A Lovely Facade – Review And Giveaway: Elie Saab Le Parfum

Elie Saab Le Parfum is the new, hot thing on fragrance counters everywhere, as well as on blogs everywhere. It is not often that a mainstream release gets that much attention, but when Francis Kurkdjian is commissioned to do it, even hardcore niche lovers cock an ear and try to get their noses close to the juice.

As a long time wearer (in another life) of Narciso Rodriguez For Her, another Kurkdjian mainstream designer fragrance, – I was curious, but in no rush, but serendipity sent Le Parfum my way and here we are…

Le Parfum was, as mentioned before, created by Francis Kurkdjian and includes notes of orange blossom, Sambac jasmine, jasmine grandiflorum, cedar, patchouli and rose honey.

Upon spraying I am very much reminded of Narciso Rodriguez for her, the brightness, the quite loud diffusiveness… but then Elie Saab Le Parfum calms a little and gets to become its own character. Although sillage is above average and staying power very good, I am glad that the heart and drydown phases are a bit toned down, the exuberant first ten minutes are a bit much for me.

In the heart of the perfume, orange blossom and a soft jasmine dominate, sweetened by honey, the floral accord darkens as time passes. The base is quite heavy on the patchouli, which I don’t mind in the least.

All in all Elie Saab Le Parfum is solidly made, but I leaves me cold. After wearing many very high quality perfumes in the last weeks, I can’t help but find the orange blossom and jasmine thin, the whole thing a bit synthetic, flat and lacking in dimension and character.

Elie Saab Le Parfum reminds me of that girl in high school who is always dressed in the newest designer fashion, is made up and coiffed to the max, and laughs easily, she is fun to be with, and lovely to look at, but appears a bit shallow, as if there was not much behind that lovely facade.

Many really like this new release and although I am not overwhelmed in any way myself, I still think it is one of the better mainstream releases out there (whatever that is saying about the state of affairs). The bottle and general visual aspect of the perfume is pretty and well made.

Maybe it is my fault, I never was the cheerleader type…

For another point of view, good and bad, check out these reviews:

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I am giving away a big bottle of Elie Saab Le Parfum in its original box, labeled as a tester. I decanted off some for my review and a gift for a fellow blogger, there are at least 70ml remaining. The first person to email me, who is willing to pay for the (horribly overpriced but safe Austrian) shipping themselves (15€) will get it.

This review is based on a tester sent to me for reviewing purposes by escentual.com 
I do not accept compensation for writing reviews, and I only review what I want to, when I want to.
Image source: escentual.com, foreverashelytisdale.wetpaint.com

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32 Responses to A Lovely Facade – Review And Giveaway: Elie Saab Le Parfum

  1. angie Cox says:

    I have a feeling I’d agree with you but I am beginning to get fragrance fatigue . I am learning I love some ( many) but am nor finding new ones I like except discontinued ones. I know I still want most Chanels ( I have four) and I’d love some vintage Guerlains .I keep reaching for my Malles and am buying body lotions and the body cremes are on my Christmas list .

  2. Undina says:

    I plan to go to a store this weekend and try this perfume (mostly because of how much Vanessa was excited about getting those samples and later a decant) but I doubt I will need a bottle of it. I hope it’ll find a loving home easily.

  3. Rene Groyer says:

    Hi Birgit
    You can send it to me but will the shipping be that much to South Africa ?

    • Olfactoria says:

      The shipping would actually be a lot more to South Africa, the 15€ were a really nice offer on my side, seeing that this is a full bottle of a new release for free. Many are happy with this offer without negotiating. But the rules asked for sending an email anyway, not a comment.

  4. Kudos for working an image of Shar pei into this post!

    I enjoyed reading your review, and although, as you know, my opinion slightly differs I can actually see where you are coming from with your thoughts.

    Thank you for the linkage too 😀

  5. Bellatrix says:

    Crazy thing with shipping.
    I just wanted to tell you that my folks home told me I got your package 🙂 was it from Slovenia? 😀

  6. Tara says:

    I was amazed at the prominant promotion Elie Saab got in every perfume store/dept I went into last week – they are really going big! It’s a very clean, sparkling white floral, pretty but not for me. However, only if no one else claims it B, I will happily pay the postage and give it to my Mum, who really loved it.

  7. Georgy says:

    A tester?, a tester? I hope you did not walderdorff it…..

  8. Denise Miller says:

    Hello Birgit,
    I will add my name to the two or three others above, should any of them not be able to fulfill their duty. 🙂 I will gladly pay the crazy shipping for this one. I really liked what I smelled on a blotter. (I haven’t smelled it on my skin yet…I was in a hurry)

  9. Masha says:

    I tried this at Saks this weekend and found it totally MEH. Drydown a little screechy. But then, I’d tried the new Cartier Lune first, and there was no comparison. Lune is mainstream, but much more elegant and refined.

  10. Vanessa says:

    I quite understand how you have come to your viewpoint – the cheerleader analogy is a good one, and I do find the opening a bit synthetic, it’s true. But ES has well and truly wormed its way into my affections nonetheless, and will always remind me of the summer of 2011 and my relentless quest to find more of stuff – now happily ended, thanks to you!

    • Olfactoria says:

      I’m glad you are not breaking all ties with me, after this review. 😉
      I know how much you love it and that is great, and a good hunt is always one of the best parts of a love affair with a perfume, isn’t it?

      • Vanessa says:

        Friends should always agree to differ on certain things, and Elie Saab may be one of them… Meanwhile, after Ael-Mat, am now also loving L’Intriguante! I cannot claim to have experienced your ministrations on the psychotherapy front, but you are der absolute Hammer when it comes to aromatherapy! : – ) (Is there a feminine form of Hammer?)

  11. annemariec says:

    Started out pretty but sweet, and got sweeter until I washed it off (so I missed the patchouli). At least, that was my reaction. Maybe my scent-brain amplifies sweet notes and for that reason, I usually steer clear of honey. Still, a well made fragrance that will, I’m sure, sell like hot cakes. I’d rather smell this on passers-by than many a celbuscent.

  12. anotherperfumeblog says:

    I was glad to read your review, as this left me cold as well. After all the buzz (literally a HUGE release) and all the positive reviews, I was starting to feel like perhaps I had missed something. I knew it wasn’t my kind of perfume, and thus I wouldn’t be wild about it, but I felt a bit like a child at Halloween who is allergic to candy, sitting in the corner with her apple. 🙂

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