Men Love Coconut – Scientific Treatise And Review: Honoré des Pres Love Coco

Recently during a discussion with friends about – what else? – perfume, a Perfumista friend’s husband said something along the lines of: I only love one smell, I don’t need a woman to smell of perfume, not even the most expensive scent tempts me, I love coconut.

That was so hilarious and at the same time interesting, it inspired me to conduct a little, strictly scientific double-blind study (just affixed two blindfolds on my dear husband, that is our definition of double-blind for today) on the subject at hand.

First a suitable perfume had to be found, pure coconut that was the goal. Many tropical blends that feature coconut fell by the wayside because of their impure (read flower-contaminated) state of blending.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique is a port of first call, when one is on the lookout for foody ingredients and they offer a range of coconut fragrances, but they are all so sweet, I could not bring myself to wear them, there is only so much I can sacrifice for science. Coco Extreme has this suntan lotion vibe that can be very nice, but the coconut is too creamy and thick.

What I envisioned was something fresher, lighter, more reminiscent of the fresh coconut juice, rather than condensed and sweetened coconut cream. Coudray offers a Coco Vanille scent, not totally bad, but still not what I was looking for, again too many flowers contaminating the coconut.

Did you know that when you do a notes search on First in Fragrance for Coconut, Etat Libre d’Orange’s Sécretions Magnifiques comes up? Now that would be a lovely surprise for my friends coconut-loving husband, wouldn’t it?

The search continued for a while (I also found lovely things like Lostmarc’h Aod or several other beach inspired scents that are lovely for summer, but not exactly what I was looking for), until I struck gold in my own sample box.

Enter the lovely Ines, who sent me a generous care-package some time ago, and in it I found the perfect test material – Honoré des Pres Love Coco. Pure, natural, unadulterated coconut, perfect for my purposes, it hits all the right spots with me.

Created in 2010 by Olivia Giacobetti (score!) it is a natural, organic perfume as are all the Honoré des Pres scents. Notes include coriander leaves and seeds, coconut milk, tonka bean, vanilla and cedar.

What makes Love Coco so different from everything else I encountered in the coconut sector, is its fresh rawness, its vegetal purity that is a far cry from sugary sweet vanilla coconuts of old. It does smell distinctly of coconuts, of the fresh juice that tastes spectacular (one of the few things I love that are actually healthy! 😉 ), tempered with a little greenness, rather than spiciness of coriander and a backdrop of woody, maybe vetiver notes. Only later does it get a little softer and sweeter, vanilla, but discreetly, adds to its round and smooth drydown. It last for about four hours on me, I only have a dabber sample, but I suspect this would be even better when sprayed.

Okay, so I have found a coconut that charms me, but how does it fare with the subject of this study (aka the only male old enough to be subjected to such tests in my house). As I said, I double-blinded the poor guy with two scarfs (unscented, a hard thing to come by in my house!) and proceeded to stick my arm under his nose. He was under strict instructions to only respond in terms of emotions evoked. That means: tell me how you like it.

Cries of “Get those things off my eyes and let me get up already!” aside, I am proud to say the study was a full success. The subject unanimously (how else) spoke in favor of Love Coco.

Conclusion: Men love Coconut.

To broaden the base on which this study stands I might expand my scope of test subjects just a little, but other than that, I am certain, this study is solid and not to be disputed.

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48 Responses to Men Love Coconut – Scientific Treatise And Review: Honoré des Pres Love Coco

  1. Ines says:

    The study seems solid to me, too. 🙂
    I’m so glad you like it! *doing a little happy dance*

    I love what OG did for HdP with this coffee line – I’m not sure I’d be able to wear Les Carottes, but Love Coco and especially Vamp a NY are great. Vamp a NY is my favourite of the line and at the moment, most craved tuberose.

    • Olfactoria says:

      I am curious to try Les Carottes as well, I am expecting a sample from a friend.
      Vamp would be great if it weren’t for the tuberose. 😉 It is still not my favorite note…
      But I really love Coco now, for summer it seems perfect! Thank you for introducing me to the line! 🙂

  2. FearlessBG says:

    Love the pictures you added 😀

    You have a good point by the way – coconut perfumes are very scarce unless you want the super sweet desserts with a hint of coconut. I will have to seek out Love Coco one day and see what effect that side of the tropics has on me… It’s a bit of a wonder Chanel hasn’t sued over that name yet, by the way 🙂

  3. Marie says:

    Your post is very encouraging! I happen to love coconut notes in fragrances but have been a bit wary of diving into a coconutty fragrance for fear of it being deemed too girlish etc. etc. Not that everything should depend on what men like, but men are human beings, too, and I trust their judgment 🙂

    On the Honoré des Pres website it says that Love Coconut is the perfect antidote to exoctic dangers – in my mind Love Coconut sounds more like the perfect antidote to everyday boredom -yay!

    Another encouraging thing is that according to the website again Honoré des Pres products appear to be available in several places in the greater Copenhagen area. For that reason alone I’m already interested.

    Smelling of carrots…..?……hmm…..must keep an open mind there. I do love vegetables and carrots in particular, but that might be taking things a bit far, although I do like foody notes in fragrances.

    • Olfactoria says:

      That is great that Honore des Pres is available in your area!
      I think it is a really nice coconut scent, without being girly at all!
      You are right men are human beings too, but I would never trust their judgment when it comes to perfume, at least not the men I know personally! Dear God, I would smell of Cool Water Woman and L’Eau d’Issey all the time! 😉

      • Marie says:

        In the interest of honesty I have never investigated into what the men I know personally like or do not like in perfume – and none have ever volunteered their opinion on what I wore. Why is that, I wonder….Well, I happen to like L’eau d’Issey on others (or one friend in particular, rather) and I did, briefly however – very very quickly tired of it I have to admit – own Cool Water Woman, but then I sometimes do think that my brain is more masculine than most women’s 😉 If that makes sense. But in general – no, I like to make my own decisions when it comes to perfume, clothes, makeup and all that good stuff 🙂

  4. Tarleisio says:

    Just my luck that this is the one HdP I haven’t tried…and usually, coconut is a deal-breaker, precisely because it’s turned into dessert, rather than that lovely fresh coconut scent of the Real Deal…

    It sounds like you found Love Potion no. XI – since Penhaligon’s has no. 9 and bacon is no. 10 for non-vegetarian males of my acquaintance!

    I liked Vamp à NY, but not enough on my skin, so I passed it on to my sister. I very much liked Love Les Carottes – and Marie, if you like the scent of green+carrot, or certain phases of Iris Silver Mist, you might like that, too!

    But fresh, unadulterated coconut? Take me to those tropics! 😀

  5. Marie says:

    T, I definitely like green and I like carrot – so “check” to that one. I’m not familiar with Iris Silver Mist, but I looooooove iris, so if carrot in perfume is anything like iris, I’m in! And I will be investigating this line when I get back into my Copenhagen commuter routine after Easter.

    You’re thinking of Amaranthine, right? It’s yummy, really really yummy.

  6. Marla says:

    I love what you’re willing to do for science, Olfactoria! Keep up the good work!

  7. Marina says:

    Interesting! My husband hates coconut. :))

  8. deeHowe says:

    Oooh! This is a study that I would like to participate in! I never before had a craving for coconut (fragrance) until recently, out of no where (I’m a long-time fan of snacking on unsweetened dried coconut flakes). Bronze Goddess, while utterly delightful, doesn’t sate my coconut longing—but this sounds like it just might. I actually really liked Vamp, just not quite enough to commit to a bottle.

    Coco is calling me!

  9. Tara says:

    Loved reading this! Coconut, who knew? I have suspected that it’s actually “femme fatale” perfumes that turn men off the most. Maybe you could try Cadjmere in your next experiement and see if the same applies to coconut milk? 🙂

  10. anotherperfumeblog says:

    Oh dear! And just when I had convinced myself (but not really) that I had finally found a perfect coconut from DSH. I suppose I will just have to sample Love Coco. Darn. 😉

  11. Julie says:

    I love coconut in fragrance, but didn’t care for Love Coco too much. I think it was the coriander that just made me think “Thai food”! I should give it another try. Pacifica’s Indian Coconut Nectar is quite nice, but a little sweeter than Love Coco. I also like Harajuku Lovers “G” and Yves Rocher Coconut. And I’m ashamed to admit, CSP Vanille Coco – sometimes you just want to smell like cotton candy and I’ve never gotten so many compliments as when I wear that.

  12. karin says:

    Interesting! I’ll have to test this theory on my DH. 🙂 I have the Yves Rocher Coconut – it’s a fairly good rendition, and inexpensive! Would love to try Love Coco.

  13. Georgy says:

    Is “the husband” still blindfolded and tied to a chair or did you yet relieve him?

  14. lady jane grey says:

    I like coconut, I like the smell of the coconut – but I still think an adult woman shouldn’t use a coconut parfum…
    Anyway, Birgit, I guess you know that you can get HdP in Vienna ?

    • Olfactoria says:

      I don’t actually! Filz am Graben again? Please tell me! (I need to get out more…)

      Now and again even a grown woman can enjoy a little carefree coconut-ism, I think. 😉

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  19. Nina says:

    Lovely review, i HAVE to check this one out!

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