Monday Question – Is There A “No-Go” Perfume For You?

It is Monday again! The Monday where finally my routine should be back. P., my older son back at the nursery, my husband back at the surgery, only little N. and I staying at home. I say should, because we all suffer from food poisoning. I feel like the walking dead, and I look the part too 😉 Hopefully tomorrow we are cured and back to normal. Finally.

But moaning doesn´t help, on to the Monday questions now, distract me from my suffering with your lovely answers 😉

Do you have a particular perfume or note even, you could or would never wear?

Why is that?

Do you have any bad associations with particular fragrances?

Are you afraid to wear certain perfumes?

My Answers:

Surprisingly my answer to these questions changed dramatically over the last year. Ask me last January and I would have presented you with a very long list of “verboten” perfumes. The reason is that I was way shyer, way more inexperienced and obviously way less adventurous than I am now.

Ask me now and I still have a few no-goes left though, we´ll see how that develops over the coming year 😉

I can´t wear anything too musky, I mean dirty musky. Like Muscs Kublai Khan for example, or Parfumerie Generale L´Ombre Fauve. I search for a more gentle word, not finding it, I have to say: they stink! I find those two to simply reek to high heaven 😉

I am sorry, if that offends anyone. I am absolutely certain both are ravishing on other people, just not on me (yet, see above).

Another group of perfumes I can´t smell are big 80ies fragrances like Safari by Ralph Lauren or 24, Rue Faubourg, because they remind me of an English teacher of mine (who did a good job, as evidenced by me, if I may entirely un-humbly say so ;)), but reeked of big, big PERFUME. If she came close, one would see stars.

Am I afraid to wear certain perfumes? I am still very respectful when it comes to perfumes that are personalities on their own. That are hard to break in, so to speak. When I fear to be worn by my perfume instead of the other way around, that is a good reason to stay away. Examples would be Carnal Flower, Joy or Mitsouko.

What about you? I can´t wait to hear about your no-go perfumes!

Have a great start into the new week!

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29 Responses to Monday Question – Is There A “No-Go” Perfume For You?

  1. angie Cox says:

    I get very sick if I smell Love in Black , Lush perfumes all make me want to throw up . I have to admit snobbery comes into my taste as I’d rather have bunions than wear anything by Jordan ,Britney , The Beckhams or Millionare ( that is becuse of the name) .

  2. georgy says:

    okay celebrity scents are an absolute no-go, all other no goes are dived into scents that smell like vinegar on me eg chanel egoiste or everything from polo rl and unfortunatly commes de garcon scents, or scents i once used and like but cannot smell any longer because the remind me of certsin people or situation or which I overdosed eg vetivier from guerlain……

  3. georgy says:

    @celebity scents: using the scent of beckham does not give you a six pack, I tried, believe me, I tried…..

  4. Tara says:

    Like you I’m not very good with prominant musk notes, I couldn’t even handle Jicky. Can’t do “dung” notes either such as the one in Dzing!. Re Mitsouko though, I would try the edt and see how you get on, that’s what I did and adore the parfum now.

    The note which is a deal-breaker for me though is heliotrope, which is annoying because it’s in a lot of new releases lately, particularly the exclusive Guerlains. However, I can’t stand the taste of almonds either and as we know our sense of taste is actually something like 95% smell, it makes sense.

    Woody violets give me a bad physical reaction. Continued testing of L’Heure Bleue eventually resulted in a headache.

    The only scent I thought ebsolutely reeked was Montale’s Oud Cuir d’Arabie, but as it is an oud/leather powerhouse that’s rather unsurprising.

    Hope you all get over your food poisoning soon, very nasty. Oh and you’re right, your English is impeccable, despite your teacher’s suffocating scents!

    • Olfactoria says:

      Oh, too bad about L’Heure Bleue – I love it so!
      No dung for me too, though 🙂

    • Elisa says:

      L’HB is on my no-go list as well! I’m holding out hope I’ll eventually love it, since I got a full bottle as a gift about a year ago, but most of the older Guerlains smell all medicinal and rubbery on me. NOT good. I thought Apree L’Ondee smelled like envelope adhesive, or stamps before they were self-stick. What is wrong with me?!

      I dig animalic notes and dirty musks, though. Mmmm, Rose Poivree.

  5. Tarleisio says:

    Uuuuuh…musk. Musk is a deal breaker. Musk-heavy scents such as Muscs Kublai Khan I could only wear with one arm in Ulaan Bator, one arm in South Africa, and my nose in Tierra del Fuego. They make me green, in a bad way. Oudh is another note I’m not too thrilled about – so there go most Montales….I’m SO unsophisticated.

    I’d never touch most celebrity scents, not because I’m a snob but because they’re usually badly constructed. I can’t wear Chanel no. 5 in any normal permutation whatsoever, but my brunette sister can, although she can’t wear Eau Premiere and strangely, I can.

    I can’t get anywhere near anyone who wears Giorgio, or Giorgio Red. Just thinking about them makes me queasy. And of all the masculines I’ve encountered in my life, the two most…problematic are Drakkar Noir and…the worst.…YSL Kouros, as it was in its Eighties incarnation. I once worked with a man who used every single version of Kouros product all at once, and it killed me – for life, I think!

    I shy away from all but one of my mother’s perfumes (she died thirteen years ago) – so there go…Joy, Mitsouko, Jolie Madame, Shalimar, Bal à Versailles and First. I don’t do well with coconut or heliotrope (although I love almonds and marzipan), and any scent containing them just won’t work. I once tried Datura Noir, and was very excited, because datura is one of my favorite flowers, as is the scent. But it contained coconut, and there it went by the wayside…not for me.

    There is another scent, one of the great immortal ones, that I once loved and no longer wear, but since that’s my next review, you’re just going to have to wait for it!

    Get better soon, B! Your English is flawless, in spite of your teacher’s Safari! 😉

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  7. JoanElaine says:

    I do not like lactonic/vanilla/fruity/milky perfumes. They make me feel ill. The worst offenders for me are Mugler’s Angel, Gucci Rush, and the repulsive Vanilla Fields.

    White Musk makes me cringe. If you ever want to get rid of me, mix white musk with vanilla, spray your entryway and I’ll never darken your doorstep again.

    I think subconcious personal associations I have made with those fragrances are the reasons why I react to them so dramatically. I’m sure if I spent some time sniffing the “offenders” I could unlock the mystery.

    • Olfactoria says:

      I am no friend of Angel either, its great appeal to so many is a mystery to me.
      I think it would be very interesting to uncover the roots of your aversion, but then that’s what I always want to do 😉

  8. deeHowe says:

    L´Ombre Fauve didn’t work for you? I find it so soft and purr-fectly smooth 🙂 Your answers made me laugh Birgit, a good thing early on a Monday morning!

    I have a hard time with *clean* musk, and some of the sweet musks are absolutely on my “list of “verboten” perfumes.” LOL. Also on that list is tuberose; with the exception of two 2010 releases, Nuit de Tubereuse and Vamp a NY—which are unusual for the category.

    Patchouli used to be a deal-breaker for me, but it is no longer! Which is good, since so many perfumes I like have at least a dab of it.

  9. lady jane grey says:

    I stopped trying the so called „department store parfumes“ (celebrity parfumes, etc.) years ago, because I found them uninteresting, boring – or just plain bad. There might be exceptions, but I can’t remember any… – so I won’t go there.
    I can’t wear anything heady white floral (tuberose… 😦 ), they give me instant headache – I can sniff them for a second and recognize if they’re made beautyfully, but I can’t exist with them . So they’re a no go.
    Then I thought I have notes I can’t stand ( like patchouli) – but then I found a parfume I liked and there it was, proudly presented among the notes (i.e. Tom Ford’s White Patchouli) – obviously, the other notes in the concoction changed the aspect of patch to me. So I‘d happily go there.
    And so, I’ll be happy to carry on learning (I’ve never been keen for fruity-foody scents – sofar, but one never knows, ask me next time 🙂 …)

    • Olfactoria says:

      That is so true, I learned to never discount a note, it can be perfectly wonderful in the next perfume I encounter.
      Welcome, Lady Jane, I am glad you stopped by 🙂

      • lady jane grey says:

        Isn’t it strange to find a well written & interesting blog here around the corner – after years spent on US blogs ?!
        But hey, that’s what www is about…

        Bis bald !

  10. kjanicki says:

    I’m fine with dark dirrrty musks, but there’s something about bright lemon I don’t like. So the big bergamot opening notes in many Guerlains turn me off, including Shalimar. I’m hoping to get over this. I can’t stand to wear lavender either, so Jicky is like a double no-no.

    Lilies make me think of death. I had to scrub Tauer Carillon pour un ange, even though I wanted to love it, because it smelled like the leftover water in a flower vase to me.

    And ya, I never even bother to smell the big celeb-scents anymore.

  11. Marina says:

    I hope you feel better soon!

    For me the main no-go perfume has always been and always will be, most probably, Obsession. I don’t really now why, one might argue it is actually a type of scent I usually like. But…no, just…no!

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