What’s Up With The Perfume Embargo? – Status Report On The No-Buy

Almost three months ago I wrote a post about how I planned to change my perfume acquiring habits. Today is my birthday, a notable exception to the new frugality I imposed on myself.

Time to take a look back and see how it went and how I should proceed.

Most important things first: I do not enjoy not being able to buy what I want. Sounds pretty much self-explanatory, I am a very dedicated perfume lover after all, and taking away the “drug” is not appreciated, obviously. But, big but, I see the good side of all this clearly too. I discovered a lot of beautiful perfumes in my sample box, I didn’t have the time and skin space to try before. I started to really think about what I want and need in my collection, as opposed to what I want now, period.

London was a welcome respite from the no-buy, but I was very restrained there. I had an inner contract that I could buy whatever I wanted there, but only if it was not available over here, if I wanted it and it was cheaper here, I could have it upon coming home. Guess, what? Nothing was needed enough to be bought at home afterwards.

I came away from London with a bottle of Dior Mitzah, a duty-free bottle of Hermès Kelly Calèche Eau de Parfum and two Ormonde Jaynes, Frangipani and Ta’if.

Two more bottles were added to my collection in the past three months, Un Jardin sur le Toit, and Il Profumo Nuda, both gifts from my dear husband. Illuminum White Gardenia Petals, also known as Kate Middleton’s perfume, was a business expense, only the best for the blog… 😉 I almost forgot one bottle that just had to be mine, the very addictive (many of you are afflicted in the mean time) Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess.

So all in all I did not fare badly at all. Certainly no need to complain. The summer is going to be a long drought, since the next planned exception is only in November, when I go to New York (if all goes as planned). I may think about an amnesty period for our vacation in Italy in August, one has to do research after all…A series of posts “Olfactoria On The Road – Northern Italy” would not be so bad, would it?

My current wishlist is short. On it there is Chanel Coromandel, Penhaligon’s Amaranthine and Hermessence Poivre Samarkande. Parfum d’Empire Ambre Russe, Equistrius and Osmanthus Interdite are maybe’s, that are not pressing, but I would like to own them some day, the same goes for several Parfumerie Générale fragrances, my newest obsession.

We will see what today’s birthday dinner will bring… 🙂

What is on your current wishlist (the short list)?

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53 Responses to What’s Up With The Perfume Embargo? – Status Report On The No-Buy

  1. Lucy says:

    I must start saving my pennies for Carnal Flower. I would in a perfect world I would like both the perfume and the body cream, and both cost the same, about $200+ a piece.

    Also the Aftelier solid perfume compact with both Fir and Rose,
    & in the meantime, less expensive indulgences, Mimosa by Goutal, and Sur le Toit.

    I am living on my Perfumerie Generale and other samples at the moment.

    It really does get to be too expensive, after awhile. It’s either that or many other things that are both necessary and beautiful, like house furnishings, or a round trip flight to France, or good hair cut, treatment and color, etc.

  2. Ines says:

    My current (short) wishlist contains Absolue pour le Soir and Frapin 1697.
    There is also a longer wishlist but nothing on that is really necessary, for the time being I have enough so I don’t feel a pressing need to buy anything else.

    I was already considering a self-imposed embargo as my haul for not even half a year is quite significant but I still will buy those two bottles up there so I’m not sure if I should be claiming anything publicly. 😉

  3. Jane says:

    Happy Birthday lovely!!!

    I’m funny these days & seem to want less & less. Although Nuda is on my list, along with Chanel Gardenia extrait! I’m more interested in sniffing than buying these days. I get Buyers Remorse just thinking about buying so I make sure I hold off for months and months (longer even) to be sure I REALLY want it. Maybe a few replacements for bottles I have emptied (Apres l’Ondee, Vent Vert vintage parfum) but nothing else…for now…;)

    • Olfactoria says:

      Thank you, Jane! 🙂
      I admire your restraint and self-control, I could really use more of that!!!
      Nuda is so lovely though!

    • annemariec says:

      Oh I identify with Buyer’s Remorse! Never seen it articulated before, so thanks. Yes, I often hold off too, for the same reason.

  4. vanessa says:

    Now are you by any chance keeping the count down by construing Marlboro’ Man as a new man in your life, perhaps, rather than a perfume? : – )

    My wish list consists of Piguet Calypso, Carner D600, Elie Saab Le Parfum, AP L’Agent and PG Bois Naufrage. Five lemmings should just about do it for now…

    • Olfactoria says:

      As I pointed out in our email conversation, I consider Marlboro Man an act of goodwill, helping out your friend cannot be construed as consumerism now, can it? 😉

      Carner D600? hmmm, must go and google that…

      • vanessa says:

        Ah, but you also mentioned two gift bottles from your husband, and the WGP “business expense”, so I thought you were going for a “Total Acquisition Tally”!

        : – )

        • Olfactoria says:

          Truth is I wrote this post before the JHAG came into my life… 😉

          • vanessa says:

            That makes sense and I should have anticipated it, because as we have discussed you are the Queen of Scheduling! ; – )

            So it was your birthday yesterday and today my father *would have been* 97. For some reason that makes me feel rather old…

  5. Suzanne says:

    Hey beautiful Birgit — a big Happy Birthday to you! Will you be doing anything special this evening?

    Like Ines, I have Absolue Pour le Soir at the top of my wish list. Also love Frapin 1697, but my decant will do for awhile, and I think I’d rather have Ambre Fetiche before the Frapin. Another one that’s at the top of my wish list is Amouage Opus I, which is one perfume that not only I think I smell great in :), but I get so many perfume compliments when I wear it. It doesn’t get much appreciation on the blogs, but I find it very beautiful (similar to Ubar, but different enough to warrant a bottle). I really need to at least get a decant and write a review of it, as my spray sample has been depleted.

  6. You did good! I hear ya on the perfume embargo. I am trying to focus on wanting what I have, lately, instead of just wanting more. I took my perfume collection out of a cabinet and out on a dresser (not in the sun, of course!) and I was shocked by actually seeing how much I have. It was half hidden-away and on different shelves in the cabinet, so I just didn’t see it the same way.

    Nevertheless…My wishlist includes Les Nez Manoumalia and Cristalle edt — two greats for the summer, I think. Also, for some reason I have this unholy craving to smell Gucci edp II in the pink bottle after reading the Perfumes: the Guide review of it recently. I am *this* close to buying a bottle unsniffed. And when I finish my Philosykos body lotion, I am allowing myself to get the perfume.

    • Olfactoria says:

      That was brave of you, bringing it all out in the open! My husband would freak out if he saw the extent of my collection in the light of day, and so would I probably. 😉

      Gucci II is lovely, I wore that for quite some time in my pre-perfumania days. Great bottle too, so heavy, you could use it as a murder weapon (not that you needed one 😉 )

    • Elisa says:

      I smelled the Gucci II recently and it’s very nice! I almost bought it but decided to leave it for another day. It really does have a big sage note.

      • Thanks Elisa — ooh, yeah, sage = love. Elisa I just realized we know each other from another life. We were both roommates with the unstoppable Korie…you came to visit me in Austin…Didja realize that? Crazy small perfumaniac world!

  7. Αλεξάνδρα says:

    Hallo, and happy birthday Birgit! May life always smell good to you!
    I try to narrow down my wishlist, weeding out perfumes that evoke a similar feeling- apart from violet perfumes that have been my favourite, and can’t resist any new good entries!
    I would like to buy the sassy Putain des Palace and Vraie Blonde (to add more craziness in my life), the strong masculine Sables by Annick Goutal (most probably later in autumn, to give me support) but also the pretty ethereal Le Violette, and I have been really curious about the latest Mon Parfum Cheri- well, I’m just wondering if I get a discount or some nice samples buying all three at a time 🙂

  8. deeHowe says:

    Happy Birthday! ***Big Hug***

    LOL, your embargo left you with more bottles that I acquired without an embargo! Haha, I guess that I have been very good, and deserve to splurge!

    I have a sample set from Pirouette True Perfumes (indie from Seattle) on the way here, and my wish list? It’s not so big!

    Chanel Bois des Iles (hello again) extrait
    Frapin 1697
    Caron Bellodgia (when my decant runs out)
    and, newly added…
    Histories de Parfumes 1740 (de Sade)

    There are a few others that I do want, but are lower on priority… if I don’t buy that BdI soon, I’m sure that there will be an apocalypse.


    • Olfactoria says:

      Dee, I know! When I wrote this post and saw so many new bottles in one place, I was ashamed to still feel deprived, but I do! That is serious perfume addiction here!

      Good list! You will laugh when you see tomorrow’s post, hehe! 😉

  9. Happy Birthday, Dearest Birgit! You’ve been so inspiring to me since I started blogging, and I’m happy to call you my friend. Treat yourself to something nice today, you deserve it with all you’ve got on your plate (how you manage to blog so frequently is totally beyond me).

    • Olfactoria says:

      Thank you so much, Carrie! I am glad we “met” in the blogosphere.
      My blog is my place of sanity (even if it is about some kind of insanity 😉 ), so blogging daily is high on my priority list.

  10. *jen says:

    Happy Birthday!

    When in November will you be in NY? I’m going that month, too, specifically to see the perfume museum exhibit (and shop!). 🙂

  11. Denise Miller says:

    Happy Birthday Birgit! May all things lovely and scented find their way to you as you endure your self imposed embargo. Your posts are so enjoyable~thank you for the gift of your words.

  12. Tara says:

    Thanks for the embargo update, B. Being the Nosy Parker I am I really enjoyed it! Personally I think you did unbelievably well, especially while in London (wasn’t Frangipani a gift anyway?). Very interesting that you didn’t buy the bottles you thought you would when you got back home . It’s definitely been a big success already and you’ve learnt/discovered so much, as have we through you and your wonderful blog. Love the “business expense” exclusion BTW, even better than the Limited Edition one!

    Your wish list is nice and varied. I’m sure I’ll add several Parfumerie Generales and the Osmanthus Interdite to mine too. At the moment it’s short but only because I’ve been on the worst/best splurge since perfumania set in. This has included L’Artisan’s Fleur de Oranger, Bois D’Argent, CdG Kyoto and – are you reading this Dee? – Bois des Iles extrait! Someone needs to slap an embargo on me and quick! So my full bottle wish- list is now Ambre Narguile, OJ Champaca and L’Heure Fougueuse. Though the last one is a fantasy as I’ll never be able to justify the cost of a full bottle but I’ll look out for a split.

    Enjoy your birthday evening, Birgit. I’m putting some Dior Couturier in the post either tomorrow or Monday so there’ll be something to help keep you going through your summer drought 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      Frangipani was a gift, so, yes, that is one less. 🙂
      You made great purchases, Tara! And you think so carefully about everything, when you finally decide to buy something it is certainly worthwhile.
      Your wishlist is beautiful, I’ll take a bottle of each of those to, please! 😉

      You are lovely, looking forward to the Dior! I mailed your package yesterday, you should have it next week, I think.

      • Tara says:

        Thanks so much Birgit, you make me feel better about myself!

        I’ll let you knwo when the package arrives safely, thanks again.

    • deeHowe says:

      Ahhh! You bought the extrait! OMG! Do you love it? I’ve never smelled it in parfum, but I assume that it’s much better than the EDT (which is gorgeous on its own). Do tell!!! 🙂

      • Tara says:

        OK Dee, there’s a reason I don’t blog but Ill try and describe it just for you!

        I’ve actually just put a tiny dab on now for the very first time and it’s so rich and deep. It’s like all the basenotes of the EDT but a lot, LOT more concentrated. The emphasis is heavily on the sandalwood and benzoin. It’s got a darkness about it and it’s almost smoky, which for me is just FABULOUS. Hope that’s given you a bit of an idea!

        BTW what concentration of Bellodgia are you after? I can send you some of the EDT?

        • deeHowe says:

          I am nearly vibrating with excitement! Squee!! I love your description, and it’s enough to forestall the apocalypse. I will buy it will my June budget. There will be photos!!! 🙂

          Thank you for sharing Tara!

          RE Bellodgia:
          I have some EDT that dearest Birgit sent me, and I really love it—but don’t worry about sending me any; it’s so affordable here (about $30) that it doesn’t make sense for you to spend half that shipping it to me! You are the sweetest–thank you for offering!! 🙂

  13. Elisa says:

    Happy birthday to you! I want to look like that Ivory Soap ad.

    I recently caved and bought a travel set of Beyond Love, which I’d only had a teensy decant of before. That had been on my list for a long time. Also on my wish list: almost all the other Kilians (never gonna happen), Incense Rose and Wazamba, and the new summer edition of Alien. 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      I want to look like that ad too! 🙂
      Wazamba – I am expecting a sample of that, I’m very curious about it.
      Maybe if you win the lottery you can get all the Kilians plus the man himself… 😉

  14. lady jane grey says:

    I got used to my own embargo. After all, every self conscious perfume must be very proud of itself, if it manages to make into my collection – in spite of the embargo.
    There were only 3 full bottles this year, and another 2-3 will be added until the end of the year. I seriously tested Blenheim Bouquet (Penhaligon) – it became a constant craving. And yes, 1697 is on the list as well.

    • Olfactoria says:

      That is the right attitude! The bottles should be proud!
      You mention Blenheim Bouquet again, I will have to try it, you make me curious.
      And I am very glad 1697 is on your list. 🙂

      • lady jane grey says:

        Yes, 1697 is pretty perfect (you know I share your enthusiasm about Duchaufour…). Blenheim is summer, understatement and very British – so entirely my cup of tea !

  15. Gisela says:

    Oh, I am late, but nevertheless: Happy Fragrant Birthday! Reading your posts is always a joy!
    On top of my wishlist is TDC’s Bashmakov, but I have to admit that I tend to postpone the purchase for bargains (30ml Odalisque recently – mhmmmm!). And samples are also included in my budget, so patience is a notedly exercised virtue here. 😉

    • Olfactoria says:

      Thank you, Gisela! 🙂
      De Bachmakov gets very good press everywhere, need to try that sooner or later.
      Patience is a great virtue, I am working on bettering mine, but it is not easy….

  16. annemariec says:

    Humph. Late as usual. There are two things on my shortlist: Dior’s Diorella, and Andy Tauer’s L’Air du Desert Marocain. There is a long list, but let’s not go there.

    Before making a decision on the Tauer, I think I will do what you did, which is to buy a second Tauer set. Lonestar Memories attracts me a lot, and even before I read your stunning review of Insense Rose, I had earmarked that one too.

    Lovely vintage ad!

    • Olfactoria says:

      No need to humph, I am glad you are here! 🙂
      I really tested the Tauers well and ended up with one bottle only – Incense Rosé. The samples go a really long way, and to wear a Tauer I have to be in a special mood, because once you apply it you are stuck with it for the day, no quick fade for those.

      I love that ad so much! 🙂

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