thank you for reading and commenting!
      It would be wonderful if you had another sale for Christmas, I’m sure many would give in to the temptation and snap up a bottle of your wonderful perfume. I was really surprised how much I like it and how unique it is.

  15. kaye i says:

    What a great review! I love my 1000 Flowers Réglisse Noire. I bought mine at a local boutique in Vancouver, BC. I too kind of wished the small bottle came with an atomizer. The small bottle is a perfect size for me, especially for travelling. Overall I’m way more than happy with it. I’ve never had a anything like it. It smells so sexy and delicious.

    • Olfactoria says:

      Hello kaye i,
      thank you for commenting! Réglisse Noire is really special. I wish for an atomizer too, but I just decanted a bit into a small spray and refill it regularly, I really think it is better sprayed to fully reach its potential.
      Since you live in Vancouver and have access to the real life bottles – did you try Fleur N°1 as well? If yes, what did you think?

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  19. GeM says:

    Hi Birgit! Happy blogging! Coming from Ari’s place to subscribe, I’ve also just read Natalie’s review on ‘another perfume blog’.
    I usually experiment that ‘happy and satisfied’ feeling with just a very few…! I love your review and feel very curious about Réglisse Noire and 1000 Flowers brand -I’ve never heard of them before- and specially your comment that Le Parfum de Thérèse was another such “I can’t let you go!” perfume. I felt exactly the same. But just a question, you add “which is good company for Réglisse Noire”: do you mean in terms of layering, perhaps? I’m just wondering how exciting could be! 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      Hi GeM, lovely to see you here!
      I meant the good company not in terms of layering, but rather that Le Parfum de Therese is a major creation by Edmond Roudnitska, one of the truly greats of all time, so being mentioned in the same paragraph is good company for a small indie brand like 1000 Flowers.
      It is a really lovely perfume, I hope you try it!

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  22. Zubi d'Nova / Melissa de Blok says:

    Love it! You describe it so beautifully. Just got myself a sample (I think you had recommended it once, and I lamented about the fact that it is an EdT), and IN LOVE 🙂

  23. )eannie )osepf says:

    I sampled Reglisse Noire for the first time today in a Vancouver shop and it was instant love. One of those fragrances that stops you in your tracks and makes you go,’Ohhhhhhh’. Being an edt I was afraid it would fade fast….not so, this lasted on my wrist the entire day, casting a soft sillage that kept my daughter commenting how great I smelled. The final drydown of this is reminisent of Andy Tauer’s ‘L’Air de Desert Moroccain’ which carries a smokey/incense note. A fabulous creation!

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  27. Ambi says:

    Very true licorice scent. Dry down is very sultry. Has good lasting power.

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