Last Week In Perfumeland – Weekend Link Love

How are you spending your Sunday?

I look forward to Sunday dinner at the Grandparent’s house, great food and instant baby sitters, what’s not to love? 😉

But first, let us take a look at last weeks posts from some of my favorite (small, I am sure you find the big ones on your own ;)) blogs.

On Beauty on the Outside Dee takes us back to her charming youth and the perfume perfect to accompany the trip.

Olenska’s reviews are always a treat, head on over to parfümieren to read about basements and childhood memories brought about by Histoires de Parfums.

It is Rose Week at EauMG, every day, a new rose. Annick Goutal’s Quel Amour is as lovely as its review.

Tarleisio of Scentless Sensibilites left me speechless after reading her beautiful short story motivated by Amouage Ubar – a great readl!

A wonderful review of Cartier L’Heure Fougueuse can be found at Suzanne’s Perfume Journal. We seem to have similar tastes as well as timing schedules. 😉 Here is my review of that perfume, should you want a different take too.

Have a great Sunday, and a good start into the next week! See you soon!


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18 Responses to Last Week In Perfumeland – Weekend Link Love

  1. Tarleisio says:

    Bless you for your lovely mention, B! 😀 Sundays are my days for catching up on everything I might have missed in the myopia of real life during the week, and commenting as I can.
    The best thing about discovering you – or even all you lovelies out there – has been discovering such a spirit of community, and even, dare I write it, friends. My life would be infinitely poorer without all of you. Of course, I’ve acquired a few more expensive habits since then…;-)
    You have been warned. If I ever get to Vienna..;-) (which is one of my favorite cities, I’ll have you know!)

    My snowy, cold Sunday will be spent in the creation of Cake (lemon, with lemon buttercream) and Spanakopita, because I can. Writing more on QD. Beginning another perfume review. And wearing Ubar, because it’s unnatural to be so close to a newly beloved without wanting to get closer…;-)

    • Olfactoria says:

      You are welcome, I hope many people get the pleasure of reading your story
      Your Sunday sounds very good to me, T!
      I can’t wait to get my hands on Ubar.
      I hope you come to Vienna soon, it would be lovely to meet you in person. Are you in Kopenhagen or another city in Denmark?

    • deeHowe says:

      Seconding Tarleisio—You, lovely B., are a pioneer in the spirit of community. It’s been my position that the “little guys” are what feed the soul in the perfume world, but you’ve taken it to the next, extending genuine friendship where we meet on the common ground of perfume-loving.

      You’re so awesome.


  2. iodine says:

    Dear Olfactoria,
    first of all my compliments for your beautiful blog- and for your lovely home fragrances weekly review on PST.
    Then, I would like to tell that I love Vienna: when I was twentish I spent a lot of time there, in several trips, trying to learn German, but ending up in just wandering and enjoying the elegant and modern-through history city. I read that this makes you feel a bit proud, so, here you are! I’m looking forward to come again, and I won’t miss the perfume shops you mention!
    Regarding my sunday, today I’ll just do very simple household, maybe cook something nice (a pumpkin strudel, just to stay tuned!), read, wear a comfortable fragrance- I’m thinking of Bois Farine- and wait for my girlfriend to come home…

    • Olfactoria says:

      Dear Iodine,
      welcome and thank you very much for your lovely words. You are right, I am a bit proud of my city, it is beautiful and offers a good quality of living. 🙂
      Pumpkin Strudel and Bois Farine sounds like a great smelling combination! Have a good Sunday!

  3. Marina says:

    Spending Sun. cleaning the house, waiting for the arrival of the instant babysitter 🙂
    What do your grandparents usually cook for Sunday dinner?

    • Olfactoria says:

      Mom is approaching! I wish you a lovely time with her! For how long will she be staying?
      They are my childrens grandparents, my husbands parents, where we go every two weeks for Sunday dinner. My mother in law loves to cook traditional Austrian fare as well as Ukrainian dishes that are her heritage. Whatever she cooks, it is always delicious! 🙂

  4. Suzanne says:

    Birgit, oh my goodness, thank you for including me in your round-up! It’s such a lovely surprise and honor, so already my Sunday is off to a great start!

    I’ll be spending mine visiting with a friend who is due to arrive in a half hour, and after that I look forward to checking out the posts that you mention here. I love Amouage Ubar so can’t wait to read Tarlesio’s short story! Hope that your dinner is wonderful and relaxing. It’s nice to end the week on a note like that.

  5. deeHowe says:

    Like Suzanne, I too have a friend coming to visit me today! She’s on her way, and I expect her in the next hour to hour and a half, and I’ve got a big day planned for us! To the French bakery first for (good) coffee and pastries, the to the antique shops to hunt for treasures of the fragrant kind. Of the leather kind—I’m a bag ho!

    Enjoy the remainder of your weekends, you lovely men and women!

  6. Tara says:

    Hey B, hope you had a lovely time at the in-laws, relaxed and ate lots. I had a lazy wander round the shops and tried Dior Homme. It is such a beautiful iris it immediately made me think of you 🙂

    • Olfactoria says:

      Aww, that is nice! You know I never smelled Dior Homme (shame on me!), but your lovely comment will remind me next time I am at the Dior counter.
      And yes, I ate lots…;)

      • Tara says:

        Oh good glad you filled up on lovely food – always nicer when cooked by someone else 🙂

        Definitely do try Dior Homme next time you get a chance. It’s one of nicest iris scents I’ve tried and not at all masculine to my nose. My Mum thought it was lovely too!

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