Uncontested Beauty – Review: Amouage Lyric Woman

As I explained in my first review of an Amouage perfume – Epic Woman – I tried to stay away from the line, as to not fall down an uncontrollable rabbit hole.

Well, I did try other Amouage’s and I am almost glad not all of them were winners for me. A good thing, since it is no fun craving too many expensive things. My turn with Reflection ended in mutual respect, but not love, and I sampled Ubar, Memoir, Dia, Jubilation 25 and Gold and none were really made for me.

Then came Lyric.

Rose perfumes are very much hit and miss with me. I am fickle when it comes to roses and whether I like or even tolerate a rose perfume is highly dependent on my mood.

There are roses that always work (probably because they are not really roses), most notably Hermessence Rose Ikebana, a perennial summer favorite. This is on one end of the rose spectrum, light, airy, pink and carefree. The other end is best represented by Malle’s Portrait of a Lady. Heavy oriental, strong, long-lasting and powerful in every sense of the word. This also works for me, but the mood and the weather and the company and the day’s plans, everything has to fit and work together or I will feel off and get a headache for sure.

Again, then came Lyric.

Amouage is not known for its restraint. If you are on the lookout for clean and simple, move on. Maximalists are happy with Amouage’s more is more principle.

I can appreciate this approach, but to tell the truth in my heart of hearts I am a minimalist. Jena-Claude Ellena is still my hero.

I’ll say it once more – then came Lyric.

Lyric Woman is an oriental rose perfume. Created in 2008 by Daniel Maurel, its notes include bergamot, spicy cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger, rose, angelica, jasmine, ylang ylang, geranium, orris, oakmoss, musk, wood, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean, and frankincense.

I love everything about it. The fresh, spicy top, the dark rose heart and the incredible dry down that reels me in the most. It is a floral-oriental fragrance with the emphasis on oriental, the rose is there but it is not center stage, it works more like a unifying element that ties the spices, the woods, the incense and vanilla together to form one smooth package of dramatic, yet restrained beauty.

In the drydown Lyric is no longer a rose fragrance, the soft and warm spice-laden wood and incense base holds forth and smells stunningly gorgeous to me.

Performance wise, Lyric Woman lasts for the day and has good sillage, but is not too diffusive, it forms an intimate aura around me that makes me feel very feminine and beautiful. Its beauty rubs off on me and how I feel about myself. What more can you ask of a perfume?

But there is more. It is not just beautiful, it is also warm and – for lack of a better word – loving. I feel loved and cherished and embraced by Lyric.

It is one of those scents that take you on a journey, that you can smell and marvel at what is going on, at what unfolds before you, at the depth and complexity and the sheer beauty. That last part alone is enough, if I am honest. It is beautiful.

Real beauty is not easy to come by. They say it is in the eye (or nose) of the beholder and that is undoubtedly true. But then there is the kind of beauty that trancends this notion. There are things so clearly beautiful, we can all agree on it. These things are rare and far between. A piece of music maybe, a great painting and the rare perfume.

I think Lyric Woman may fall in this category.

Image source: gocciaparfumerie.nl, myvintagevogue.com some rights reserved, thank you!

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48 Responses to Uncontested Beauty – Review: Amouage Lyric Woman

  1. angie Cox says:

    It is exquisite , a great favourite .

  2. lady jane grey says:

    I like spicy roses (like the peppery Ta’if, or the saffroned White Aoud).
    I was happy I didn’t like Portrait of a Lady (I mean cost-wise happy). Lyric W. sounds lovely from you – but I just checked my data file (;-)…), I don’t have a sample, so sniffing must wait.

  3. Ines says:

    Ha, ha! I am so happy you like it. 🙂
    I feel like I’m always repeating myself when it comes to Lyric but I don’t see it ever getting off my list of all time favorites.

  4. the husband says:

    but your birthday is in may! i do not think we will be able to wait until then.

  5. Tara says:

    Wow, what a stunning review. I’ve only tried it once but was impressed by it’s quality and depth. It certainly has a “dark rose heart” with so many layers unfolding around it. Sounds like The Husband may be the one to break the embargo before you do LOL!

  6. Masha says:

    Lyric is one of the most beautiful perfumes I’ve ever smelled, and certainly one of the top 3 rose perfumes of all time! Great review.

  7. Suzanne says:

    Your review of Lyric is spot on. You captured everything I love about it.

    I can’t blame your husband for wanting to break the embargo for this one!

  8. Marina says:

    One of my favorite roses, and possibly one of my top Amouages.

  9. deeHowe says:

    “dramatic, yet restrained beauty” says it perfectly. It is so stunningly beautiful, yet it’s restraint lends it a wearability which I think sets it apart from other great roses.

    Another fabulous review from a fabulous perfumista 😉

  10. sharyl says:

    I am new to the perfumista world this past year. I ordered Lyric Woman in my first exploring bunch of samples. Oh my goodness! I never dreamed such perfume beauty existed in this universe. I love, adore and worship Lyric. It is my HG. I immediately went to ebay because I HAD TO HAVE a full bottle right away. I feel like I will never be able to be without Lyric in my life! I wish my HG could be more matched to my financial well-being. But, oh well. After all, an HG is a treasure without measure – right???

    • Olfactoria says:

      Hi Sharyl, thank you for commenting!
      You were very lucky to have discovered Lyric this early in your “career”. To find a perfume to love is a great thing. I understand about the need to have a bottle right away, when it is right, it is right! 🙂

  11. Tarleisio says:

    Oh, B, you are on a steep and slippery slope…;) And I’ll be right there alongside you, singing “Vade Retro, Amouage!” just to avoid smelling that fatal siren song of “oh, no, another Amouage I’ll have to pawn my soul to buy…” (But who on Earth would buy my sorry soul for that kind of cash??? 😉 )

    I haven’t yet tried Lyric, and the thought makes me, well, nervous. You will all find out why soon enough! 😀

    • Olfactoria says:

      T, I am sorry, I know have many Amouages on your love-list already, but please add this one to your to-try list, it is so beautiful, no one should be without it. 🙂

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  26. Ellia says:

    I sampled them all (excluding Interlude).. but Lyric is my only true love so far… I do like Epic and respect Memoir, but only Lyric I adore passionately and dream to have in my collection… mmm… Lyric as a birthday gift – that sounds great! 🙂

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